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UltraFast adult games compressor is a tool to automatically compress media (images, audio and video) inside Ren'Py, RPGM MV/MZ or VX Ace, TyranoBuilder (v1), HTML, Wolf RPG, QSP, GameMaker, Java, Adobe Flash, Electron framework (usually used by TyranoBuilder v2), Unity, Pixel Game Maker MV, Godot and kirikiri engines to make it smaller.
System requirements: Windows 7-11 64 bit, fast PC (with modern CPU and SSD), avoid too long game directory names, non latin letters in games path, and names with ' (just rename before compressing). CPU needs support (for SVT-VP9 encoder) or UAGC would switch to slower (if UltraFast mode was disabled) libvpx-vp9 encoder.
Features: this tool can process bmp, png, mpg (MPEG-1), wmv (VC-1), ogg, wav files that are most common formats in Kirikiri engine games and for RPGM MV games it can compress png, jpg (to webp), ogg, mp3, wav, avi, mp4, mpg and mkv (to VP9 + opus for audio stream) and for Ren'Py, it can compress all most common media file formats. Main feature is processing multiple media files: images, audio (and videos in some cases) at the same time so it speeds up compression speed a lot (especially on a fast PC) but on slow PC it could lead to crashes so in v2.0 there were added speed limiter for images (for audio it was already existed) .
How to use: extract downloaded file anywhere (for example to C:\Tools or just to D:\), run uagc.exe, press "Install Windows Media Encoder" (to be able to process wmv files for kirikiri games, on Windows 10 it will show error at the end, just press OK) and choose what game engine you want to compress by pressing according button. To access HTML, Wolf RPG and other compressors press next button (arrow at the right side ot the tool).
For apk compression (in v1.9 and newer) make sure that Java SE 8 installed (you can install it at UAGC main page).
For Ren'Py macOS compressed version building (in v2.0) run "renpy_sdk_v7.4.0-8.03.exe" before using it (it would create SDK folders where is "uagc.exe", about 4Gb additional space needed), don't try to add new SDK by yourself (won't work).
UAGC v2.4.7 (with SDK, 1.03 Gb):
UAGC v2.4.7 (without SDK, 552 Mb):
UAGC latest (stable) version (2.0.1): .7z .7z (698MB)
DOWNLOAD (old stable v1.7.7): (179 MB)
Bugs (for kirikiri engine): game menu image files should not be compressed or it will lead to bugs but it's very hard to detect (almost impossible) since developers uses different folder structure; sometimes games don't wanna read background files in jpeg format. Japanese file names and files containing "#" in name is not supported!
About Repack (for Unity too) maker: it would make your game unplayable after compression (but you will get working repack installer instead)! Be sure to make backup if needed.
About Ren'Py apk compressor: it would delete original apk file! Be sure to make backup if needed.
Tips and tricks:
If game folder contain ' in its name then rename it before compression to avoid possible bugs. Also if game file names contain "%" inside ../game/gui/button) this could trigger error check alert (about not same amount of files befere and after) - just ignore it.
For Godot engine compressor avoid spaces in game path or compression could be failed. Also for this engine pck file size would remain the same after compression and to see the difference it needs to be compressed to 7z, rar or zip archive. Same deal about same file sizes (eog and pck) after compression is actual also for Crowd engine.
For "Captains Bizarre Adventure" renpy game rename "..\game\images\Capitão" folder to "..\game\images\Capitao" before compression and revert it after.
A few Unity games with unpacked (by developer) media files could be compressed using Adode Flash compressor.
1. arc_unpacker for unpacking from xp3 and TyranoBuilder exe.
2. arc_conv for packing to xp3 (don't liked by some of AV).
3. rpakit to extract rpa files.
4. ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffmpeg_x265 and ffmpeg2theora to process video files
5. Windows Media Encoder for wmv files
6. nconvert for png, webp, jpg and bmp files
7. pingo for png and jpg files
8. ImageMagick for advanced transparent/opaque files detection (that pingo didn't recognize) in kirikiri compressor.
9. AutoPlay Media Studio for making GUI and scripting of this tool.
10. ReNamer and RenameMaster for file renaming.
11. ffprobe for extracting video info (needed for SvtVp9EncApp).
12. SvtVp9EncApp for encoding videos to VP9 (CPU needs AVX2 support). Experimental, on very short videos no speed gain but on longer 5 seconds (and especially encoded with VP9) up to 5 times faster than libvpx! But videos with not standard resolutions and videos shorter than 3 sec will be processed with FFMPEG libvpx encoder.
13. FNR and MSR for search and replace text in System.json.
14. freac for fast ogg encoding.
15. rmvdec, mv_decoder, RMDec and RPGMV-DECRYPTOR for decrypting rpgmvp and rpgmvo.
16. Enigma VB Unpacker for manual unpack RPGM MV games that packed to 1 big exe file.
17. RgssDecrypter to unpack rgss3a files.
18. WolfDec to unpack wolf files.
19. gif2webp and gifsicle for gif files.
20. 7z to extract decompiled from TyranoBuilder exe file archives.
21. MTX - The Universal Accelerator for repacking GameMaker
22. Free console version of WinRar for SFX exe (for GameMaker compressor).
23. cwebp and dwebp for Repack maker.
24. godotpcktool for Godot engine pck files.
25. cpuid for AVX2 detection.
26. cwrsync for files and folder comparison.
27. Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker for Unity update maker.
28. sfk for making files listing.
29. avifenc to compress images to avif.
30. rpatool (original version from github) for packing extracted files back to rpa.
31. uber-apk-signer for signing and zipalign for zip aligning compressed apk.
32. pngcheck to check if file is apng (animated png).
33. rpatool from UnRen-Ultrahack for encrypted rpa files.
34. UnityEx for Unity repacking.
35. PRPGMVDecrypt for decrypting Pixel Game Maker MV games.
36. TCC/LE for moving folders.
37. quickbms for unpacking/packing Godot engine files.
38. Shutdown Timer Classic (does PC shutdown after compression done if enabled in UAGC settings). Requires .
37. UndertaleModCli for v2.3.7 and newer GameMaker Studio games packing/unpacking.
38. GARbro - Visual Novels resource browser (mostly to manually unpack japanese VN).
39. libvips - images compressing tool (similar to nconvert).
40. RavioliGameTools and FSBTool for Unity video and audio extraction/compressing.
41. DontSleep to prevent PC go to standby, hybernation, hybrid sleep if enabled in UAGC settings.
42. anim_dump, webpinfo and webpmux for animated webp files processing.
43. nwjs for RPGM MV avif support.
44. iconv and UTFCast to convert text between different character encodings (inside files).
45. dds_optimizer for convertion webp to dds.
46. JPEXS FFDec for compressing media inside swf files.
47. crabz for unpack/pack zlib compressed files.
v1.9.4, v1.9.6, v1.9.9, v2.0 alpha, v2.0 beta:
Implemented/improved Unity repacking support. In short UAGC really extracts/converts files
that could make game several times smaller comparing to any other compressing/repacking tools.
For Ren'Py compressor now UAGC moves from "rpakit_out" to "game" (if pack back to rpa disabled) instead of copy files and folders that makes it work faster.

v2.0 release candidate 1:
Added Pixel Game Maker MV compressor.
Adult Games Engine Detector (AGED) tool now also detects Pixel Game Maker MV games.

v2.0 release candidate 2:
Added animated webp support (custom made, faster and better quality than imagemagick or gimp but not very effective since usually those files are already compressed) for HTML compressor.
Almost complete Godot compressor rewrite - now it supports png, webp and ogg compression and since this year they dropped webm VP9 support now ogv videos would be compressed with theora
encoder to avoid crashes. Slightly tweaked animaged png encoder settings in RPGM MV compressor so now it should not making colors more pale.

v2.0 release candidate 3:
Added RPGM MZ compressor (it's almost like MV but without www folder so it uses same button to compress).
Adult Games Engine Detector (AGED) tool now also detects RPGM MZ games.

v2.0 release candidate 4:
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor added optional alternative decryptor (now it can decrypt at least this game but maybe some others too where default UAGC decryptor failed).
For Ren'Py compressor added optional alternative rpa unpacker (rpatool) with which now is possible to unpack some rpa files with custom header like in that game and also added a check + message
if rpa file unpack failed or not but it would show error anyway (fixed in v2.0 final) if u enabled rpatool and it unpacked fine coz there are no (easy) way to check if it was good or not.

v2.0 release candidate 5:
For HTML compressor added ffmpeg ultrafast mode (for both VP9 and H.264). For Unity compressor added experimental support for bundle files like in this game The Spellbook
but webm videos compression not supported yet and needs to be implemented.
For Ren'Py compressor added support for audio files with .opus extension also "pack game folder to 7z..." feature now saving its state when pressing "Save" button.

v2.0 release candidate 6:
Added feature in xp3 compressor that would allow UAGC user to disable png -> jpg conversion (useful if game don't works with default settings) and just compress png with pinga (that'll give worse quality that jpg)...
Also it fixes GameMaker repack maker not able to create rar SFX installer.

v2.0 release candidate 7:
Added new GameMaker (not repack) compressor for images only (UndertaleModTool command line version has no support for audio and video yet).
New versions (>= 2.3.7) of GameMaker Studio uses new QOI image format
(with BZ2 compression) for textures so making repack in this case has almost zero effectivity and new compressor would be useful for this situation.

v2.0 release candidate 8 + quick fix v2.3:
For Ren'Py compressor added ability to change video resolution (for libvpx-vp9 encoder). For Repack maker added optional (instead of webp) avif image compressor and also added video support (from mpg/mpeg-1, mp4/h264, avi/mpeg-4 to h265 and back convertion) for it. At the UAGC main page added GARbro tool. Updated some tools.
Quick fix v2.3 for UAGC v2.0 rc8: fixed avif repack maker -> changed very slow imagemagick to fast avifenc/avifdec, also fixed mp3 processing bug (for both webp and avif repack creators):

v2.0 release candidate 9:
For Ren'Py compressor fixed bug with rpa file repacking in some cases.
For repack maker added jpeg-xl as image compressor + fixed bug with bmp.
For custom engine compressor added compression to jpeg-xl, avif and AV1.

v2.0 release:
Added (experimental) Ren'Py repack maker. It compresses audio as usual (opus format) but with video and images it converts to AV1 (needs CPU with AVX support for it, for repack installing/unrep should not needed as far as I know) and to jpeg-xl or avif depending on your choice. It could be useful for big completed games if u want to save some space on HDD because repack should be about 30% smaller at the same quality as webp + VP9. But game size after installing would be much larger because it unpacks images and videos without any compression and make it very fast btw. AV1 videos converts to MPEG4 (DivX) format at repack installation because it's very fast (about 10x faster than VP9) with 10k/25k bitrate which depends mostly on original video format.

v2.0 pre-final:
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor added ability (don't forget to enable it only if really needed) to process games with non latin file names and to handle multi-language games with "Game_EN.exe" archives (you will get english version only after compression). Updated some tools, added "RMDec" to the UAGC main page.

v2.0 final-test:
For popular game engine image compressors (renpy, rpgm mv/mz, html, unity) added speed limiter (after enabling speed settings would be taken from Ogg) that could be useful for potato PC that has crashes at image compressing. For custom engine compressor added animated gif/webp to animated avif compressor. For Unity engine enabled by default and removed from GUI some features to make it simplier and updated dds_optimizer (faster unity repack installation). Updated tools.

v2.0 final-test2, v2.0 final-test3:
Now if UAGC fails to sign apk it don't deletes compressed but not signed apk and shows message that signing process failed and user should sign it manually at the end of the apk compression also slightly changed apk signing command (added "java -jar" text) for better compatibility.

v2.0 final-test4:
Added options window with compression statistics, no sleep feature (not tested coz its disabled in my Windows), and shutdown PC after compression done option.

v2.0 final-test5:
Ren'Py compressor, when enabled rpatool unpacker option, now tries to unpack rpa files also with rpatool from UnRen-Ultrahack version (could be useful for games like Extra Life).

v2.0 final-test6 (aka v2.0 final):
For Ren'Py compressor added macOS compressed version building that need to run "renpy_sdk_v7.4.0-8.03.exe" before using it (it would create SDK folders where is "uagc.exe", about 4Gb additional space needed). Don't try to add/remove SDK's manually coz it would not work and could break my tool. Don't forget to copy/backup "settings.ini" file from previous UAGC version to keep your compressison statistics!

For Ren'Py compressor:
1) added new experimental feature "Audio ripper" for those who don't like game music or wanna gain minimum game size at all costs - it fills audio files longer 30 sec with silence of the same duration so it should be safe or at least I hope so.
2) added new feature "Compress video manually" so if enabled UAGC will stop after rpa unpack and images compression (if enabled) to let user compress video in external tools.
3) added new feature "Skip videos with same or lower bitrate" - for example if you set in UAGC bitrate setting 3000k and enabled that option then UAGC wouldn't compress videos with 3500k bitrate and lower (no matter if u use quality in % or bitrate).
4) pause(.exe) now activates faster - about 10 sec agains up to 1 min earlier.
Updated a lot of tools.

For Ren'Py compressor:
1) Video auto downscaler - almost same as when you set video width manually but with small difference:
if auto downscaler enabled UAGC would downscale video resolution with following pattern: 2160p and 1440p to 1080p, 1080p to 720p, 720p to 520p. Only for ffmpeg (libvpx-vp9 enabled).
2) Compressed video files size checker: compares video sizes before and after compression and if it became larger (could happen in some rare cases when video already in VP9 format and has small < 2000k bitrate, happens only with ffmpeg+libvpx-vp9) then skips.

For Ren'Py compressor added H.264/H.265 video compression support (highly experemental) by recompiling dlls. Supported Ren'Py versions: 6.99.9-8.0.3, so in short all current except of nighly builds. There are some limitations: in short on Windows\Linux versions all most likely should be fine but for some of vers I wasn't able to build MacOS dlls/support.
So read following text with attention: if u share ur compression with this new feature to public and u decided to compress unsupported version better warn users that they can't create MacOS (for vers 7.4.0-7.4.11, Android and iOS for any ver)! UAGC would auto warn u in such cases and has option to compress video to VP9 if such unsupported version (7.4.0-7.4.11) is detected. For manual MacOS building in Ren'Py v6.99.9-7.3.5 u need to copy/replace files from ..\renpy_libs\6.99.9-7.3.5\darwin-x86_64 to ..\lib\darwin-x86_64 to add H.264 or H.265 support (not tested).
In my opinion H.264~=VP8 (not recommended) and H.265~=VP9 regarding quality and if u don't have NVIDIA GPU like 1060 or better to enable nvenc it's not worth efforts...
When compressing with H.264 or H.265 enabled UAGC updates installed Ren'Py SDK in UAGC root\main folder so if u want to revert it back to original, just run "renpy_sdk_v7.4.0-8.03.exe" there.
I didn't tested anything except Windows builds so use it on ur own risk!
P.S. If u want to compress to H.264/H.265 videos manually using build in UAGC feature, make sure that don't use AAC-LC audio codec!

For Ren'Py compressor added experimental option to take the same audio and video files from older compressed version as donor (so you don't need to compress its again). It has following advantages comparing with UAGC profile system: compatible with pack back to rpa, no need to have/use saved profile, no matter on what tool did u made older compression, easy to use (just choose game exe location from older version when asked).
P.S. Don't use it with manual video compression since there would be zero effect in this case.

For HTML compressor added some features (except donoring coz it needs to be reworked for it 1st) that was added in RenPy compressor recently including H.265 support. But in this case I has nothing to do with HEVC support coz it was made by Google Chrome devs in v105 and later so if u gonna share ur compression (HTML game) encoded in H.265 to public better warn users that they should use only latest version of Google Chrome in this case and most likely on Windows PC only since I have no info if there are any HEVC support added on other platforms.

For HTML and RPGM MV/MZ compressors added donoring feature (audio + video).
For RenPy compressor improved donoring feature (should work a bit faster and less possible bugs) + optionally could be also used for images now. Pingo replaced by cwebp (less memory usage, could be useful for old/slow PC).

For RenPy compressor added image dowscale feature ( by giqui). Updated some tools.

For RenPy compressor cwebp should work faster now (removed " -low_memory" switch).

For RenPy compressor: added ability to hide some features (right mouse click on feature, to libvpx-vp9 added 5 speed (realtime mode, much faster but with high quality loss).
For RPGM MV compressor: added ability to disable lossless mode for pingo/nconvert/avifenc on parallaxes folder.

For RenPy compressor: added ability to compress video with Constant Quality and Constrained Quality (not recommended for slow PC) to activate constant (set bitrate to 0, disable quality in %, enable libvpx-vp9, adjust cfr value if needed and set ffmpeg speed to 0 if you want it like in YAC [read extremly slow but with almost highest possible quality]) and to activate constrained (set bitrate > 0 [use it as bitrate limiter], disable quality in %, enable libvpx-vp9, adjust cfr value if needed), for libvpx-vp9 5th speed changed to 6 (current 5 speed should have is a bit better quality but a bit slower also).
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor: added ability to hide some features, added h.264/h.265 + nvenc video compression support (UAGC would update nw.js and package.json, if RPGM exe is not = game.exe then delete manually RPGM exe and rename game.exe to RPGM exe file name after compression - it's hard to automate this process coz RPGM root contains several exe files and it's almost impossible to detect which one is main one).
For Adobe Flash compressor added ability to compress images inside swf files.

v2.1.7 fix:
For RenPy compressor: fixed pack back to rpa (by auto deleting some not needed html crap).
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor: package.json should be now updating properly if enabled h.264/h.265 video compression.
Reverted to older version of libJPEGXL.dll file for nconvert (coz with new from XnView MP v1.4 is not working).

For Adobe Flash compressor added ability to compress flv video inside swf files (if enabled such option, use at your own risk, codecs installation needed for this from UAGC main page). Could be useful for games such as "Stop Time and Play at the Pool" where ancient Sorenson Spark codec used and mosly useless on games () that has flv video already encoded with VP6 codec.

For Adobe Flash compressor added ability to compress audio inside swf files.
For RenPy compressor fixed donoring feature (if game has rpa files and you enabled "pack back to rpa").

For RPGM MV/MZ compressor added ability to donor images (all types including apng).
For RPGM VX Ace added images and audio donoring. Also added speed limiter for images.
For RenPy compressor fixed another little bug with donoring feature. Image donoring could be activated without audio and video donor enabled.

For RPGM MV/MZ and For RPGM VX Ace compressors changed audio encoder from freac to ffmpeg. Now it should handle correctly mp3 and wav files that already compressed to ogg. Also now is using bitrate (min = 45kbs) instead of quality.
For RenPy compressor changed audio encoder from freac to ffmpeg. Now it should handle correctly mp3 and wav files that already compressed to ogg. Minimum bitrate is 8kbs (not recommended too low values, 30-40 is optimal as usual/before).

Changed audio encoder from freac to ffmpeg everywhere where it wasn't implemented yet except custom engine compressor. Problem with stuck one ffmpeg process should be fixed now. Fixed max speed (ultrafast mode not worked properly) for audio.
For RPGM MV/MZ added cwebp images compressor. Added decrypting .ogg_ and .png_ files.

For RenPy compressor added support MacOS building for v7.0.0-7.3.5. Don't forget to run "renpy_sdk_v7.0.0-7.3.5.exe" file and wait until it finished unpacking RenPy SDK's. Earlier RenPy version support is not planned at least for now coz I know . Updated some tools.

This update focused/made for enthusiasts with fast PC to test upcoming RenPy AV1 (in v8.2) and avif (in v8.1) support. More info in .
Fixed few bugs on some engines that occurred when moving from freac to ffmpeg (for audio).

For "Ren'Py engine updater and images to avif + video to av1 compressor" changed av1enc to ffmpeg+svt-av1 (ultrafast mode disabled to avoid [no memory] crashes) because previous tool produced much darker images. I'm continue experimenting here because avifenc doesn't support webp and other tools like libvips or nconvert kinda slow for avif.
Nconvert should work now on all images (it's fixes problem with compressing 256 color png/jpg images to webp).
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor fixed png extentions to jpeg renaming when enabled "use another decrypter tool". Fix is not ideal - it just auto renames files if mentioned feature enabled and game have encrypted media so for other extensions also could happen such problems. In future I'm planning to fix reason of the bug but not result if I can do it.

For "Ren'Py engine updater and images to avif + video to av1 compressor" changed ffmpeg+svt-av1 to libvips because svt1-av1 can't keep transparency after convertion to avif, anyway libvips + ultrafast mode is faster (about 5k images per hour on i7-8700k CPU). Also added and enabled by default show progress feature as it was in Ren'Py compressor.
For Ren'Py compressor added new version detection feature (called "auto v2") that is taking info not from "script_version.txt" but directly from its souce code ("" file) for macOS game building. Just select it and press Save button if you want to use this feature permanently instead old one.

"Show progress in external tool" added for RPGM MV/MZ, HTML+QSP (new version), QSP (old version) and now it works with ffmpeg ultrafast feature enabled on compressors where it implemented.
Fixed possible bug for nconvert with webp transparency because of changes that was made in UAGC v2.2.5.
Updated tools.

For Ren'Py and RPGM MV/MZ compressors added advanced settings tab (highly experimental for now, press on gear icon near cwebp to go there) for cwebp that mostly adressed for "quality maniacs". Manual input values saves there when u activate or deactivate corresponding feature.
Enabling "img downscale" (in Ren'Py compressor) auto activates nconvert now since it doesn't work without it anyway.

v2.2.8 fixes v1-v4:
For Ren'Py and RPGM MV/MZ compressors added ability to save preferred image compressor (cwebp, nconvert, etc) choice (by pressing Save button).
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor if enabled to compress apng now auto enables pingo also because it wouldn't work without it.
For Ren'Py and RPGM MV/MZ compressors added ability to save ffmpeg speed (for libvpx-vp9) choice/value (by pressing Save button).
For Ren'Py compressor fixed crf mode (for libvpx-vp9) that wasn't working properly (had no effect if activated).
For Ren'Py and RPGM MV/MZ compressors added ability to save libvpx-vp9, show progress (enabled by default now), ultrafast ffmpeg and video quality/crf swith choices (by pressing Save button).
For Ren'Py compressor added ability to save "pack back to rpa" choice (by pressing Save button).

or Ren'Py compressor added video quality mode switcher for easier selecting needed config. Constant quality mode set by default now (as providing if comparing at same ffmpeg speed and bitrate better quality) but previous quality (in %) can be chosen and saved as preferred.

For RPGM MV/MZ compressor added video quality mode switcher for easier selecting needed config. Constant quality mode set by default now (as providing if comparing at same ffmpeg speed and bitrate better quality) but previous quality (in %) can be chosen and saved as preferred.

v2.3.0 fixed:
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor fixed quality (in %) feature for svt-vp9 encoder (that activates when libvpx-vp9 is disabled) that was broken in v2.2.9-2.3.0.

v2.3.1 + fixed:
For RPGM vx Ace added not latin names fix feature (tested on audio only for now).
Enigma VB unpacker now should unpack correctly partially packed games to exe.
For RenPy avif/av1 compressor fixed jpg images processing and videos containing audio.

For RenPy avif/av1 compressor added ffmpeg ultrafast feature and for all compressors where such function was implemented I've made some adjustments that its could speed up video compression up to 30% in some cases.

For RenPy avif/av1 compressor added saving AV1 profile and advanced command line settings.
Ultrafast ffmpeg mode can be adjusted in UAGC advanced settings (set number of ffmpeg processes).
For RenPy, RPGM MV/MZ and HTML compressors for HEVC and H.264 added crf support (for NVENC it called qp).
For RenPy and RPGM MV/MZ added MV/MZ manual path input (needed if UAGC freeze at path selection - very rare problem).
For HTML compressor added quality mode selector as it was impemented for RenPy and RPGM MV/MZ earlier.
Speed 0 for HEVC/H.264 = "veryslow" now (was "slower" before), Speed 6 = "veryfast" (was "superfast " before).
HEVC/H.264 + NVENC now uses CBR for average bitrate and quality in % because of awful VBR implementation (that works fine for x264/x265 encoders). x264/x265 encoders gives better quality (comparing at same size and best settings) than NVENC but much slower. Also Constant Quality mode for HEVC/H.264/NVENC just the same as Constrained Quality mode.
P.S. Recommended crf/qp for HEVC/H.264/NVENC (btw SVT-VP9 also using qp now in crf mode) are between 20 and 30.

For RenPy compressor added ability to choose SDK distribution type (when build MacOS enabled) at UAGC settings page.
UAGC now deletes progress.ini file at start (in case if pause.exe didn't removed it somehow after compression ends).

For RPGM MV/MZ ffmpeg ultrafast mode unlimited ffmpeg processes for h.264/5 compression enabled should be fixed.
For RPGM vx Ace compressor added "convert not transparent png images to jpg" feature that can improve game compression but could be up to 2x slower in this case. Also parallaxes now compressing much better (up to 5x).

For RenPy compressor added "video compression estimated time" feature (before media compression started there would be shown for 5 sec window with estimated compression time). You need to run video benchmark before using it (to be able to activate estimated time feature) and show progress in external window enabled. Also there are time limit feature added for it. If estimated time > time limit => video compression would be skipped. After setting time limit don't forget to press "Enter" button. Benchmark are using VP8/9 FullHD video so estimated feature could be inaccurate for other resolutions.

For RPGM MV/MZ and RPGM vx Ace added "Extreme audio compression" mode (-b:a 30k -ar 22050) by cost of quality.
For RPGM vx Ace compressor added "Extreme png compression" feature (-pngpalette instead of -pngfilter in pingo) that can improve png compression of already compressed png (up to 3x) by cost of quality.

For Wolf RPG compressor added "Extreme audio compression" mode and "Extreme png compression" feature. Also these functions now saveable for all engines where it was implemented.
For Unity repack maker fixed artifacts for transparent images and bad sound quality when audio compression is enabled.

Added game compressor - button placed near Game Maker (not repack one!) compressor (since this game using mentioned engine).

Added game compressor. Since it's impossible to create universal compressor for any Visionaire Studio engine game I've made it for this game alone which could be used as core to help me building compressors for some other games on this engine.
For HTML compressor fixed error (made it when implemented ultrafast speed adjust in UAGC settings) at video compression.

For RPGM MZ compressor on games with encrypted media + non-latin names fixed decryption problems.
For audio compression fixed rare problem when some audio files could not be compressed for all affected engines.
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UAGC update v2.4.8 (install it on UAGC version 2.4.7):
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor updated/upgraded file decryptors especially that one "Use another decrypter tool" (if activated) so now it's possible to compress such games with UAGC without any problems (don't forget about "non-latin names fix" enabling if needed). Also now all found System.json files would be processed (I mean about changing inside text from ["hasEncryptedImages":true,"hasEncryptedAudio":true] to ["hasEncryptedImages":false,"hasEncryptedAudio":false]).
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Sep 8, 2023
UAGC v2.5.8 (with RenPy SDK):
UAGC v2.5.8 (without RenPy SDK):
v2.4.8 quickfix:
RPGM MV/MZ compressor now should show correctly video compression progress (vids counter) in progress window.
For RenPy avif/AV1 compressor slightly tweaked avif encoder settings (lbvips) so now it should be up to 3x faster with cost of only about 0.15 PSNR.

For RenPy compressor added SDK v8.1.1/7.6.1 Mac building support (don't forget to install 'em 1st) and added experimental avif images (using nconvert) and AV1 video (using SVT-AV1, tested with CRF mode only) encoding support, quality settings for its could be a bit tricky for some1 but thats how it works so try with default settings at 1st.
In compression progress tool window added CPU + RAM usage info.

For RenPy compressor added images compression assistant (activates in advanced settings, works for webp output format).
Experimental feature to see how effective image compression could be, you can set compression ratio (full size/compressed) min value so if this triggered then you could be able to stop (skips/disables audio, images, video processing and Mac building but leaves pack back to rpa enabled if it was activated so you'll get back to same state of game that was before compression process started so not need to bother to delete and game and unzip it again for example to get original file structure back) or continue compression, also if current RenPy version supports avif you would be notified. If no ratio limit set then you'll just get 5 sec message (that auto dissappear and compression continue) that would show estimate compressed (and not) images size.
Check video and images sizes feature now a bit more useful: it reverts zero byte (failed, could happen if used with high value "ultrafast ffpmeg" or too low/slow preset + SVT-AV1) files with original (not compressed).

For RenPy compressor added images with .avif extension compression support since there exists some games like that one where images are already in avif format. Added imagemagick as optional avif encoder - it has some advantages like: have old style quality value 0-100, ability to process renamed (to webp for example) avif files, updates very often.
Fix of "non-latin fix" feature for file names with comma.

For HTML compressor added imagemagick (instead of pingo, to activate disable nconvert) for compression jpg, png and webp to avif (not animated since it still has limited support, but if you want animated avif then try UAGC "custom engine compressor" where it was implemented some time ago) and video to AV1 (using ffmpeg+SVT-AV1 if you activated it when asked). Avif supported by all popular browsers (if updated versions used) but MS Edge requires to use some "magick" to make it work. Anyway this feature is experimental so use it better for personal needs.

Attempt to fix problem when in same folder placed two videos with same names and different extensions so this leads to problem when ultrafast ffmpeg feature enabled (its kinda rare case, here is one of affected games as example).
Added button (in settings) to revert all settings to defaults in case if UAGC stopped working correctly so no need to reinstall it now.

For RenPy compressor added .mov video container support, if scripts.rpa file larger 75 MB then it wouldn't be skipped (not unpacked) with "pack back to rpa" feature enabled. So compression problems with that game should be fixed now (but be aware that this game have 1 very long .mov file!)

For RenPy compressor added .mpeg video container support (before only .mpg was supported) since it's using in that game.
For Ren'Py update maker added function called "Only include new media files" that should help to compare (and make update/patch) already compressed games that was made with different quality settings so same files (images, audio and video) with different files size would be skipped if enabled.

v2.5.6 final:
For RPGM MV/MZ compressor added "Auto enable apng" and "Auto enable non latin fix" experimental features which detects and auto enables "Compress apng" or/and "Non latin file names fix" if apng plugin or non latin file names detected.
For RenPy compressor "pack back to rpa" feature enabled by default.

For QSP (Old) compressor added QSP+Awesomium support (now also detected in AGED tool), ultrafast ffmpeg, donor feature for gifs and video. Actually looks like QSP old version supports only animated gifs (not any videos) so I've removed VP9 encoder and added VP8 instead (for Awesomium engine) that supports only mentioned video codec, both engines don't supports webp as far as I know. QSP (New) renamed to QQSP because it's real name of that engine, nothing more changed for it, reminding that it supports webp, H264 and VP9 (VP8 too) formats.
For Wolf RPG compressor added ogv video support that is using in that game (it also has 2 very small about 100Kb gifs but it doesn't worth my efforts to add gif compression for this).

For RPGM MV/MZ compressor added movies support for non latin fix.
Updated tools.


Sep 8, 2023
UAGC v2.5.9 (install it on UAGC version 2.5.8):

For RenPy compressor added Ren'Py SDK v8.1.2 building and also fixed detection of v8.1.1 for "auto v2".
Updated NConvert to the most recent version (7.154) and its plugins.

UAGC v2.6.0 (install it on UAGC version 2.5.9):

For RenPy compressor added Ren'Py SDK v7.6.2 building and also fixed detection of v7.6.1 for "auto v2".

UAGC v2.6.1 (install it on UAGC version 2.6.0):

Added new feature called "Add your signature file inside game folder" (activates in UAGC settings, disabled by default) that places customized (file name and its contens) by user readme txt file into game folder. Currently works for RenPy, RPGM MV/MZ and HTML compressors (except apk and MacOS for safety reasons) only but if you want to see it in other engines too let me know.


Sep 8, 2023
UAGC v2.6.2 (with RenPy SDK):
UAGC v2.6.2 (without RenPy SDK):

Added RPG Tools engine compressor (used in Path of Sorrow and Pleasure game, compression took 10 mins on my PC at default settings), not for slow PC coz of 10k resolution png images.
For RenPy compressor added Ren'Py SDK v7.6.3 and v8.1.3 for MacOS (and some other platforms too that could be selected in UAGC settings) building (just don't forget to install it first).
Updated some tools.


Sep 8, 2023
UAGC v2.6.3 (install it on UAGC version 2.6.2):

For RenPy compressor added ability to set in UAGC settings default files saving path for MacOS building and "pack to 7z" feature.
Fixed bug in "ultrafast ffmpeg" when 2 videos with same names at same folder could lead to freeze of UAGC (now only 1 video of 2 would be compressed in such case).
Plans for next version (may be changed): adding compression settings in signature file for renpy, rpgm mv/mz and html compressors if enabled.

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