1. Kronus!!

    Best Ntr games

    Leave your lists of the best NTR games! This is mine: 1- Shadows of Desire (ShamaNtr) 2- Little Brat Dara (Bottom all the way) - Abandoned 3- Laura Lustful Secrets (Dark Anu) 4- Long Story Short (TTrickGames) 5- My Happy Family (SayWhatProductions)
  2. A

    NTR is more than just being cucked!

    I wish there were more options when reviewing games online. I see all of them with NTR warnings and I wish they would clarify, Netori or Netorare. I personally enjoy stealing or cheating behind someones back in a VN. As for Netorare, I would prefer Netorase or go full poly instead of being...
  3. Corellius

    the degradation of porn tags

    alternate thread title: a lurkers 4am drunk sleep deprived manifesto on why porn tags suck now, and not in the good way. i dont know if anyone else has noticed it, maybe im just going crazy, but porn tags like 10 years ago would help you find exactly what you were looking for but these days...
  4. SeveredRealms

    NTR is not a dream, its a nightmare. Just say NO to NTR!

    This is a thread for all NTR discussion. Please note if you are a fan of the genre that's fine but do not come into the thread and troll people or start arguments. Bashing of other members for or against NTR will not be tolerated. Talking about a game or dev is fine as long as you are not...
  5. Lorddacen

    Mom NTR games

    Anyone know of any good mom ntr games, as an example Hitomi's sick pleasure, usually involves a bully being disuaded by the mom but not always and doesnt always have an incestous relationship but sometimes does. Also any with the mom sissifying her son would be great!!
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