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Created this topic to simplify updating and maintaining the tool, so that people no longer have to search for the current version among the messages.
I am also ready to present a version of the tool with a graphical interface. Like the main tool, this version comes in two variants.

Here is a link Unren by Sam to the original topic, the tool was not invented by me, I'm just trying to keep it up-to-date as much as possible. You can also see there that for about the last six months I have been trying to keep this tool in operation.
Here is a link to repo if anyone is interested.

1. Copy UnRen.bat to game's root directory (where the exe is)
2. Double click on UnRen.bat to execute
3. Select the option you require
No dependencies, no internet connection required. You can right click->edit to see the source. Works on Windows 7, 8 and 10. XP and Vista users might need this PowerShell update from Microsoft:
To run the script, right-click on it and select "Execute using PowerShell" in the drop-down menu
Required version 4+ of PowerShell. To check, use command $PSVersionTable.
If PowerShell script after the launch closes immediately - run PowerShell with administrator rights and excecute
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
Known Issues:
- Having parentheses and some other special characters in your folder path may cause issues.
Attention. The name of the tool indicates the minimum version of RenPy required for working. The version can be found in the file "game/script_version.txt"

UnRen-forall(v8.7), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v8.7): Fixed processing None type SLDisplayable objects
UnRen-forall(v8.6), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v8.6): Returned support for older versions of the engine (RenPy 7.3-).
UnRen-forall(v8.5), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v8.5): Added support for the latest version of IWH. Now even reading indexes and file contents is done by the engine. But I can't be sure that the old versions of the engine support this feature, I haven't tested on them.
UnRen-forall(v8.4), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v8.4): Support for the latest changes in the decompilation of Goodbye Eternity. Deleted the appearance of messages for debug left by mistake.
UnRen-forall(v8.3), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v8.3): Traversing "dots"(links to the current folder) in archives.
UnRen-forall(v8.2), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v8.2): Now the construct If True should compile normally.
UnRen-forall(v8.1), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v8.1): A small correction of the logic of unpacking and returning to the root of the game after unpacking.
UnRen-forall(v8), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v8): Another attempt to support the ability to drag'n'drop or work directly from the desired folder. It should work this time. Even with an exclamation mark and a space in the path. But the parentheses are still not available.
UnRen-forall(v7), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v7): Correction of past developments. It should work now. But special characters are now banned again for the cmd file. PowerShell seems to be coping much better. In addition, I changed the job of the unpacker. Now he is looking for archives for himself to work with (which makes it easier to work with games where the archive extension is non-standard). And other minor fixes.
UnRen-forall(v6), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v6): Now it is possible to launch from one place and drag'n'drop game folder to receiving path. Archives with any modified extensions should also now be opened. Bugs are possible, I recommend beginners to wait for verification by more experienced users.
UnRen-forall(v5), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v5): Added support for archives with multiple dots in the file name
UnRen-forall(v4), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v4): Now all (or almost) special characters in the folder path should be supported, as well as non-ASCII characters, including Chinese characters and Hebrew, if the game engine is 8+. Also, I finally solved the problem with importing YVANeusEX for the game Goodbye Eternity. The standard version caused problems on the 8th engine.
UnRen-forall(v3), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v3): Returned the ability to decompile RNGeusEX games.
UnRen-forall(v2), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v2): Updated the unpacking script.
UnRen-forall(v1), UnRen-Powershell-forall(v1): Added the lost ability to unpack archives in older versions of the engine and the ability to decompile all supported formats by sending a section with files instead of sending each one found separately. In view of such global changes, a new naming was chosen.


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