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Introducing Alternative Compressor.
Something I've been working on for quite a while now, based in parts on the solidly built and well proven Cruncher by Bas
I've included Unren by Sam and Unrpyc by CensoredUsername in version 0.3.5
And now added the rpatool by Shizmob

Utilises ppx2.exe for high speed image processing, I've reworked other aspects to maximise speed too.
Options to pick quality or skip for images, audio and video
Fine grained image processing quality (1%~lossless)
Pick the number of Threads to use on Images and Video (Caution! Using all threads on an overclocked CPU WILL create a lot of heat)
Option to delete RPA files if they are still in the game folder.
(Now Optional)Will copy game/gui/window_icon.png to the game's root folder as android-icon_foreground.png AND android-icon_background.png (For Android - double check this is the one you want to use if you're porting)
Put AIO.bat and comptools folder in the game's root folder
Run AIO.bat
Hopefully understandable from there.
Don't be surprised that you won't see images being processed, nothing will move on screen until the Audio, Video or the summary.
AIO changes
Fixed a missing ) causing archive creation to fall over.
Couple of small tweaks for warnings you don't need to see.
Added compression queue number to title
Added exit option while waiting in compression queue.
Added Queue number to title bar so you can see the order games will be processed
Changed post RPA creation media delete function. Now reading file list from RPA so a little slower but a lot safer.
Changed ignored folder handling during RPA creation, now only scripts etc are coppied out, deleted then reinstated later.
Added auto removal of media files in update function 3 where they have been removed by the Dev in new version.
Added SNS to image compression options (0 to 100, default is 50. Increase to 100 for best quality)
Added xml, yml and csv to archive ignore list
Added sfx folder to archive auto include list
*Any other folders/files you think should/n't be listed let me know.*


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