1. P

    Reincarnated In Another World! Female Brat Hero!! (RJ01128403) ENGLISH please

    ENGLISH translated please
  2. T

    The game is like LonaRPG but the main character is male

    Who knows a game similar to LonaRPG, but the main character is a man so you can have fun with monster girls, slaves or a female bandit
  3. Mileysaurus

    BEST loli/shota games ever in your opinion?

    Title says, looking for games that u think are the best in terms of loli content :) PD: if animated better (y)
  4. Kniges009

    Any games that has a middle age MC with young LI (not necessarily a daughter)

    Games like dessert stalker, dating my daughter, midlife crises. etc
  5. S


    Hello as you can see from the title im bored from the games I've played rn Is there any size difference hentai games you guys have? Like the ones where you can enter said part of a female or futa Please give me some recommendations!
  6. test4567


    Anyone know if the devloper who made 'Bernd and the Mystery of Unteralterbach' made other game ? i tried to find some but without any success.
  7. saleana

    AI peeps. What models are you currently using?

    Anime, realistic, toon, poses, whatever. Im looking to try some new models for image generation!
  8. L

    Favorite Private Chat app for sharing art work

    What is your favorite message app?
  9. Kronus!!

    Best Ntr games

    Leave your lists of the best NTR games! This is mine: 1- Shadows of Desire (ShamaNtr) 2- Little Brat Dara (Bottom all the way) - Abandoned 3- Laura Lustful Secrets (Dark Anu) 4- Long Story Short (TTrickGames) 5- My Happy Family (SayWhatProductions)
  10. Bobhope1988

    Games that have you revert back to a youngling to play with younglings

    How fun would it be to have a character revert back to a kid, then with all the adult knowledge use that to get some loli.
  11. TwistedMoony

    DAZ artist open for comissions

    Hello everyone, 3D artist here and maybe you've seen work of mine (if not check links in signature). I do my work in DAZ 3D and I can make you your Loli, Hebe, Shota or a mix of them in a scene? Or even a series of scenes? Limits: Animals, Scat. The funds that I'll earn will be used to upgrade...
  12. G

    What reworked game would you want to see return to it's original form?

    What are some games that have been reworked and changed something that you would have kept the same? My two- Inn Another World, they only recently changed it but started focusing on the grindset rather than the girls. They always wanted an Inn management style game, so good on them, but not...
  13. U

    Can't access restricted games

    I didn't quite understand how to get access to the "new" "games+" page. Help me. Are 500 coins hard to achieve?
  14. Lorddacen

    Spicier games due to patreon being a bitch

    SO ive been wondering if due to patreon cracking down on adult games and a lot of them fleeing ship to places like subscribe star, i wonder if they will start making games with more spicy content like incest/petite/beast etc
  15. U

    Dumb koala should make sandbox version

    Agree or disagree
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