1. Kronus!!

    Best Ntr games

    Leave your lists of the best NTR games! This is mine: 1- Shadows of Desire (ShamaNtr) 2- Little Brat Dara (Bottom all the way) - Abandoned 3- Laura Lustful Secrets (Dark Anu) 4- Long Story Short (TTrickGames) 5- My Happy Family (SayWhatProductions)
  2. Gotenga

    I found a way to enjoy NTR even though I actually dislike NTR.

    I figured out a way to not only tolerate NTR games but to downright enjoy the fuck out of them. I just pretend I"m the one doing the cucking in the VN! Even when the entire VN is written 1st person cuck version, I just see it as the guy who's girl I just stole complaining. To me NTR's are...
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