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Apr 23, 2022
Ok I know we have a couple available one being but that's for online only and you are limited to the amount of times you can use it in a given hour. We also have the one that I have attached to this post. I have also attached the one for editing RpgMaker game files. The problem with with these offline editors is they work with variables unlike the online save editor that works using the Name of the variable like the screenshot from the online one below.
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Now which variable in the attached save editor does this say brandypoints: 3? well it doesn't say anything like that in the entire 1300 lines of variables.....

What we need is a way to rip the online editors functions and convert them to use as a exe for offline use. Or some way to combine the way the offline editor works that we have to actually show the names variables like the online one does. If we could find someone skilled enough to merge the two and have it posted here would make a ton of people happy and maybe draw more people to the site as well.
Edit: One key thing with this editor could be a Lewd corner background or header banner in the editors UI so people know it came from this site.


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