Question: What's more important for LewdCorner: Devs or P*racy?


Jul 8, 2022
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question, but it is aimed at the staff and it seems to me that this is the most fitting place.

What I mean by that question is:
Is it more important for LewdCorner to have the newest, most completed versions (patreon builds, special editions, supporters only) of games?
Or is it for devs to be comfortable to hang out here and share their content by themselves, and be able to prevent unwanted leaks from appearing here?

Especially if it's the latter case, it would be nice to see an explicit remark on games threads, that this isn't the "full" version, but only a free/stripped down one or even a demo (not being a special/supporters edition IS a stripped down version).
Some are doing that via the version number (Which can be quite cryptic at times) and some are mentioning it somewhat hidden in the dev notes.
But I think something like that should go into the header for easy visibility.

Just to be clear, I'am not asking LewdCorner to change its policy, I'd just like a little more discernability. :)


Apr 24, 2022
From what I gathered when I asked this question, it depends on if the Dev in question owns their own thread. If they dont, it will have the latest version we find or is uploaded. But if they come and take possession of their thread, they control what is provided, so they are able to block new releases, etc.

An example of this is the game LIsland. It had about a year old version up for the longest time. I noticed it because someone was bitching that if they asked the dev for help, they would get told "that is fixed, support me on patreon to get the latest version.". So I did a quick look and found like 10+ versions that had been released since the one posted here. I asked about it and was told it was the devs choice as they owned their own thread.

This was all before I became staff here so I am just telling you what I was told.
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