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Trials in Tainted Space is a text game about exploring the universe, yourself, and its myriad inhabitants in fun and customizeable ways. Because the entire game is made in text, it's easy to change scenes on the fly. The game is built to accommodate everything from you playing a studly ship captain to a busty space-slattern to a masculine-looking hermaphrodite to a hard-working mercenary just looking for his next job.
*The Android version only works with 8.1 compatible devices
**The Image Pack is standalone, and requires a standalone flash player.​

2DCG, Adventure, Ahegao, Anal Sex, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Character Creation, Combat, DILF, Female Domination, Female Protagonist, Furry, Futa/trans, Gay, Groping, Handjob, Humor, Lactation, Lesbian, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, MILF, Mobile Game, Monster, Monster Girl, Multiple Endings, Multiple penetration, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Puzzle, Rape, Religion, Romance, Sandbox, Sci-Fi, Sex Toys, Sissification, Spanking, Teasing, Tentacles, Text based, Titfuck, Transformation, Trap, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism
1. Extract and run.
0.9.087 Backer

[Backers] Relly the Mad Scientist has been added to the game (on Tarkus). Responsible for the hardlight taur & naga suits, this fella was coded by Leek and written by Sil the Dragon Lover.
[Backers] New Items: SteeleTechJungleJumpsuit (Anno@lv9+), Dhaal Maid Outfit (Gabmart Threadz), coded by Leek.
[Public] The Gabilani Pirate can now be encountered by all.
[Public] Items available to all: Hardlight Bracelets, Vintage Zaika Purse, Lazy Ball Bra, Powerboner, Protein Power, Phoenix Shine, Easyslip Stud Piercing, Edging Ring, Hardlight Cockring, Hardlight Hoop Piercing, Rainbow Hoops Piercing, Vibroring.
Pheromone bonuses have been capped at 10, 15 with the new “Concentrated Pheromones” temporary buff. There’s no gain in becoming even more of a walking sexual biohazard past a certain point. (Fenoxo)
Airtight armor got a large amount of interactions with pheromones and other statuses. (Fenoxo)
Airtight armor now effectively sets your in-combat pheromone bonus to 0. Note that non-combat scenarios should still act as if you got the good smells.
Wearing airtight armor now creates the “concentrated pheromones” buff, which applies a temporary buff to your pheromone bonus.
Wearing airtight armor now passively causes the sweaty debuff to accumulate over time.
Added a new tease attack, “Waft Musk” that deals pure pheromone damage. This ability is only usable once per combat and comes with the downside of mitigating the effects of your airtight armor (but does allow your pheromone bonus to apply afterward. Comes with ~6 new texts depending on appropriate pheromone-generating perks.
Swapping armor sets reduces the magnitude of your concentrated pheromones bonus.
Tease attack reactions were moved into the same text bubble so that the entire tease & it’s results are cohesively attached, for better combat readability in busy encounters. (Fenoxo)
Lust weapons are allowed to crit again, but only for +50% damage. (Fenoxo)
Smugglers now have a base evasion cap of 60% (up from 50%). (Fenoxo)
Lowercase donkey pruned a number of references to an old miss calculation methodology from a ton of old NPC content.
I went through and added increased miss odds to the attacks that seemed to indicate they should have heightened miss chances in that junk data so that it wouldn’t be lost to time and space
A number of items had their icons updated to better match their descriptions. (Jacques00)
Added a “Legacy Sidebar Layout” that attempts to emulate something closer to the old flash style while adhering to our current design goals. See this image for more information! If this becomes a source of major issues, I’ll put my (Fenoxo’s) angry eyebrows on. Coded by Jacques00.
Improvements for how enemy counterattacks are tracked and displayed. (Jacques00)
Added visual cover strength bars for fights with cover mechanics. (Jacques00)
“Federation Quest” no longer uses the map for Tarkus’s cover-based fight for its cover-based fight. (Jacques00)
The sidebars can now scroll in group fights that are too large to display all at once (though we do not intend to make use of this in future content, there were a few places it could crop up.)
The “Undo” and “Redo” buttons can now be used in combat to scroll the combat text window to view previous turns quickly.
Added an “Extra Item Stat Detail” toggle as an Option under the Display category. Enabling it will allow the item tooltips and item preview card to display the full stats of an item, so they can be visible outside of the Inspect screen. So this makes it similar to how the old Flash TiTS had the item information displayed. (Jacques00)
Fixed a “smallestVagina” crash. (lowercase donkey)
Fixed scales of color being limited only to full scalies. Should now work for full/partial, scale/chitin, as intended. (lowercase donkey)
Fixed some flags becoming NaN. (lowercase donkey)
Fixed Sidewinder name hardcoded in description. (lowercase donkey)
Fixed a softlock in Sera (Apparently nobody ever chose not to cuddle her when they had a chance). (lowercase donkey)
Fixes for some scenes that needed a double click to get through a choice to sleep. (lowercase donkey)
Spelling fixes. (lowercase donkey)




BACKER: An additional Anyxine date with a couple of smut scenes is available. (Savin, Leek & Gedan)
PUBLIC: Additional Slavesuit anal scenes, Elcine, and the additional Punishment wall scenes are now public. (Many people)
Added: New Adjatha art for Creed, Howinn and hyrax.
Added: A bunch of new class-specific scenes and variants for kinetcistics has been implemented, generally wherever there was already an existing all-classes-unique variant. (Fenoxo)
Fixed: Some special unique text for Tuuva and Mioldan Priestesses during combat has been re-enabled. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed: Terran Treat possibly trying to trigger the leg TF multiple times. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed: A bunch of image/CG titles have been updated. (Jacques00)
Fixed: Crashes with puffiestVaginaIndexes. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed: A crash with gooArmor during Amber content. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed: DongDesigner going walkabout. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed: Mome codex not being marked as read. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed: Incorrect usage of vaginaRouter and penisRouter in a bunch of Paige scenes. (Gedan)
Fixed: Saves created in much older versions of TiTSJS during two very early versions should no longer have issues with inactivePlayerOwnedShips. (Gedan)
Fixed: The Specialized Combatant perk not properly applying bonuses to ranged attacks. (Gedan)
Fixed: Siegewulfes menu returning to inventory. (Gedan)
Fixed: The duel with Riya should no longer have the possibility of poisoning certain stat values when we swap them out for the ones used to masquerade the duel; this primarily impacts HPMod and energyMod. (Gedan)
Fixed: A crash with the 2018 XMas event attempting to move the player to a room across place boundaries casuing a crash. (Gedan)
Fixed: Concentrated Fire should no longer add physical damage to attacks with weapons that did not have any HP damage to begin with; this primarily impacts lust-only weapons. (Gedan)
Fixed: The Sidewinder did not properly update the ship storage limits when first being taken until the game was saved and loaded. (Gedan)
Fixed: Frostfire’s menu potentially breaking the UI state stack. (Gedan)
Fixed: The WarAlpha that is actually Eitan before the player knows who they are now has a custom description, block and dodge to account for the different in height between generic War Alphas and Eitan. (Gedan)
Fixed: shortestCockLength not returning a length and returning the cock object directly, breaking gates to certain scenes. (Gedan)
Fixed: skinFurScalesNoun sometimes not returning a value, and thus emitting an error during parsing. (Gedan)
Fixed: Shop state being maintained across loading a save. (Gedan)
Fixed: The level up screen now ignores bonuses to stat maximums when allowing you to assign points, which should avoid the possibility of investing stat points in stats that are transient. (Gedan)


BACKERS: Siegwulfe has had an expansion for her dom/bimbo path, adding a new repeatable scene as well as a collaring event (for the PC), and an option to ride back to your ship underslung. (Azthra & Gedan)
PUBLIC: Emese, the cat mommy (written by Doots), can be found on Uveto’s main street. (Doots & Leek)
PUBLIC: Sisterly Ruuing by William: With both Anno and Syri as crew members, and after both have acquired their maid costumes, players with a penis can trigger a new random event by simply boarding their ship in which the two Dornas tempt you with the prospect of domming them both in bed. Which of the two siblings gets to be first? (William & Leek)
PUBLIC: New encounter on Phaedra: the Kihan Armature. It happens in a specific location on the way northwards in the east half of the map. This peaceful encounter will give you a little lore and set you up for the next piece of content…
Fixed a parser crash with Dhaal dungeon parser tags.
Fixed Penny’s sexmenu blowing up.
Fixed Penny’s old roleplay scene going mia.
Fixed Penny’s new roleplay scene clashing with the old scene button, and is listed as “Surprise Roleplay”.
Fixed a crash with flash goggles. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed the unintended availability of hardlight usage for a Dez anal scene that resulted in a crash. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed a bunch of bugs around Synvanol that could erroneously drop important arguments. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed a rarely encountered crash with nukaPsykers. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed a few unparsed tags and variants in Neil scenes, Tarratch Slaver scenes and Codex entries. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed a bug allowing for the purchase more GaloMax than intended from Sera. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed inconsistencies with cowScore() checks. (Jacques)
Fixed some Shalin Shaman scene openers not properly presenting genitalia selection options to the player, potentially allowing selection of a dongue that is not too large for the scenes to continue. (DrunkZombie)
Fixed the event queue from being erroneously serialized when saving game-state. (Gedan)
Fixed some instances of amazonian race overriding other race checks for the purposes of scene variations. (Jacques)
Fixed Frostwyrm scenes not properly identifying the players race. (Jacques)
Fixed a title naming bug with Bess allowing multiple titles to be stacked up inappropriately. (Jacques)
Fixed some Eloise bugs. (Jacques)




[Public] Azra has a new blowjob scene, by William. Originally it was written such that Azra would surprise you with a bunch of sweat and musk, but that didn’t quite align with my vision of the proper shark-woman less physical job and high hygene standards. I reworked it to the PC to blow her without mention of extra sweat/must, or adjust the lab’s thermostat to get yourself a lil extra to sniff. It doesn’t make a tremendous difference in the overall scene text, but it’s another notch in player agency. In my haste to do all that, I forgot to tag the content for backers-only. My foible is your gain! Written by William, coded by Fenoxo.
New image pack scene: Azra getting blown by the PC. The lines are by MrPink and the colors are by Waru-Geli, and the full resolution version of the image is available on our Patreon or SubscribeStar posts.
New Bust art: Reaha’s cow-print bikini, by Adjatha. (Lowercase-Donkey)
Fixed a handful of modal dialog issues that were probably the primary cause of the “shipMode” crash errors, and possibly some of the inventory and storage issues. (Gedan)
Fixed Ramis’ sleep with button options and clarified what the switch button is going to do without needing to look at the tooltip. (Gedan)
Fixed a broken call to itemCollect() blowing up using the black market options from Orryx. (Gedan)
Fixed another pathway through combat cleanup that wasn’t properly clearing text output before emitting loss scenes. (Gedan)
Fixed the tightness of checks around masturbation with toys, where the menu to pick a toy could pull from ship storage whilst onboard the ship, but was requiring a toy to be in the players inventory to enable the toy menu itself. (Gedan)
Fixed gooballs not applying the correct color. (Gedan)
Fixed Sophora’s rend attack improperly calling applyBleed(). (Gedan)
Fixed another way the shower masturbation scene buttons could blow up in rare circumstances. (Gedan)
Fixed Mirrin’s DP scene and how it offers selections for genitalia to use, streamlining the process and avoiding invalid index errors. (Gedan)
Fixed clarity issues with the save buttons disabled tooltip, making it clearer that it is not possible to save whilst the codex is active. (Gedan)
Fixed Kitty Courtesans not actually taking their credits for services rendered. (Gedan)
Using the spreadsheets in “panic mode” should no longer bloat saves quite so much. Jacques00 has made improvements that should greatly reduce save file size for those that use them as a place to take notes.
Jacques00 grabbed the source PSD for much of the old Gats art and pulled higher resolution variants for use in game.
Added an overwrite option for if the user has at least one saved spreadsheet when saving the current spreadsheet. (Jacques00)
Dark mode toggle is now a persistent option in spreadsheet mode. (Jacques00)
Fixed being unable to remove piercings. (Jacques00)
Refinements to the piercing menu for equipping and unequipping. (Jacques00)
Added icons for piercing menu filters. (Jacques00)
Prettified the Inventory item lists. (Jacques00)
Panties and the Bimbo Ray key items will now read better in the key items list. (Jacques00)
Added title attributes to inventory set buttons for clarity. (Jacques00)
Fixed the Ganger Heavy target selection button. (Lowercase-Donkey)
Prevented Bimbo Kiro from showing up in Kally’s bar as a patron that acts like normal Kiro. (Fenoxo)
Fixed a number of places where Kiro’s name was hard-coded and not properly dynamic. (Lowercase-Donkey)
Extrameet fixes for fast travelling to the milk bar on Dhaal. (Lowercase-Donkey)
Prevented codex output from displaying inline bust images outside of the codex display. (Jacques00)
Viewing codex entries should now properly clear the menu before displaying the next entry (in case of any extra generated buttons). (Jacques00)
Adjusted Korgonne’s Translate button for better navigation. (Jacques00)
Grouped some codex bust images instead of having them be a randomized single. (Jacques00)
Change sand worm/butt bug image names for clarity. (Jacques00)
Fixed the deployable drone disabling your ability to duck under the overpass during the Feruze fight on Dhaal. (Jacques00)
Fixed a crash in Steele Biomedical. (Jacques00)
Fixed displaying the wrong Syri image based on her coat status. (Jacques00)
A metric bug-ton of typo fixes, under the hood adjustments to base systems, and small bug fixes.


BACKER: There is now a tainted rusher that you can encounter on a variety of planets as a random combat event. (Fr0sty & Leek)
PUBLIC: Added scene for Naomi, a cowgirl on New Texas that got stood-up and is looking for revenge. Available to bipedal Steeles with a cock. Will trigger randomly along the main street between the hours of 1800 and 2400 with a 1 week cooldown. (Written by Damie, coded by DrunkZombie)
Added cheats to reset Delilah and Akane content. (Jacques)
Added an extra option to TapTooltip mode; you can now choose to have buttons generate a filler tooltip (thus always requiring two taps to activate buttons), or only require two taps on buttons that have actual tooltips (and buttons without tooltips will activate on the first tap). (Gedan)
Fixed the control overlay not quite working with the new UI state stack. (Jacques)
Fixed mail buttons, enabling and disabling them respective to the currently viewed folder. (Jacques)
Fixed some lingering remnants of the old UI state system. (Gedan)
Fixed the data menu state code to align more with how all other UI states are transitioned in and out. (Gedan)
Fixed a crash backing up from the data menu when on the main menu without a gamestate active. (Gedan)
Fixed the findLast crashes under android. (Gedan)
Fixed a ton of potential null/undefined checks inherited from AS3 era code. (Jacques)
Fixed the experimental undo system not cooperating with the new UI state stack system. (Gedan)
Fixed Bizzy busts going missing when she wears a collar outside the matching body type in the art. (Jacques)
Fixed Sera busts showing a dongle when clothed. (Jacques)
Fixed some missing descriptions in the image manifest. (Jacques)
Fixed some scroll height issues in the codex when the control overlay is enabled. (Jacques)
Fixed a crash with Black Void grunts. (Jacques)
Fixed a variety of issues and oversights with the porting of Mimbranes, re-enabling some combat and time-passage events. (Jacques)
Fixed Sturm and Drang using an incorrect accuracy value. (Jacques)
Fixed the placement of some tease buttons in the combat menu. (Jacques)
Fixed Jasvalla becoming inactive when levelling past her existing level ranges. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed some inactive content that was waiting for Gianna crew to happen in some Bess scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed potential issues with the way saving is blocked, unifying access to the variable that controls it. (Gedan)
Fixed some issues with Leithan and Raskvel body part type instances. (Jacques)
Fixed Galomax consumption softlocks. (Gedan)
Fixed a crash in Riyaquest relating to the Security Droids blowing up (in this case, literally). (Gedan)
Fixed typos in many places. (Jacques, lowercase_donkey, Gedan)


The imagepack download process has been heavily reworked behind the scenes and should be more reliable. There is now also an additional option under the Graphics settings menu to delete the imagepack if it is installed. (Gedan)
Tweaked how bulk descriptions for multifoe fights overwrite individual combat descs to be more standardized and efficient. Previously it was converting the character’s class name into a string and checking against a list of strings. Now it’s just a boolean slapped on a character object. This was done for working on the unreleased zaika gang encounter. (Fen)
Standardized stun immunity checks to check a function in the creature object instead only checking for a specific status (which the function now checks). (Fen)
Fixed a possible error with Bhakar’s vaginal fuck scene where it could try to route him into your ass, which the scene didn’t support. (Fen)
Allow players to win ties with Roo. Remove some text that had her sneaking into basic blackjack. (lowercase_donkey)
Players can no longer bet negative amounts of money in blackjack and throw the game. Honestly, who cheats at cards?! (lowercase_donkey)
Fix Nykke’s missing pregnant bust (lowercase_donkey)
Fix Rats Raider busts being attached to the wrong raiders (lowercase_donkey)
Siegwulf item fix. Item stats will now correctly display on the item. Stats also changed slightly. The new stats are:
Normal: 3 evasion, Bimbo, not Dom: 2 evasion, 5 sexiness, Bimbo Dom: 2 resolve, 4 sexiness (lowercase_donkey)
Fix CyberneticExoskeleton to actually allow you to carry heavy weapons (lowercase_donkey)
Fix some items softlocking player when inspected (lowercase_donkey)
Fix for LionOS not showing options. (lowercase_donkey)
Crash fix: Sera “sex party.” (lowercase_donkey)
Crash fixes: Gianna sex and Mirin sex. (lowercase_donkey)
Crash fix: majinUpdate() not found. (lowercase_donkey)
Sophora fixes: isHard() crash; intro showing wrong text based on players experiences; `legOrLegsNoun` error. (lowercase_donkey)
FIRST-14 tutorial fixes: players will no longer get mail before they have an email set up, stop Krissy and possibly others from appearing. (lowercase_donkey)
Improve the hints for players looking for Una bad end. (lowercase_donkey)
Update character data on a few NPCs so it includes their canonical heights. (lowercase_donkey)
Fix Myrna and Mirin scenes warping players back to ship. This warping is a fallback when the game can’t find the place a scene is looking for; it’s helpful when you report these. (lowercase_donkey)
Fix for quest log not showing Dhaal dungeon as complete (lowercase_donkey)
Stop Kane from hurting himself in confusion when he is supposed to be interrupting the player (lowercase_donkey)
Porno hacked drones will no longer attack their original target in the same turn they are teasing the player. (lowercase_donkey)
Syri’s idle crew text now has the correct line breaks. (lowercase_donkey)
Many spelling fixes. Did you know it’s “gabilani” and not “gabiliani”? (lowercase_donkey)
Added some autofiltering to the equipment screen that should autofilter available items when selecting an item slot. (Jacques) (I believe this still needs a little work to polish it, but I ran out of time before getting to it tonight…)
Added and fixed a few more completed cards to the set. (Jacques00)
Cleaned up a lot of stat change displays across the game. (Jacques00)
Fixed a bunch of Sylvie typos. (Jacques00)
Tweaked item card renders in the equipment screen. (Jacques00)
Minor tweaks to gooArmor text display when handled during item collection. (Jacques00)
Tweaked item rarity colours. (Jacques00)
Consistency for showName() capitalization. (Jacques00)


Backer: Malai is now available to backers. A big boy rask with a weapons shop at the south-end of Gabtown. (Doots & Leek)
Fixed a few crashes with new keybinds. (Gedan)
Jasvalla art has arrived and been implemented! (Adjatha)
Fixed issues with a Stormguard scene. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed issues with a Pippa scene. (lowercase_donkey)
Fixed an errant empty combat text container involving stuns. (lowercase_donkey)
The usual assortment of bust fixes. (lowercase_donkey)
Tweaks have been made to Bess/Bens menus in various places. (lowercase_donkey)
A bunch of cleanup has been done for the new Dhaal dungeon – too many little things to exhaustively list.
Attempts have been made to recover frosty’s custom name from older saves. (lowercase_donkey)
The ability to refund perk selections has been enabled as a cheat. (I think Leek originally made the UI, donkey wired it up as a cheat)
Final cleanup of Sophora issues; a few combat tweaks, a bad end properly implemented. (Gedan)


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May 17, 2022
ohh boy it´s been forever since iplayed this, the dragon on the iceplanet was the last boss but i only beat it once and that shortly before you could lewd it :(
need to try again :D

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