this is my idea for a game it is up here if anyone can make it also if anyone has ideas they can put it up here it is up to you the tags my preference


God of Light
Jun 26, 2022
I was wondering if you would be willing to make a vampire game where you have traits or a kool power you unlock when you become a vampire (since this would be a porn game all the powers would be sexual in nature) as it gives you a choice of 4 different powers you can awaken between mind control this power you use your eyes it is not a mental power like vampire compulsion where you can force someone to do something like give them all their money or something the second power is venom claws but it is not venom but it is an aphrodisiac third one is Transformation but instead of a bat or any animal you can change what you look like even change genders if you want and the fourth is Change in size or dimensions but this one is used for changing the size of your penis or tits if you do the gender bend route sorry I forgot to put periods and I couldn't find places to put them
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