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Sep 23, 2023
So, not really a translation request but more a thread about info for those looking to learn how to read Japanese. For those who want "freemium" rather than paying for some sterile BS rosetta stone or babel course, and want to have fun with hands on learning;

The Touhou portion of Isekai Mario by hellofangaming provides a way of learning Hirigana, Katakana and Joyo Kanji (idk if spelt right plus im drunk so hard nuff to type). This portion of the game has players solve zelda/mario type room matching puzzles of phonetics to characters in learning the alphabets and comes repleat with reference charts while making an insanely difficult game out of it. [ps, play with controller not touchpad if mobile].

While it won't help you learn vocabulary really or gramar, it can help you practice, memorize and learn the ideograms and alphabets and its free, and made by otakus for otakus.

here's the itch link:

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