school setting

  1. someon

    teacher protagonist

    do anone know games like teachers pet from irredemable really loved the game but cant find any like it
  2. Lolilovers

    Can someone recommend High school game? like nudist school, waifu academy, young again, Lesson in love

    The game if can should be avn, sandbox okay but not much grind are good
  3. CrimsonFox526

    Favorite games where your in high school?

    With a teacher romance.
  4. Kronus!!

    Best Ntr games

    Leave your lists of the best NTR games! This is mine: 1- Shadows of Desire (ShamaNtr) 2- Little Brat Dara (Bottom all the way) - Abandoned 3- Laura Lustful Secrets (Dark Anu) 4- Long Story Short (TTrickGames) 5- My Happy Family (SayWhatProductions)
  5. shiho_yukimura

    Character Ideas needed: Kemono Academy- In development at a slower rate

    This is a game I am developing, its a visual novel. In order to reach a wider audience it will have NSFW content. It a female Protagonist were you will be able to pick from a few different characters to play as. Though for now its just one as I work out how do make this. This is only my seconded...
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