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  1. Terms & Rules

    Terms and rules

    Please take your time and carefully read the following rules. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking them!

    Table of contents

    1a.) LC is for adults only
    1b.) Donations
    2.) Forbidden content / media (2a. 2b. 2c. 2d. 2e. 2g.)
    3.) Forbidden discussions and/or information (3a. 3b. 3c.)
    4.) Account policy (4a. 4b. 4c. 4d. 4e. 4f.)
    5.) LC user conduct (5a. 5b. 5c.)
    6.) LC general conduct (6a. 6b. 6c. 6d. 6e. 6f.)

    Legal Disclaimer

    The most important rules are summarized below, but do read this rules page in its entirety.

    - No underage members! (see rule #1)
    - No child porn. (see rule #2)
    - No media involving real children whatsoever. Even if it's "non-sexual and legal". (see rule #2)
    - No illegal activity in general. Due to the nature of the site, we are actively making sure no funny business is going on. Private messages (and associated attachments) on the forum and the chat can and will be accessed by the selected (limited) staff members if foul-play is suspected. (see rule #3)
    - Don't be an ass, be excellent to each other! (see rule #5)
    - We speak English. You can include your native text but provide an English version as well (even if it's just a machine-translation). (see rule #6)

    Be aware:

    LC is not for everyone!

    Some content may not be legal in your country/place of residence, so please do your own research and check your local laws to make sure you are not breaking any.

    LC hosts and links to pornography, erotic art and other types of mature content, with the main focus being on the loli/shota variety. Various topics are also discussed, ranging from the mundane to politics and aspects of pedophilia. If this is not for you, then please seek other options or stay away from those sections of LC.

    "LewdCorner" [referred to as "LC"] consists of several sites and services:
    Be aware that some LC sites/services/sections may have additional and/or altered rules. An index of section-specific rules for the forum can be found here:

    1a.) LC is for adults only

    You must be 18 years old or older, depending on what the legal equivalent of "age of majority" is in your region, to access LC.

    Users who are found to be minors will be removed and banned (which can be permanent if we have no indication of the user's actual age). This is not only for the safety of the minors themselves, but for the safety of the site in general to comply with the law(s).

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    1b.) Payments are donations

    Please note that while we offer ranks for donations, we are not selling the ranks, but instead we give them to you to show our appreciation for your donation

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    2.) Forbidden content / media

    a.) Sharing and linking to actual child pornography (real minors) is strictly forbidden. Attempts to do so (asking for it, trying to network with others) is forbidden. Failure to report users who have shared, linked or asked about it might make you be considered complicit.

    Sexually suggestive content that involves media of real minors, even if it could be considered legal, is also strictly forbidden.

    In general, any and all media involving real minors is not allowed. There are few exceptions to this rule, depending on what the context is. As an example, linking to a news article with a non-sexual and non-suggestive media involving a minor might be allowed depending on the context. Consult the staff if in doubt.

    Suspected misuse of off-site chat services may lead to warnings and bans.

    b.) Sexual content that involves media of real animals (bestiality/zoophilia) is forbidden.

    c.) Content that is violent or extremist (real gore, real terrorism, etc.) is forbidden.

    d.) Knowingly sharing malicious content or links (be it viruses, Trojans or tracking sites) is forbidden.

    e.) Images of real people in avatars or signatures are allowed. Meme pictures depicting real people are permitted in the media, debates and general talk sections.

    g.) Do not share any media that is in violation of the copyright law in Switzerland. Some unlicensed content might still be removed at the staff's discretion. Please give your support and respect to the authors.


    Depending on the severity of the case, you can be warned, suspended or permanently banned. In the case of actual child pornography or child abuse, the perpetrator(s) and any accomplices will be reported to the law enforcement, ISP(s) and/or email provider(s) when applicable.

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    3.) Forbidden discussions and/or information

    a.) Do not discuss or implicate past, present or potentially future illegal activities, especially when it comes to child abuse. Depending on the probability of a threat / seriousness of a law being broken, you (and any others involved) can be reported to the law enforcement, ISP(s) and/or email provider(s) to try and ensure prosecution/ safety of you and/or the others.

    b.) Do not condone or endorse child abuse/molestation. While discussion about aspects of pedophilia is allowed (in dedicated area(s), it should be focused on helping those who have difficulty coping with it and the politics behind it (e.g. sexuality, law, age of consent).

    As this is a very sensitive topic, please consult with staff first if you have any doubts if your thread/post might be crossing the line of acceptable discussion.

    c.) Posting personal information of others (doxing/doxxing) is forbidden.

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    4.) Account policy

    a.) You are not allowed to own multiple accounts or share it with someone else, unless given explicit permission from the staff. Do not try to circumvent a ban by creating another. This may lead to your ban being extended (if it was temporary).

    If you are locked out of your current account, first try the password recovery. If that doesn't work (due to invalid email or other reasons), please get in touch with the staff. We'll try to confirm your identity for the password reset.

    b.) You can request the renaming of your account.

    c.) Should you desire to delete your account, you may utilize the self-delete feature. via this link once you are logged in.

    d.) You can request deletion of your posts.

    Technically, under the GDPR law, we are only required to remove personally identifiable information. This does not apply to all of your posts but usually we do allow removal of any and all posts.

    e.) You can freely edit your own account details and posts.

    The preferred option to the above, go and remove the personal information yourself.

    Do not abuse this, for example changing the meaning of your words completely to something else after someone has already replied to it. You can always clarify what you really meant by ADDING to your old post and/or making a new post/reply.

    f.) Signatures can take a lot of screen estate and can make the reading experience on the forum for others a burden. So, for a better viewing experience we have a soft limit of 250 pixels for signatures / images. Use the spoiler BBCode if you want to have more information in your signature.

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    5.) LC user conduct

    a.) Be polite and respect others, even if there is a disagreement. Try to remain calm, make constructive opinions and use facts for your arguments. Walk away if you feel like the conversation is getting too much for you.

    If the conversation turns into a flame war, you and the participant(s) may be warned for the bad conduct and/or the thread may be locked.

    Examples (not limited to) of behavior that is not tolerated: bombarding user(s) with offensive or unwanted sexual advances via private messages or profile messages, derailing a thread simply to insult another user, purposely trolling/harassing someone via DM/Profile post and generally being a toxic presence.

    b.) Don't pretend to be someone you are not, be it your age, gender, or something else that might be used to confuse or fool others. Roleplaying is obviously excluded from this as long as the other(s) know it's an actual RP in progress.

    c.) Starting a witch hunt against another user will not be tolerated. This includes sharing screenshots and spreading false information, trying to publicly defame another user or otherwise trying to ruin their reputation for no other reason than you don't like them.


    LC is a forum featuring, but not exclusive to, loli/shota content. Our rules reflect the core values of our mission, which is to provide a safe and happy place to come together in harmony over a shared love of said content. If posts, threads or users are thought to be in violation of site/section rules or are causing a disturbance of the peace on the forums the LC staff reserves the right to remove these threads, posts and even offending users at their discretion.

    If you witness other users breaking the rules of LC, please use the report button, private message or email the staff. However, do not abuse this as excessive false reports can lead to warning.

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    6.) LC general conduct

    a.) On the public side of the forum, we use English. You are free to include text in your native language as well, but please provide an English version to the best of your ability (even if it's just a machine-translation).

    b.) Make meaningful posts. Replying to threads with single words or short sentences could be seen as spam and may be removed as they generally do not contribute anything. The one being replied to will also appreciate more substantial replies, be it a specific compliment on some aspect of their words/work or even constructive criticism.

    Try not to reply to the same thread in short succession especially if your messages are short. You can quote multiple posts or use the @username feature if you want to address several things or users at once. You can also use the edit feature if you forgot to include something in your last post.

    c.) Make meaningful threads, try to use the search if one already exists for the topic you want to cover. The thread title should be descriptive enough for people to discover / get interested in it. You can also use tags to further refine this.

    Learn the layout of the forum and see which section would be most suited for your thread. Don't make multiple threads with the same content to try to get more attention. If you have made a mistake and meant to put the thread elsewhere, use the report feature to get the staff's attention and they will move it for you.

    d.) In general, try to stay on-topic. Do not derail threads from their original scope. Make a new thread if you think there is enough merit to expand on the topic. Staff can assist you moving off-topic posts from the old thread to a new one if needed. We can also merge several threads into one if they are more or less the same.

    e.) Do not bump old threads that haven't been active for a long time (3+ months).

    f.) If you include links in your posts, do not use URL shorteners because that doesn't allow our users to see where it actually takes them. So called "premium links" (lots of ads, slow speeds without paid subscription) for downloads aren't allowed either. Examples of accepted and practically free services are MEGA and Mediafire.

    The only exception to the "premium links" rule is when they are clearly labeled as such (as an option to give support for content you rightfully own) and a free/clean alternative (hosted on LC or elsewhere) is given and is still valid and working.

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    Failure to report users, especially if they are breaking first three (3) major rules and you have been involved, can make you complicit and subject to the same punishment / treatment as the other(s).

    The list of rules is not exhaustive or complete. More might be added or removed in the future.

    These rules will be enforced by LC's staff, at their own discretion. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, you can contact another staff member who might be more impartial to review your case. If you are still not happy with the result, please get in touch with the admin(s).

    In general, please try to contact a moderator first if you need help before trying to reach a higher staff member.

    Potential consequences for breaking these rules depend on severity of the rule, as well as severity of the infraction (and how many times you have broken the same or other rules), and may include a verbal warning, an infraction point, a temporary suspension or a permanent ban. You may appeal by contacting an admin(s) via email (


    The Content which is accessible through or any affiliated sites/services ("LewdCorner", "We", "Our") is meant for adults only (18+ years old or local, legal equivalent).

    LewdCorner contains and displays visual and textual depictions of nudity and sexual activity submitted by its users, including but not limited to, text, graphics, illustrations, artwork and videos ("Content"). This Content is intended to be only accessed by users who are legally allowed to do so, in Switzerland or in any other locations where such Content is legal. LewdCorner cannot be held responsible for any unlawful access or use of the service.

    You agree that use of LewdCorner is at your sole risk. You take full responsibility for any of the Content you may post or upload. Any opinions, views, advices or such are solely your own. We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. You are granting us a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the service We provide. You retain copyright over the Content.

    LewdCorner does not claim ownership of any of the Content hosted by its services unless stated otherwise. We do not knowingly intend or attempt to offend or violate any copyright or intellectual property rights of any entity. Some content on LewdCorner may have been taken from the web and believed to be in the public domain or used in compliance with the Fair Use Doctrine.

    While LewdCorner's Staff attempts to remove any and all illegal content, including but not limited to, child pornography and copyrighted works, there is always the possibility that some Content may be overlooked or dismissed in error. If you find any Content on LewdCorner that is against the laws of Switzerland or is licensed there and thus possibly in violation of copyright laws, please contact our Staff and we will gladly remove the offending content immediately, upon receipt of valid proof of copyright infringement.

    LewdCorner, its owners, administrators, moderators, agents, or other entities ("Staff") take no responsibility for any of the Content posted by its users. LewdCorner is provided on an "as is" basis without warranties or promises of continued service of any kind, either express or implied.

    As a condition to use LewdCorner, you agree to comply with these Terms of Service and any Rules associated with our services. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not register or use this service. If you wish to close your account, simply utilize the 'Delete Account' function located in your drop down menu.

    These Terms and Conditions may be modified from time to time by the LewdCorner Staff without notice and at their sole discretion.

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    Last revised: July 3rd 2022.

    - ps.. yes we used allthefallen rules "why change something that's gold" you should check them out as well.
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