1. bomom

    Breast/Body Physics

    I think it's a little underappreciated when artists put that extra effort into representing gravity's effects on the human body and such, at least in still frame art. One of my faves is Gates Motel, both for the natural body posing and the way clothing tends to drape as characters move around...
  2. Axois

    Anti-Social & Lurker Hang Out Spot

    Welcome to our lurker community! This community was born out of us lurkers being required to post on the LC forums but it quickly grew into a thriving community of like minded people that wanted their lolis and wanted to help each other out. We quickly realized that we actually got a long...
  3. S

    Hello there! So... How did you end up here?

    As the title says How did you guys find this site? Discuss! I'm interessted in how people ended up here on this special corner of the net. Since there have been changes on the site which lead us to be more talkative, why not start at the beginning? I don't intend this thread to be a...
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