The Anthology of Rebel 357


Game Developer
Game Developer
Jan 4, 2023
I've been working quietly on some concepts for this collection.
  1. Calvin and Hobbes-chan -
  2. From Scene and Loli
  3. Nu Metal City
License: CC-BY-SA

Calvin and Hobbes-chan:
This one is a parody of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Hobbes in my version is a female, and takes 10 years later. Where Calvin is now 16 and a late bloomer who is now noticing females.

From Scene and Loli:
The theme for this is centered around post-hardcore music. Which is why the soundtrack is tailored for this work.

Nu Metal City:
Set in the atmosphere and time period of the early 2000's and obviously the infamous Nu Metal music. Again the soundtrack is tailored for this work. This work features a male protagonist who is a Nu metal fan who ends up getting romantic with 2 other girls who are into that music scene. I haven't settled on the year yet, But I am aiming for 2002 - 2004 (Nu Metal died down by 2004).

At the very least, I want to lay down the groundwork for them. That way, they can be adopted by others. I don't care too much about being credited, I care about it being an open license so that it's not restricted and remains free. I will supply the assets for these open works. Just not yet, since many details are being worked on. I'll be busy creating my artistic vision for these right now.

Calvin and Hobbes-chan:

From Scene and Loli:
Nu Metal City : (TBA)

Screenshots (preview):

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