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Apr 23, 2022
  • Horror:
    • Content that creates fear or terror.
  • Humor:
    • Content that is funny or amusing.
  • Humor management:
    • Gameplay mechanics related to humor.
  • Japanese game:
    • Games from Japan or with Japanese influence.
  • Management:
    • Gameplay mechanics related to resource or asset management.
  • Mobile game:
    • Games designed for mobile devices.
  • Mystery:
    • Content that involves solving a puzzle or uncovering a hidden truth.
  • Parody:
    • Content that imitates or satirizes another work or genre.
  • Partially voiced:
    • Content with some but not all dialogue voiced.
  • Platformer:
    • Games that involve jumping across platforms and obstacles.
  • Point & click:
    • Adventure games where the player clicks on objects or locations.
  • Puzzle:
    • Games that challenge problem-solving skills.
  • Religion:
    • Content that explores religious themes or beliefs.
  • Role play:
    • Gameplay mechanics that allow the player to assume a character's role.
  • Romance:
    • Content that involves romantic or sexual relationships.
  • RPG:
    • Role-playing games where the player progresses through a story or world.
  • Sandbox:
    • Games that allow exploration and interaction in an open world.
  • School setting/School settings:
    • Content that takes place in a school environment.
  • Sci-fi/Science fiction:
    • Content with futuristic or speculative technology or settings.
  • Shooter:
    • Games that involve shooting enemies.
  • Side-scroller:
    • Games that involve moving a character from left to right.
  • Simulator:
    • Games that simulate real-world activities or systems.
  • Strategy:
    • Games that require long-term planning to achieve a goal.
  • Supernatural:
    • Content that involves paranormal or supernatural elements.
  • Superpowers:
    • Content that involves characters with extraordinary abilities.
  • Teen:
    • Content featuring teenage characters or aimed at a teenage audience.
  • Text based:
    • Games that rely primarily on text.
  • Thriller:
    • Content that creates suspense or tension.
  • Trainer:
    • Gameplay mechanics related to training or raising a character or creature.
  • Turn based/Turn based combat:
    • Gameplay mechanics where turns are taken to perform actions.
  • Twins:
    • Content that involves twins.
  • Anal sex:
    • Sexual activity involving penetration of the anus.
  • Groping:
    • Touching or fondling without consent.
  • Group sex:
    • Sexual activity involving three or more people.
  • Hand:
    • Sexual activity involving the hands.
  • Handjob:
    • Sexual activity involving using the hands to stimulate genitals.
  • Harem:
    • Content that involves a single character with multiple romantic or sexual partners.
  • Humiliation:
    • Content that involves degrading or humiliating sexual activities or situations.
  • Incest:
    • Sexual activity between family members or close relatives. This typically includes sexual activity between people in consanguinity (blood relations).
  • Internal:
    • Sexual activity involving penetration into the body.
  • Interracial:
    • Sexual activity between people of different races.
  • Lactation:
    • Sexual activity involving milk production from the breasts.
  • Lesbian:
    • Sexual activity between two women.
  • Loli/Oppai loli:
    • Sexualized depictions of young girls or girls with exaggeratedly large breasts.
  • Male domination:
    • Sexual activity where the male partner has dominant control or power.
  • Male protagonist:
    • Content where the main character is male.
  • Masochism:
    • Sexual activity where the recipient enjoys receiving pain or humiliation.
  • Masturbation:
    • Sexual activity involving self-stimulation.
  • MILF:
    • Sexual activity with an older woman or a woman who is a mother.
  • Mind control:
    • One character controlling the thoughts or actions of another character.
  • Monster/Monster girl:
    • Sexual activity with non-human or supernatural creatures.
  • Multiple endings:
    • Games or stories with multiple possible endings based on player choices or actions.
  • Multiple penetration:
    • Sexual activity involving penetration from multiple partners or objects.
  • Multiple protagonist:
    • Content where there are multiple main characters.
  • Netori/Netorare:
    • Sexual activity involving a character stealing another character's romantic or sexual partner.
  • NTR:
    • See Netori/Netorare.
  • Nun:
    • Sexual activity involving a nun or religious figure.
  • Nurse:
    • Sexual activity involving a nurse or medical professional.
  • Oral:
    • Sexual activity involving the mouth.
  • Orgy:
    • Sexual activity involving multiple partners in a group setting.
  • Otoko no ko:
    • Content featuring male characters who dress and/or act like women.
  • Pregnancy:
    • Sexual activity resulting in pregnancy or involving pregnant characters.
  • Prostitution:
    • Sexual activity involving payment or exchange for sexual services.
  • Public sex:
    • Sexual activity in a public setting.
  • Rape:
    • Sexual activity without consent.
  • Rimjob:
    • Sexual activity involving oral stimulation of the anus.
  • Schoolgirl:
    • Sexual activity involving a female student or schoolgirl.
  • Sex toys:
    • Sexual activity involving the use of toys or objects.
  • Shemale:
    • Sexual activity involving transgender or intersex characters.
  • Slave:
    • Sexual activity involving a character in a position of servitude or submission.
  • Stockings:
    • Sexual activity involving stockings or hosiery.
  • Straight shota:
    • Sexualized depictions of young boys with adult women.
  • Submission:
    • Sexual activity where the recipient has submissive control or power.
  • Tentacles:
    • Sexual activity involving tentacled creatures.
  • Threesome:
    • Sexual activity involving three people.
  • Toys:
    • See Sex toys.
  • Trap:
    • Content featuring male characters who are mistaken for or intentionally disguise themselves as women.
  • Tsundere:
    • Content featuring characters who initially express hostility or indifference but later show a more affectionate or loving side.
  • Urethra:
    • Sexual activity involving the urethra.
  • Vaginal sex:
    • Sexual activity involving penetration of the vagina.
  • Virgin:
    • Sexual activity involving characters who have not had previous sexual experience.
  • Voyeurism:
    • Sexual activity involving watching or observing others engaged in sexual activity.
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Here's a list of all tags combined, from here, from Fuck95 and the ones you missed.
Horror, Humor, Japanese Game, Management, Mystery, Parody, Platformer, Puzzle, Religion, Role Play, Romance, RPG, Sandbox, School Setting, Sci-fi/Science Fiction, Shooter, Side-Scroller, Simulator, Strategy, Supernatural, Superpowers, Teen, Thriller, Trainer, Turn Based, Twins, Groping, Group Sex, Hand, Handjob, Harem, Humiliation, Incest, Interracial, Lactation, Lesbian, Loli, Oppai Loli, Masochism, Masturbation, Mind Control, Monster, Monster Girl, Netori/Netorare, NTR, Nun, Nurse, Orgy, Otoko-no-ko, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Public Sex, Rape, Rimjob, Schoolgirl, Shemale, Slave, Stockings, Submission, Tentacles, Threesome, Trap, Tsundere, Urethra, Virgin, Voyeurism, 3D Game, 3DCG, 2D Game, 2DCG, AI CG, Animated, Censored, Character Creation, Kinetic Novel, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Mobile Game, Multiple Endings, Multiple Protagonist, Real Porn, Text Based, Virtual Reality, Voiced, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Bdsm, Bestiality, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmail, Bukkake, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Dilf, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Footjob, Furry, Futa/Trans, Gay, Internal View, Male Domination, MILF, Multiple Penetration, Necrophilia, Netorase, Oral Sex, Scat, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Shota, Sissification, Sleep Sex, Spanking, Stripping, Swinging, Teasing, Titfuck, Transformation, Urination, Vaginal Sex, Vore, Adventure, Combat, Cosplay, Dating Sim, Dystopian Setting, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, No Sexual Content, Paranormal, Point & Click, Possession, PoV.
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Rycharde's Realm

Apr 24, 2022
What are the non-sexual tags before Horror? And the sexual tags before Groping?


How does one suggest a tag on a game if one is not the OP or the dev? Report the OP with the tag suggest in the desc, or comment on thread and tag a mod in the post?


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Apr 23, 2022
How does one suggest a tag on a game if one is not the OP or the dev? Report the OP with the tag suggest in the desc, or comment on thread and tag a mod in the post?
either report the comment you reported stating to add such tag or open support ticket
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either report the comment you reported stating to add such tag or open support ticket
Oh yeah I seenow, that's actually one of the report options! heh, should've checked that first.... thnx
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