Blender connoisseur - Full Body Mocap Available


Jul 15, 2023
Hi, I would like to know if any of you know how to properly using Blender (Animation Side).
I have a full body Mocap suit and soft (body+hands+face) and I'm still working on how to properly use it threw Blender.

Indeed, I'm producing my own lewd motions and begin to work on my own r18 game. I'm using Blender only as a pipeline between the mocap soft itself and Ue (wich I handle way better than Blender).

For exchange for teaching me a bit of Blender I can produce any Motion you would like to have for your own needs or anything that may interest you.

I'm not a Blender beginner, I already know how to load my character, retarget my motion and edit it in order to make loops and needed changes.
But sometimes I have some issues I can't explain and/or I spend way too much time using non effective solutiosn to achieve my goals. I'm sure with someone experienced I could save a tons of time.

Feel free to answer me here or mp.
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