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You download a new version of a game, go to run it, and it won't run. Ugh.

Archivers like WinRar and 7zip don't preserve Mac and Linux executable permissions, so if a game is compressed with one of them it won't run until the permissions are restored.

This script will fix those permissions for Mac games and for Linux Ren'Py games.

Launch the script.
On a Mac, drag the app to the terminal window that opens up and hit enter.
On a Mac or Linux you can type or copy/paste the path to the game.
You can also run it from the command line with the path as the first argument.

The script will run chmod -x on:
  • Contents/MacOS recursively
  • *.sh
  • lib/linux-i686 recursively
  • lib/linux-x86_64 recursively
Linux users, if you have another game engine you want added, please let me know what directories/files to chmod.


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