character customization

  1. carseat42

    Character Customization+ Arcade-style Game Suggestions?

    Anybody have any suggestions for another arcade style game with character customization? I'm using DTL's Lewdytube and Factorial Omega as examples for arcade style games, not sure if it fits that definition but I really enjoy the character customization they have in those games with buying...
  2. Animal_OG

    (Customization) How to make your profile look good.

    Update: I hadn't seen the thread in a while, sorry about that. I noticed some users came and posted a bunch to let everyone know about their very important aesthetic preferences, so I decided to write this additional portion on top of the original thread. If you don't care about...
  3. Q

    Next favorite VN with 3D Maya

    Is it possible do a 3d models in 3D Maya and then work with RENPY? I was thinking to create a VN. I would like some suggestions. What will be good for your good next favorite VN?
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