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Sep 14, 2022
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1.9.1 Public(Ongoing)
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Nov 14, 2023
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Aug 8, 2022
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You play the prince of a small tribe of warriors that has recently gained great renown. Your father uses that renown to marry you into an alliance consisting of 10 city states. Each city sends one of their noble daughters to be your bride, but they all have their own agenda! Meet up with them at your own Academy and get to know the various pretty nobles. But be careful, your father warns you that one of these families is responsible for your mother's death!

3dcg, animated, bdsm, big tits, creampie, fantasy, group sex, handjob, harem, lesbian, male protagonist, masturbation, mobile game, oral sex, prostitution, sex toys, slave, titfuck, transformation, vaginal sex, virgin
1. Extract and run.
v1.9.1 Bug Patch
For 1.9.1 We have minor bug fixes like images being out of position or certain text not looking right. But also, there were some major bugs that were keeping progress from happening or making them appear out of order.

[x] Fixed many typos in 1.9.1
[x] Fixed a bug making it impossible to see some minor Juna scenes
[x] Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to normal travel to Priscilla's scenes
[x] Added a new feature in the Brothel to 'refresh' the rooms
(So you don't have to travel back to your room to continuously revisit brothel members.)
[x] Added logs for Juna AND her servants
[x] Added a book to the library

v1.9.0 Content
[x] Marion Twins' story
- Room scenes
- Romance scene
- 20 Story events
[x] Mystery Character scene
[x] Servants
Story events involving Ezra, Tima, Josie and Fir
[x] Priscilla story
- 6 Story events

v1.8.0 Content
Featana's story
Room scenes
Romance scene
22 Story events
Prisha scene
(From your room after Isha's storyline)
Rhea/Magna scene
(Resulting from Featana's storyline)
Luce/Joy scene
(Resulting from Featana's storyline)

New books in the Library

Fixed Bugs
Fixed an issue that prevented one of Tima's scenes from being seen
Fixed an issue where Juna would show up when she shouldn't
Fixed an issue when Josie would be two places at once
Adjusted Leona events to occur after Scarlet's
Fixed some issues with Juna's character logs breaking or appearing blank

Known issues that persist
The gallery sometimes crashes people's games outright
The plan is to remove the gallery entirely in favor of a much smaller selection of images while keeping the replay system as a substitute.
Priscilla's main path does not always properly converge.
Investigations of this one haven't turned up much of a solution yet. I'm sure I'm missing something small, but I will have this fixed in the next update if I can't solve it by 1.8.1
Tima's character log is broken
I will fix this one when I work on more Tima content in the next update
1.7.2 Fixes

Fixed a bug where Judy incorrectly looped an older scene
"Is there a virus on the android port?"

There is no virus in the Android Port. It is a false positive, there is nothing there. We've run the port through multiple checks, and they don't turn anything up.

"When is the next update?"
I cannot promise, but typically about every 3 months I will release an update

"Why do updates take so long?"
I work full time. My full time job has me working half the days I am available, so when I ask for 3 months, I'm really asking for 45 days to shoot 20+ scenes for a storyline. Ignoring my personal life, it's a break neck pace.

"Is there NTR?"
No, and there never will be.

"Is there pregnancy?"
Not in this chapter. That's planned for much further out.

- - - - -

Mac - - - - -

Android - - - - -

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Aug 18, 2022
The game started good but that didn't last.

Bad things about the game.
- MC is the third wheel in a lesbian relationship (Rhea & Joy)
- easy missable content
- brothel storyline was stupid (I actually stopped playing when it started)
- some of the girls' storylines were bad because you lose content and losing content in a harem game is a no go
- Isha is not the candidate thing, what can I say it was stupid
- a typical harem game mistake with the huge cast of girls


Jul 21, 2022
Could anyone share me the latest save file please? Lost it during some data handling stuff.


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Jul 15, 2023
v1.9.1 compressed
Win / Linux:
- - -
Mac: - - -

Using 60 for image quality at slow speed
Lossy Compression
Using YUV Sharp
SNR set at 50
Using Medium Quality for 71 Audio files
Using Medium Quality for Videos
Initial size:
4277290324 Bytes
Processed Size:
1782 Megabytes

Almost 26.000 images in this game... WTF...

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