1. N

    Seeking teen harem WITHOUT incest games

    I guess by definition they'd mostly be in the Games+ section so I will have to wait to look them up later, if I get there. I admit to being surprised at how pervasive the incest stuff is in the AVN genre (though I was also surprised and confused at some others as well, this has been quite an...
  2. Logicalpop

    Lily II masterplan

    Anyone have a playable apk for this one? Made by joker 3d. Loved the first part which was porte by a fan and joker made an apk version on the second game. Unfortunatly it never worked and dunno how to fix it and nobody ported it since there was an apk on his site.
  3. Lolilovers

    Game Gacha 18+ (Magicami)

    Can someone recommended me any game that has teen(loli) gacha that can have sex ofc like magicami, i want more of those, but its hard when there no tag about teen or loli anymore in nutaku or any adult online game
  4. M

    Mods  The Headmaster - Age Mod

    Mod for The Headmaster:[Ren'Py] - [HS] - The Headmaster [v0.15.3.1 Public] [Altos and Herdone] I have no clue about standard formatting, so would appreciate if a mod could clean up this post. This mod makes all the students younger (15-17) and rewrites some dialogue to fit with this change...
  5. SayWhatProductions

    My 'Happy' Family. . . Demo

    Hello! My name is SayWhatProductions! https://subscribestar.adult/saywhatprodutions 3 years ago I tried making a game called "Daily Life: Blacked" But ended up scrapping the project because it nearly destroyed my laptop. This time, I'm back with a game called "My Happy Family..." AND the demo...
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