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UnRen v.0.12v4, UnRen v.0.13.v2+ UnRen Windowed


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Apr 23, 2022
VepsrP created this topic to simplify updating and maintaining the tool, so that people no longer have to search for the current version among the messages.
I am also ready to present a version of the tool with a graphical interface. Like the main tool, this version comes in two variants.

1. Copy UnRen.bat to game's root directory (where the exe is)
2. Double click on UnRen.bat to execute
3. Select the option you require
No dependencies, no internet connection required. You can right click->edit to see the source. Works on Windows 7, 8 and 10. XP and Vista users might need this PowerShell update from Microsoft:

1) In the top menu, select you want to work with many games or one (by default, many).
2) Click "Open the folder with Games".
2.1) If you choose to work with one game, go to the folder with the desired game (where the executable file is).
2.2) If you choose to work with many - Select the folder where all your folders with games are located.
3) All found games will be displayed in the list "Game folders".
3.1) Select the desired game from the list.
4) In the "Executable commands" section, select the required functionality.
5) Click the "Execute" button.
6) If decompilation could not cope with the code, try to enable deobfuscation in the "Decompiler Commands" section and repeat step 5.
7) If I work out all the commands correctly, then after closing the application all the settings will be saved, you will only need to select a game from the list (if "many").

Attention. UnRen v.0.12 and UnRen (windowed by Gideon)v.2+ works only with RenPy 7.4.7+
UnRen v.0.13 works only with RenPy 8+
UnRen v.0.11 for 7.4-
Windowed version requires python 3, PyQt5 and the skill to run files with the .py extension
VepsrP's mod supports only Windows, unfortunately there is no support for Linux and Mac.


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