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  1. milkorus

    Recommend me some lesbian incest games, preferably sister on sister, but i will take anything.

    It's really hard to find lesbian incest games, especially sister on sister ones, so please if you know some please recommend. Edit: I forgot to add, female protagonist please.
  2. Kentha

    Brother/Big Sister games?

    Anyone can recomend some incest with with big sister, like milfy city
  3. Tomo21

    Game's with Rape+Impregnation

    I'm looking for good recommendations for games that have a great focus on rape as well as impregnation I'm fine with both male and female protags
  4. Viemme

    Do you have any anime recommendations lately?

    Do you have any anime recommendations lately?
  5. V

    Need help finding a exploration/survival RPG-like game.

    Hi everyone, just need some help. I found it here on LC but i can't remeber it's name. You play as a female explorer, it starts on a sewer. You fight creatures (not turn based), get resources, craft things, level up, almost like a normal exploration and survival game, really well made. The...
  6. Unknownadd

    What POV do you prefer in a game?

    Another game design poll! What point of view do you enjoy more in a game? What role does that character have in the game? MP/MD - You play as a male protagonist and you are the initiator of events with female characters MP/FD - You play as a male protagonist and you are the recipient of events...
  7. MarlowSI

    Which character or parody would you most like to see in a porn game?

    Personally, the characters that I love to find in porn games are Ellie (last of us) and Arya from Game of Throne. Besides, I recommend the game Whores of Throne if you haven't played it yet. It's gold!
  8. CrimsonFox526

    Best Female MC games with lesbian routes

    Whats the best Female MC games with lesbian routes. No forced Futa content though.
  9. JaceFaux

    Female Protagonist Corruption Games

    I have played a handful, but I'm interested to know if anyone knows of some good quality corruption games where a female protagonist starts somewhat innocent/reserved and is corrupted into become more sexually active and daring, bonus points for exhibitionism.
  10. Death Angel Studio

    "Band of Tragedy" Update Log

    So yea i have been working on a game since yesterday and i should almost have the entire prologue finished and i am currently rendering 2 different views for the banner of the game. Also yes the game will be called "band of tragedy" which will make a lot of sense if and when it comes out šŸ˜‚ but...
  11. rambool

    Games like Curse of Pleasure, but shotas only?

    Or basically reversed PF/Guardian - a woman and some totally 18yearsold small guys that just go to elementary school for no reason. I like that part in tCoP, but there is too much elderly, ugly bastards and greenhaired thugs for my taste. Is such games exist? Suggestions?
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