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Adult open-world survival with a sex defeat system. Combat horny monsters, Craft and upgrade your gear, unlock pet monsters, and upgrade them for more sex animations.

3D Game, 3DCG, Animated, Bestiality, Big Ass, Big Tits, Character Creation, Combat, Creampie, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Male Domination, Monster, Pregnancy, Rape, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.


falling through the map should now teleport you back to start of map. Preferably you shouldn’t be able to fall through the world, but shit happens torches
codex input mapping under inputs menu
ability to change building height (shift + scroll)
added black birds circling overhead of most points of interests (dungeon entrances, camps etc)
All trees will procedurally spawn a stump when cut and will spawn logs when falling to the ground. Also added effect for tree trunk shrinking when cut as well as tree falling.
added some more coal to palces missing it
stun as a status effect
power attacks that will stun enemies but cost stamina (attack + ctrl)
dash attack will stun enemies in its path
2 troll animations that for some reason wasnt added before
Quest descriptions for each stage of quests
ability to spawn specific item in cheat menu
Actor count in cheat menu, this is for debugging purposes, it counts all actors across the map and displays the count goats

Removed stamina cost of normal weapon attacks
Interaction text to be in the middle of the screen
reduced size of some text widgets
increased out of combat stamina regen
nightly spawns should no longer appear near buildings
hid pubic hair options in menu as they don’t currently work
replaced all ruins with new meshes and made them much bigger (and added a new one as well)
replaced graycott village with a much larger and more detailed village
replaced stonhelm castle with a much larger and more detailed castle
disabled several unused plugins
changed so that the mouse should always be locked to viewport, even after alt tabbing
replaced the model of coal ore and the item description
increased respawn duration all ores
increased size of iron ore
increased time before cooked food spoils (from 15 to 30min for standard tier and to 45min for high tier foor)
added a delay between an item drops and before it is auto picked up
removed mallet from crafting list as its not used for anything currently
changed the model of branches to make them easier to spot
changed the model for wheat
Reworked UI design across the game
Journal and codex are now in the same UI, also changed the look of how quests are tracked
naming the character will now prompt you before starting a new game, to prevent players missing it
enemies with weapons will have the weapons hidden during scenes
changed face light to be rectangular for better eye reflections
changed default keys for dodge, jump and toggle walk (jump = space, dodge = alt, walk = f)
tweaked jumping to feel better overall and made jump height higher
quests will now look if item already exist in inventory as well as if its being added when checking for collection/crafting/giving birth
made limbs harder to cut off enemies and made feet cuttable before death
tweaked AI to be better at detecting the player and not getting random blackouts mid fight
Changed AI flocking behaviour to only affect certain AI,s the others will instead have a home location they go back to
location of character presets, this means some presets will be added by default to all installs. To move your old presets, copy them from %LocalAppData%\UnrealEngine\5.3\Saved to you game folder\WickedIslandFull\Windows\WickedIsland
Renamed weregoat baby to satyr
horse is now summoned by a warhorn (item) rather than a key
Changed horse model and mount system completely to be more fluid in movement and nicer to control
Disabled enemies/POIs on compass/map until i get it sorted properly
removed skillpoint gain from discovering landmarks until load/save of them can be fixed

Unable to eat cooked meat
Can now repair bows
unable to build after closing build menu using the close button instead of right mouse button
You should no longer be able to randomly end up on top of dungeons after scenes
load button sometimes now spawning in main menu even when a save game exists
NPCs walking away during dialogue (RUDE!)
unable to sleep unless jumping
building inside houses should no longer be counted as unstable and break placed object, same goes for cliffs
cancelling sleep blocking inputs
trees turning completely invisible at large distances
presets now work properly without having to spam to add morphs (randomly, thanks unreal, i guess..)
enemies/npcs sometimes not spawning correctly after level transitions
blacksmith dialogue not continuing (this prevented initiating trade, which should now work as well)
name of mayors quest missing
fixed tattoo intensity to default to higher, making tattoos more visible, also increased max intensity
items should be refunded when placing a building that instantly breaks
Isabell quest should now be able to turn in
rabbit and pig ragdoll
item auto pickup covering entire map when loading a game
some followers/pets not following the player (werewolf/werebear/nightmare/drake/minotaur should now follow player)
being able to sit while swimming
Minotaur offspring
Mount point dragon
build placed sound now playing where building placed, not in a distant galaxy

refactored code running on tick to running event based in multiple places
enabled nanite on more meshes
tweaked grass for better performance
optimized sky for medium or lower settings, should add some performance boost
removed several unoptimized prop meshes that could tank performance for non-nanite systems
optimized a few shaders to be more performant
optimized some code for the dragon to make it run in a separate thread



Follower UI (u button to open) that tracks every one that you have as a follower. You can drag them from the ui into the world to put them in that location. This does not mean all of them will be following you, this is just an overview of your current “flock”. This will be used more in the future for other systems.
Slaves freed in dungeons will be available for you to spawn from the follower UI when in the open world, allowing you to bring them out of the dungeons.
Stranger wandering around the island that might randomly appear in a few different areas
Several NPC’s to village, dialogue/personalities will be added in the future
enemy dismemberment
Enemies spawned during night will disappear come morning
bronze axe/pickaxe
outline to notify texts for better visibility
greatswords as craftables as well as legendary armor
New enemy AI system built from the ground up. Converting over all the AI will take some time and be done gradually. New system uses calculation to take the best action based on context. Will use jump attacks, block, dodge, chase, investigate, flee. Also calculates sleep/hunger/social/sex need and when out of combat will take actions based on these, as well as walk up to points of interest to interact with them. The simulation part needs to be expanded and will be limited at first. Also has behaviour to stick together in groups when multiple of the same type of ai is close to each other.
water interaction
some ambient sounds in confier forest

Overhauled how stamina works to make it more vital and decisions surrounding it more meaningful, as an effort to make combat more decision based. It wont go up with level, nor will it be as easy to buff up.
Attributes (endurance/determination) no longer increase stamina and stamina regen
Rebalanced all status effects that affects stamina to have a lesser effect (both buffs and debuffs)
Slaves and female NPC’s will now maintain the same customizations across loading/saving
Slaves and female NPC’s random appearances will now include random hair, haircolor, skin color and makeup
reduced the size of the main island to make each area more unique and making it feel less empty, this will be ongoing work to populate the map more
Repair kits will now repair 100%
Removed Futa option from menu as well as in game as they need a rework if they should be brought back
Fisherman appearance upgraded
bread now also bakeble in cauldron
tweaked cauldron fire look and made it so its only active while crafting
daytime is now 15minutes, night time 5 minutes
Reworked the code for applying damage, added a friendly fire check for some AI enemies, tweaked hitstop effect, enemies can now also apply bleeding/stagger
Changed blocking into parrying (right mouse button), which is limited to a very short time frame but will break the enemies attack and stagger them if successful
Dialogue UI to match rest of other UI in style
Tweaked (increased) energy use of several actions
increased sprint speed from 600 to 800
changed dash into a dash attack
tweaked damage/durability values of all axe/pickaxes
tweaked some dialog replies to use short form when selecting to prevent ui issues, full reply will be shown after selecting item
Background music should now change according to day or night time
reordered workbench crafting items to make it easier to find stuff
player will now gain exp from crafting even when not at crafting station
increased animation speed of mining and wood cutting
autosaves will now save with a time suffix, also fixed auto saves not working
changed icon for spoiled food and dragon scales
reduced drop rate for collectibles/ore
text of sex journal
tweaked hit reactions to look less borked
tweaked physics assets of all enemies to work better for ragdoll/hit reactions
removed fog of war from map
Changed AI to anew AI system for several enemies (RIP kung fu werewolf!)
Enemies changed: Werewolf, werebear, Deer, Stag, nightmare (even scarier now!), boar, drake, vampire, minotaur
Changed mesh of boars
changed mesh of bears
Drakes will breath fire on you
new water system at lake
made caves brighter
added minotaurs guarding all cave entrances
increased dragon max flight speed
increased horse max speed
required resources when building will show red if requirements not met
disabled automatic penetration detection as it is not ready yet

Sitting no longer bugs out attacking
Bed not acting as respawn point
Mouse cursor not visible when sleep dialogue appeared
Toggle clothes button not working in main menu
ocean sounds respecting audio settings
potentially fixed baby items falling through the world
Sky/weather not loading properly on level transitions resulting in permanent night time
green dragon not mountable through dialogue
slaves not starting dialogue
Vampires spawning as cubes in caves after loading a save
spawns not being disabled when close to buildings (foundations)
Some foods not giving correct buffs
removed all metal robot characters from the map
Auto pickup after killing enemies autopickup now works
hp widget no longer shows when mounted
male wildling armor without texture
censor boxes scaling and being applied properly to all creatures
mounting horse should work better
Vampires should work this time around and not be werewolves.
Shadows “skipping” during sunset/sunrise
game locking when pressing start in main menu
Auto targeting now works again
unsummoning horse while mounted no longer possible to prevent bugging out the game
Fixed multiple enemy kill exp being incorrect
“Enemies approach” text appearing even when none where spawned
An issue where building piece locations would be offset at a distance on older GPU’s
Fixed snapping on some crafting stations that was off
Items dropped at death being capped at 15 items
Minor adjustment on cloth loincloth
rotten food no longer turns into spoiled meat after a while
potions will no longer decompose over time
dealing damage twice of first hit on trees/mines
babies never spawned after birth
quick saving not working
ragdolls only simulating half the body
collisions in steneby
lods of locked chests and tent that was sunken into the ground
vampires in caves are no longer small boxes running around on the floor
riding anim on dragon
spawning dragon from console will now spawn the correct character
music not playing properly
constantly being counted as in combat (preventing saving in some isntances)
horse tooltip staying after dismounting
fixed tattoos not working as well as not being saved across save/loads
fixed multiple hairstyles to have the same material

Further tweaked some underbrush shadow performance
Tweaked max distance lights are visible to increase performance
Optimized some texture sizes
Added LOD’s for many items lacking them as well as adding more LODS for existing models for better performance
Enabled nanite on lots of meshes lacking it
optimized landscape texture
consolidated and removed multiple spawnpoints
optimized some code to not run on tick
optimized UI performance to not calculate hidden widgets


Sound when placing/destroying building piece
A new drake quest given by Isabell
Aeron the mage, a new NPC found wandering the island
A bunch of props around fisherman house
Added a prompt before sleeping to prevent accidental sleep
Tooltips for multiple graphic setting options to explain what they do
Added back tent, interact to sleep safely wherever it is placed
Penis collisions for all monsters, this should make the penetration simulations run for all enemies
alluring staff, a staff that allows initiating sex with any actor simply by shooting at it with the staff, given as a reward for Isabells drake quest
names and descriptions to quests
Input mapping for console widget
Completely reworked Isabells dialogue lines
Changed the reward for Isabells werewolf quest
Updated fonts and tweaked the dialogue UI (it was reset to defaults on a recent update)
Changed position of tutorial hints to top middle of screen
removed prompt window after saving
Random enemy spawns during night will now be much fewer in numbers than ambushes when sleeping
Nightly ambushes will now happen less often
Changed NavMesh generation to be dynamic, potentially fixing things such as enemies spawning under buildings. This needs to be tested further as i disabled this due to performance issues earlier.
Tweaked multiple options in graphics settings to work better and be set based on current setting
Updated description of pregnancy duration multipler in settings to avoid confusion
Replaced and added several loading screen images
Bed can now set spawn point again
Levelling up now grants 1 skill point rather than 2
Changed icon for grilled fish
Quick saving (f5) will now save to a save slot called quick save instead of existing save. It will also display a text inform game has been saved
Console commands and widget now works properly
Replaced the water of the ocean, removed the options to switch between low and high quality ocean.
rested buffs are now percentage based
updated multiple status effects with different values and fixed some bugged ones that did nothing
changed some fonts and colors in dialogue/journal UI
changed default unstuck button as it used the same default key as codex
Added a check if partner is female, to prevent wildling females to impregnate player
Spawned enemies (through ambush or using cheats) will have a minimum distance from player when spawning
Changed location of text notifications
tweaked campfire to not go above ground as much
changed torch fire particle effect
doubled burn time from 60 to 120s per piece of wood in torches
removed some input mappings for stuff no longer in use
Fisherman quest should work again
Finally fixed player name (for the last time?)
Wereboar summon item not getting consumed on use
Chairs falling through floor
Ceilings not sheltering player properly
DLSS settings not being applied properly, should give a lot more performance on Nvidia cards when enabled
Continued pregnancy after birth issue
Weather sounds should respect sounds settings properly
Fixed incorrect name of some items
Flat ass during sex syndrome the player sometimes suffered from
Several dialogues that didn’t work after a plugin update
an issue where hp regen from sitting stayed after standing up
Some foliage disappearing when close to player
Unable to spawn wildlings from cheat menu
Unable to initiate dialogue with wildlings
Wildlings unable to have sex scenes triggered
black screen not covering entire screen
NPC’s can no longer walk away when talking to player
Quests should now load properly on level changes (in other words Isabells quests should now be possible to finish, all 3 of them)
Character randomly rotating in creation menu after rotating


27 new morphs, mainly for face shaping
Character Customization preset saving/loading to json files, values can be tweaked in files easily as well
Lipstick color and opacity sliders
3 new eye colors
Pubic hair options
1 New skin texture
Grass/foliage interaction for player and npc’s
Automatic resolution scaling option under graphical settings
New water material (not the one posted earlier, it was too heavy on performance )
Added Wolf pets throughout the full map, they can be added as companions and will grow up and get stronger the longer they remain with the player, can be named
Added dragons that can be ridden after completing a quest for them, can also breath fire on enemies (OP as of now as they cant be damaged while flying)
Added more idle animations for all enemies
Added tattoo system
Added pickable rocks and branches
Grass will be hidden below player during scenes
added water interaction for lakes (not for ocean as of yet)
added censor option in settings, enables for posting to youtube/streaming
Added ink station as craftable object, used to add tattoos
Caves are now inhabited by a new enemy, vampires/bats!
Added wereboar enemies
Added tutorial messages based on what the player is doing
Temperature system depending on weather/location with corresponding debuffs
Added tutorial messages for rage, pregnancy, birth
World coordinates as an option to toggle (settings)
Masturbating close to enemies will now trigger sex scenes


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