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Jun 18, 2022
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Sep 5, 2020
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In this small community, things are not quite what you might expect.

Our protagonist is an imperfect young man who grew up as the target of bullying, a real nobody with a literal bag over his head. As much as he can’t help what he looks like, he also can’t help but be empathetic to those around him. Players are challenged to look beneath the surface and explore the depth of rich storytelling within.

After a series of tragic circumstances, his life will change completely! He will be given the chance to rise from his outcast origins to become either the biggest pimp the world has ever seen... or overcome his primal urges to stand up against an organization that has become the world's worst bully, all while seducing, romancing, and exploring the residents of his home town.

Will you choose to be an enslaver or a noble saviour of the world? Or will you blow it all up and lose everything? Will you discipline and corrupt those you meet? Or will you show compassion and love, perhaps leading to romance and fatherhood?

The choice is yours...​

Thread Updated: 2022-08-21
Release Date: 2022-08-21
Developer: Jamleng Games - -
Censored: No
Version: 0.11.1
Length: 7-14 hrs
OS: Windows, Linux , Mac, Android
Language: English
3dgame, 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, anal sex, animated, BDSM (optional), big ass, big tits, blackmail, bukkake, corruption, creampie, drugs, exhibitionism, female domination, futa/trans (optional), handjob, harem, humiliation, humor, comedy, incest (optional), interracial, impregnation, lactation, lesbian, loli, milf, male domination, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, mind control, mind break, mobile game, multiple endings, multiple penetrations (optional), NTR (optional), oral sex, parody, POV, pregnancy, prostitution, religion, romance, sandbox, sex toys, slave, sleep sex, spanking, stripping, teasing, trainer, urination (optional), vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism.

1. Extract and run.

- 3010+ new images
- 445+ new animations
- 55+ new events
- Another 300+ pages worth of dialogue. (Again, a whole damn novel)
- New locations: The Library, Natalie's room, Matilda's house and more depending on your choices.
- 14 new songs, 12 new sound effects.
- More repeatable naughty events.
- Plus loads of quality improvements/minor changes, which you will definitely notice.
- There are now a bunch more training events.
- By popular demand, we made it so that when characters are thinking, it's a lot more clear.
- The MC has a new room in the prologue.
- More replayable naughty encounters.
- Inconsistency changes.
- Journal was made a bit more clear.
- Typo fixes.

Bug fixes:
Lots of them. (More information can be found on Subscribestar)

Lewd Town Adventures 0.10
- 4100+ images/animations
- 2650+ new images
- 250+ new animations
- 1200+ images/animations remade
- 40+ new events added
- 70k+ words added (Equal to a full book)
- New side characters
- More sound effects, new songs
- Typo fixes thanks to Jaredh72
*The total size of this update alone was: 6GB. It's been compressed for everyone's convenience.

QOL changes:
- Improved the journal by making the hint system way more clear.
- You can now navigate through the journal using your keyboard.
- The gallery is now accessible from the computer.
- Made certain events easier to trigger.
- Fixed certain out-of-order events.
- Money/Day are now shown on the map as well.
- An "End Replay" button has been added when playing scenes from the gallery.
- You can now rename the save/load file pages to organize your saves.
+ some other small stuff.

Bug fixes/minor changes:
*Lots of them.

Lewd Town Adventures 0.9.2:
- Added one new event.
- The Christmas events have been removed, Santa will be back next December.
- Improved the hints in the journal so people get stuck less often.
- Fixed two inconsistencies.
The Major update will be ready in two months.

Bug fixes:

Small stuff.
Here are the patch notes:
- Christmas came to Lewd Town so the game is a bit more Christmas-sy.
- Two new events have been added. (200 images)

One can be triggered in the living room after day 30, the other one can be triggered after day 70 by visiting the bar.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a few dark/good paths that could trigger on the wrong path, especially when mixing.
- Fixed a bug where the player could enter one of the prologue rooms during the night.
- Fixed a bug where Mia can be found in her room masturbating during the night in the early game.
- Fixed a missing animation in the cathedral.
- Fixed a bunch of other small stuff.
Lewd Town Adventures Update Notes:

+1700 new images for new content.
+200 images remade from scratch for earlier scenes.
+100 new animations for new content.
+125 animations redone for earlier scenes.
+7000 lines of dialog (another book) got added.
40+ new events are available.
+ 4 new Subscriber-exclusive scenes.
New sound effects and music added throughout the game.
A new GUI implemented in the game and a new look for the MC computer.
A new font for dialog.
A new game intro.
3 new characters.
You can now finally buy your own place.
Every line of dialog reviewed and corrected. (Thanks to Jaredh72)

And much more…

Bug fixes:
One big bug was found involving two events sharing the same code.
Lots of small improvements/changes/fixes.
• Made the quest log a tad clearer.
• Some code changes.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed the good path save file.
• Fixed a crash in the lobby while meeting Shelly.
• Fixed getting teleported while talking to the barman.
• Fixed a missing image.
• Other small stuff.

v0.8 public release: 2021-07-14
Lewd Town Adventures Update Notes:
• 1000+ renders
• 60+ animations
• Another small novel added.
• 27-30 events of which 2 are big, 20+ medium-sized, and a bunch of smaller ones.
• All good dark/good paths got an update, the nuns, Hilda, Nani, Roxy, and a lot more stuff which can be found on the subscribestar page.
• New: Decide your own destiny by forming either a harem or becoming a pimp by completing the main quest.
• Lots of small things like making the journal clearer, replacing hundreds of images, photoshop, changing and swapping things around, and a ton of other improvements.
• A bunch of awesome new songs added.
• Two new cheat codes for subscribers only. Sorry, we've got to make a living too.

Bug fixes:
• Only a few typos in ten thousands of lines of dialogue.
• A crash with Chloe's laboratory scene.
• An event loop in the cafeteria if you ignored Chad. (Only happened to heartless players.)
• A lot more but I forgot but most of them were small fixes that you probably didn't notice.

v0.7 public release: 2021-05-13
First of all a big thanks to XoMo for helping out a lot in the latest update!
• 1300 new images of which 200 are used for quality improvements which can be read below.
• 100ish new animations.
• +25ish mostly big events for the following characters:

Emily, Nina, Sarah, Sophie, Lilly, Stella, Mia, Chad, Lisa, Stacy, Tanya, Elsa, The Mayor, The teacher and some extra stuff.

• New: Ramoray's laboratory which holds some dark secrets. The biggest event in the game yet with multiple locations.
• Dialogue wise a novel got added + a couple of thousand lines of code.
• Five New locations: Hospital ward, Sarah's dungeon, Ramoray's laboratory which is split into 3 locations.
• Added 15 new side characters.
• A new world map.
• The quest log is improved.
• New logos/new main menu.
• 35ish location icons remade.
• It's easier to trigger certain events now.
• Improved the computer slightly.
• Improved the gallery, especially for android players.
• Incest patches are no longer required and can be activated through "cheats" or by starting a new game.
• Added a bunch of new songs.
• Fixed a bunch of typos

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed a bug where Elsa's cafeteria event sometimes didn't trigger.
• Fixed a bug where certain events only triggered in the evening.
• After talking to Hilda in the prologue you will no longer end up in the toilet.
• Money now properly substracts in a few events.
• The timer now works correctly when sleeping with Rose.
• Mary won't say anything about becoming a priest anymore when you became priest already.
• The hookers can't be met anymore during the nighttime, there's a new event to be found there instead.
• A small naughty scene with Rose will only play after you've had sex with her once.
• A certain Sarah event will now only trigger after meeting her once.
• Tanya's blowjob event has been changed in the journal to day 24.
• Fixed a bug with a hooker sending you to the wrong place. Also updated their images.
• And about a hundred more.

v0.6 public release: 2021-02-14
• 250 new images
• 50 new animations
• 20ish new events
• Major dialogue overhaul thanks to Xo Mo. This also helped make certain things a bit more logical.
• *Note on events, 6 main story events. "15+ small events" which can be found by exploration and interacting with the characters that have been implemented to make Lewd Town feel a bit more alive. This also includes hundreds of new lines of dialogue of which some are random or change after certain events. This is still a work in progress.*
• A professional writer/editor/proofreader/legend that goes by the name of Xo Mo went over ALL of the dialogue, it's a huge improvement with tons of edits/added dialogue and more. This also allowed to make certain things a bit more sense. He'll be joining the team. So I don't have to do everything on my own anymore.
• Added a bunch of new characters/altered versions.
• You can now sleep whenever you want. (sort of like a time skip.)
• You can now apply for a name change on the computer.
• New interface icons are added.
• Changed quite a few images/animations for better quality, night scenes in the university, toilet scenes, some house renovations, and more.
• Updated banner.

Bug fixes:
• Some of these were already shadow patched:
• The last 3 events of the previous version were not accessible for some players.
• Replaying Rose's scenes now truly work properly.
• Fixed a quest log hint that wouldn't update after the event got completed. Confusing players.
• An error whenever the police talked in a certain scene has been fixed.
• There were 3 events that could mess up the day cycle, Fixed.
• Mia's classroom naughty encounter now shows the correct images/animations.
• Pamela called the player by the wrong name in one case.
• There were 8 missing images, they have all been re-added.
• Improved a bunch of other images, that were a bit too much photoshopped.
• Sophia's house is now always accessible and won't tell you to find a place to rest in the middle of the day.
• Day-counter now works better.
• You can't sleep with Rose anymore if you didn't meet her yet.
• Early access to Lilly's event is not possible anymore.
• And many others but this list would get too long if would write all of them down.

v0.5 public release: 2021-01-11
• 700ish new images - 150ish removed
• 50+ new animations
• 12 new events for a total of over 150
• Emily/Sophia/Stella/Lilly/Pamela/Nina/Mia/quite a few at the university linked to the main quest.
• 5000+ lines of code

• A much-requested gallery is added - It turned out pretty damn cool.
• Revamped the quest log - It's way better than it used to be.
• You can access the quest log/map from anywhere now.
• There's a new button on the map for fast traveling to your room.
• The interface got a remake (menu's/buttons/exit screen etc.)
• A 15 or so events have been remade for better quality.
• The computer got updated and has a new homework movie added.
• The MC is a bit more masculine now from this update onwards.
• Event order/triggers in the prologue have been changed slightly.
• Added a small tutorial/explanation to clarify some things.
• Some changes for android users.
• More grammar fixes.
• Christmas extra's have been removed and will be back this coming December.

Bug fixes:
• A cool event with Pamela and her restaurant wasn't in the journal, many people missed it.
• When skipping the prologue, the day counter will work properly now.
• The glimpse of a ghost when you first enter the mansion lobby is no more.
• Changed the sequence of some earlier events to make more sense to the story.
• A hidden ending has been slightly edited so it doesn't contain a spoiler.
• There were two replay scenes that gave an error and are fixed now as well.
• Made a few choices a tad more clear.
• Beach girl Nani doesn't offer replayable naughty scenes anymore after buying a drink when you barely knew her.
• And more small bug fixes including the bugs from the early release.

Cheers everyone for your support and I hope you'll notice the difference and enjoy this update!
Please let me know if there are bugs or if you notice something else weird. Feel free to join Discord channel.

v0.4 public release: 2020-12-03
• 600+ new images
• 40+ new animations
• 25 new events
• Most characters have gotten at least one extra event.

• One new Mia event
• Two new principal events
• Three new Nani events
• Three new Hilda events
• One new Felicia event
• One new stripper/Sophia's dad event
• One new Rose events
• One new Sarah event for each route
• One new Nina event
• Two new Pamela events
• Two solo events for the main character
• One new Sophia/Lilly event with different routes
• One new classroom event
• One Mansion event
• A couple more but don't really remember, quite a few intertwine with each other.
• Some mini-events.
• The game is now more Christmas-sy and has an extra Christmas event included.
• The event can be found in your old home after day 20.
• Five new side characters.
• Four new locations, Two in the city which will unlock after completing certain events.
• One on the beach and one in the mansion.
• Remade the school's teacher lounge including an event that was there. It looks a lot better.
• Remade the school's classroom including an event with Elsa that was there.
• There are now two new character paths introduced on how you want to continue your relationship with them. Comparable to slave/love routes.
• There are two new hidden endings that won't affect the game as of yet.
• Part two of the dialogues have been fixed thanks to Mai Harashi. Think of writing mistakes, dots, commas, and all that stuff.
• The start of the game has been changed a bit.
• Prologue is now skippable for people that quit the game early because of how the main character starts off.
• Changed the description of the game a bit on multiple websites so it's more clear what players can expect.
• Swapped some music around, got rid of a few songs, and added about 12 more songs.

Bug fixes:
Nothing serious, a lot of minor stuff that I noticed but players probably didn't.
Oh and another important one: I made a fuckup on the android version that had to do with a big black text box / bad main menu which made this game more of a book than a visual novel. I fixed that as soon as I could and reuploaded it on different websites.

• 455 new renders
• 55 new animations
• 18 new events (Total, 113)
• Added thousands of lines of dialogue/code.
• This update easily adds another hour of gameplay which means the total game time should now at least be between 5 and 9 hours.
• Thanks to Mai Harashi for being my proofreader. At least 2020+ grammar/typos /errors are fixed. Next update will include more.
• Improved the quality of the images a bit. Let me know if you see something weird.
• Increased the amount of money you make by working by 25%.
• Changed the event triggers a little bit. Game should be done now by about day 45-50?
• Android version included.

• School entrance button does not crash the game anymore.
• There were events that could mess up the day cycle which is fixed.
• There was an event that could be triggered too soon which made no sense to the story.
• Some events triggered in succession which should be fixed now as well.
• Lots of other stuff but not really worth mentioning.

I was not was not able to find any bugs or errors.
I would love your feedback. Also, please report any bugs or typos that you may find either by discord, forum or fax.

Hope you guys will enjoy this update. Cheers!

• Game name changed from Hooker Town Adventures to Lewd Town Adventures.
• Added a pretty cool(?) Quest Tracker which is available after the prologue.
• 500+ renders.
• 80+ animations.
• 35+ new events
• Total game time should be over 3 hours now?
• Added 3 new characters for a total of 30+ but there are 24 or so accessible.
• Added 1 new location for a total of 29+.
• Changed the interface/menu's/banners.
• Vastly reduced the size of the game, there is a small loss in quality but nothing major.
(2.4g to > 812ish mb, fully compressed: 245mb. Fun fact: 800mb was the size of this update alone.) I doubt anyone will really notice the difference but if there are complaints I can always upload the full version.
• Added thousands of lines of dialogue/code.
• Improved the mild/wild system for a more friendly or hardcore experience.
• Rewrote a part of the story.
• Recoded event triggers for a better experience. (This probably needs more tweaking but -from a player experience, I have no idea.)
• Replaced and deleted one scene for a girl that took quite a bit of heat.
• This same girl had a remake and starts of way more mellow.
• Removed the harem tag for now but added others (You will eventually end up in some sort -of harem but this game takes a vastly different approach.)
• Remade the the nurse event in the prologue so it's up to par with the quality of the rest of the game.
• Certain scenes are now repeatable.
• Mobile version available. (Only tested on an emulator so be wary. Feedback would be very much appreciated.)
• Lots of other things that are not really worth mentioning.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed Discord I put a dead link in the game before, join my channel if you like:)
• Fixed my Patreon.
• Fixed a bug where the nun's would not recognize you after a certain event.
• Fixed a bug where talking to Felicia could give an error screen.
• Fixed a bug where you got the wrong amount of money after training a girl.
• Fixed two-three events that shared the same code. Really sorry, this could mess up your -experience A LOT.
• Fixed many typos but I'm probably still missing many others.
• Fixed plenty of more stuff but not really worth mentioning.

I've played through version 0.2 about 20 times. As of now I was not able to find any bugs or errors.
I would love your feedback. Also, please report any bugs or typos that you may find either by discord, forum or fax.

Hope you guys will enjoy this update. Cheers!

Initial Release with about 2 hours of content.

Developer Notes:
NTR is very easily avoidable.

This is a work in progress we're putting a ton of work in. We're trying our very best to make the game as good as possible. In fact, within two years this game has become one of the biggest adult games out there.

As of Lewd Town Adventures version 0.6 - Xo Mo has joined the team, so I will no longer be working on this game alone. Mostly because I wish to have a life aside from making games, it really takes up a lot of time and effort to create a project like this. So expect even more cool stuff coming up in the next versions!

Choices do impact the outcome of the story over time.
For vanilla players, you will be challenged by some aspects of this story.
If you stick with it, the game does have romance and engaging characters.
The main focus of Lewd Town Adventures is corruption. There is humor, heart, and hardcore fun to be discovered around every corner. This sandbox environment will open up slowly as you interact with the NPC occupants of your home, the town, and eventually the international community...

If you have any ideas, feedback, questions, found a bug, want to stay updated, or just want to hang out:
Thank you very much for your time. I truly hope you will enjoy the game.

This game is pretty big, if you experience lag try the following:
Press Shift + G in the game. Change the renderer to any other option, you might have a OpenGL or DirectX issue.

Cheat codes:
Greedisgood = 10k cash.
Whosyourdaddy-on = incest mode on.
Whosyourdaddy-off = incest mode off.

: - - -
Mac: - - -
Android: - - -

Extras(save files): -

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Jun 18, 2022
>> Click on the patch notes to find information. Click on the dev notes to find even more information. <<

This game is an underdog for whatever reason but just download and play the game. I personally think it's absolutely awesome and I can say this because I've spent thousands of hours creating this. XoMo joined a few versions ago and has enhanced the game even further. It has become one of the biggest adult games since it was released about 1.5 years ago with at least 1500 pages of dialogue in google word docs, 1650+ animations, 100+ soundtracks and easily reaching over 13500 images. There's basically no other dev or team that managed to do something like this as quickly as I/we have and it's definitely quality over quantity.

• Lewd Town has 10+ locations on the town map, each with multiple sub-locations... Have fun and make your own choices about where to go.

• A full playthrough includes over 360 events, 14+ hours of game-time, dozens of special hidden scenes, countless easter eggs, and multiple secret endings... Spend time and build relationships with as many girls as you can to experience everything.

• Fully uncensored lewd animated scenes — Enjoy hundreds of animations with 'mild' and 'wild' dialogue options which alter how characters talk and act. Some of the wildest may lead to extended moments with other characters.

• In your downtime, there are multiple side activities — Relax with a beer on the beach… Get some action in the city alleyway… Peep on girls at the university… Train chicks for money… Mess around on your computer… Replay lewd moments with multiple love interests… and so much more!

• Story-based character progression — Well-paced, entertaining storylines for each of the main characters and multiple side girls. Dialog-focused script with minimal narration, lots of inside jokes, and references that will make you laugh out loud or groan and shake your head. Foreshadowing, flashbacks, and surprise twists should be expected. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll feel more in Lewd Town than any other fictional land you’ve ever visited.

• Meticulous review of word use, spelling, and grammar from start to end. Perhaps one of the best-written visual novels in existence!

• Diverse character designs with distinct personalities — Uniquely designed main characters and side characters with different physiques (LOLI to MILF), cultures, and attitudes. 20+ love interests possible... Will you seduce them or corrupt them? Will they respond in kind or reject your advances? Will they be frigid or lewd? Will they ask for something more than just FWB?

• Main Story path choice — After 'a few months' of game-time, a major event will require players to decide: will you become the ultimate PIMP to corrupt and train the town's female population or be a HERO to seduce and love your own harem..? This choice significantly impacts several key events and how the MC personality changes over time, as well as whether or not certain lovers become mothers.

• Quality of life features — A scene replay Gallery, Quest Journal (a walkthrough of the main story points), morning/afternoon/evening/night system, public and subscriber-exclusive Cheat Codes, developers very active on Discord, 100+ songs, dozens of event-triggered sound-effects, NO GRINDING! (for stats or cash)… And much, much more...

• Clear choices for each major path decision. Dark choices may lead to NTR/Sharing, Good choices may lead to a harem with procreation...

Making games takes a ton of time and leaves barely any time for leisure. Please help the game grow by either leaving a review or supporting us on since we've already got banned from Patreon, lol. feel free to check out if you want updates on what we're working on or just want to hang out.


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