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Apr 23, 2022
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Sep 25, 2022
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Jul 28, 2020
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You play as a guy who just died. Fire elemental Imira offers you a deal to find her an amulet on Timeless Island in exchange for resurrection, you agreed.
Timeless Island is a place that exists outside the laws of time and space. People from different eras can get there. After getting to the island, you meet half-elf Fiona. She, gladiatrix Lina, and Bastet priestess Klio live there in the shelter, you decided to join them. Over time, there are also get sylphide Aeria, necromancer Alice, and a girl from the future Selena. You also meet Imira's sister Aqua and her friend were-coyote Kaiah.
Game features:
A lot of characters from different fantasy races
100+ fully animated interactive sex scenes with POV and side views. (there are about 500 animations in the game)
Big open world with quests and everyday events (final map will be really big)
Location 'Anime world' where all the characters look like their anime copy
animation examples -
Main girls:
Fiona - half-elf, she's a bit shy.
Lina - gladiatrix from Roman Empire, she's from a noble family, but is often rude, twisted, and swears a lot.
Klio - cat-girl, Bastet's priestess, very careless, and constantly incites the protagonist to adventures
Alice - necromancer, she's like Fiona but more emotional
Selena - a girl from Moon, she's also shy and a bit weird
Imira - fire elemental, she saves the protagonist from death in the prologue
Aqua - water elemental, Imira's sister, sometimes helps the protagonist and Alice because she has nothing to do. Imira and Aqua don't like each other.
Kaiah - were-coyote, Aztec priestess.

Side girls:
Yui - shinigami
Helen - vampire, Yui's assistant
Mia and Lia - island watchmen
Gina - Succubus, Alice' familiar
Daphne - dryad, lives in ruins
Iona-3 - hologram, AI
Aya - Klio's cousin, another cat-girl, and Bastet's priestess

3dcg, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Boobjob, Handjob, Footjob, Teasing, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Groping, Interracial, Monster girl, Masturbation, Lesbian, Female domination (optional), Futa (optional), Mobile game, sandbox
1. Extract and run.
  • Quest with drow and dragon (it is a small addition to the main story).
  • Last Yui's quest
  • Event in hot springs with Yui, Helen, Daphne and Aylen
  • Event in Bastet temple with Iset, Amenhotep and Nefertiti
  • Some small changes, fixes, etc
Kitty quest continue
Bastet - quest/event
Kaiah - 1 quest
Aqua - 1 quest
Yui - 1 quest
Helen and Aylen - 1 event
Selena - couch event
Kaiah - couch event
Yui - couch event
Aya - couch event
Save the kitties quest
Main story quest
Event with Imira
Event with Kaiah
Quest with Alice
Quest with Fiona
Event with Aylen
Quest with Lina and Aya
New main story quest
Completed Selena's main quest
Completed animeworld main quest
Event with Aqua in the grassland
Completed 'Meow' quest
New quest with Lina
HS scene with Aya
Shower scene with Selena
Foursome scene with Klio, Lina, and Alice
Short kitchen event with Yui
New long story quest, completed Legacy of Tabity arc
Quest with Fiona and Klio
Quest with Selena
Lewd game in Aqua's Bar with Aqua, Lina, and Alice
Event with Kaiah and Yui
Improved girls daily routine
added 'night' scenes with Imira and Aqua
compressed game a little
Important main story quest(also a story quest with Imira and a short story quest with Lia)
Quest with Selena, Rika, and Aeria
Quest with Fiona and Alice
New 'kitty' quest
New quest in the anime world
Continuation of the 'Legacy of Tabiti' arc
Three 'kitty' quests
Quest with Aeria
Quest with Kaiah, Aylen, and Huehuecoyotl
Quest with Aqua
Event with Yui in the hot springs
Add few more scenes to the bottle game (cosplay event)
Quest with Fiona and Alice
Long quest with Selena, Aeria, Rika and Kaiah
Quest with Kaiah and Aylen
Quest with Imira and Aqua
Quest with Yui and Helen
New 3 sex scenes on couch with Fiona, Alice and Lina
Corridor of destiny!
Quest with Fiona
Quest with Kaiah
Quest with Selena and Daphne
Quest in Aqua's bar
Two short quests with Yui
Two scenes on the couch with Klio and Aeria
Shower scene with Daphne
Morning event with Aya, Aya's daily routine
2 quests with Alice and Mia
Quest with Klio and Aya
Quest With Fiona and Aeria
Event with Lina and Selena
Quest with Imira, Aqua, Kaiah, and Klio
Completed Lina and Selena hot springs events
Added some daily routine for Yui, added shower scene for Aya, added shower scenes for Daphne (so far you can only peek at her), redid threesome scene with Klio and Aeria.
Quest with Klio and Aya
Long quest with Selena, Aeria and Fiona
Completed Kaiah mind training
Completed Duel quest
Quest with Yui and Helen
Quest with Lina
Short quest in Anime world
Redid 4 sex scenes (Aeria anal, Fiona bj, and Kaiah bj (in normal and distorted realities))
Improved quest log
You can now visit Bastet domain (click on Klio when she prays)(edited)
Quest with Alice and Gina
Aeria's quest and new feature
Quest in Bastet domain, and a new short 'waking up with the kitties' scene after that
Aqua's quest and new location
Short Yui's quest
Quest with Fiona and Daphne
A short magic lesson from Imira
Kaiah's mind-reading training
New conversation between Lina and Selena in the kitchen
New scenes in Voyeurist's telescope
Redid 4 sex scenes with Klio (handjob, footjob and 2 scenes in the bar)
v 0.4
New main story quest
Kaiah's quest and event
Imira's quest
Fiona's quest
Aqua's quest
Quest with Klio, Lina, and Aya
Iona-3 training
Alice's and Selena's night scenes
Alice's shower scene
5 new events in hot sprints (with Imira and Aqua, Kaiah, Klio, Lina, Selena)
Weird dream quest
Quest with Selena
Quest with Selena and Daphne
Quest with Kaiah
Quest with Fiona and Daphne
Quest with Alice
Quest with Helen
Perverted event with Klio
New two Aeria's photoshoots (with Lina and Alice)
Redid Lina's, Klio's, and Aeria's shower scenes.
Redid some Lina and Aqua dancing scenes
Made MC and girls' rooms clickable again
Continuation of the main story
New quest with Klio, Lina, Aya, and Bastet( I also added a short awakening scene with Lina and Klio after this quest)
Continuation of Lina and Aeria duel event
New quest and event with Alice and Aeria
Short quest with Selena
Short quest with Yui
Redid 4 sex scenes (Fiona missionary, Lina doggy, Imira blowjob, and Aeria doggy)
Gameplay changes, redid daily routine.
New Kaiah's quest
New Aqua's quest
New Klio's quest
New Aeria's quest
New Selena's quest
New 4 short events in hot springs
small changes, fixes, added Imira's bar and Yui store to the shelter map, made some room screens animated, reduced the conditions for getting Iona-3 wallpapers
Improved about 80% renders (I hope it will be noticeable, I increased depth and contrast a bit),
redid the last Klio sex scene (cowgirl)
Continuation of the main story(quest with Aqua and Kaiah)
New anime world quest
New Lina's quest
New Aeria's flying quest
New quest with Selena and Daphne
Fun with Alice at noon (two scenes)
Fiona shower and kitchen sex scenes
Short Klio's event
New scene with Imira (thigjob)
New location in anime world - hot springs (so far without events)
Small changes, fixes, UI improvements, added night scenes list to quest menu
Resurrection event
Continuation of the main story
New Anime world quest with Imira
New Anime world quest with Lina and Aeria
New quest with Fiona
New event in Imira's bar
Aeria's photoshoot improvement (the new scene with Fiona)
New quest with Alice and Gina
Cosplay party improvement, added bottle game
Added rewards for defeating erasers and option to skip it (reward is clean DVD's, I'll also add more stuff to Iona-3 shop)
Added special render reward for Selena hieroglyph puzzle and the tower seal, and option to skip it.
New short hidden event with Lina
Improved quest menu, added list with all sex scenes in-game, fixed bug where Lina appears in anime world before her quest.
New stealth quest from Klio and improved night scenes
New quest with Aeria and photoshoot event
New quest with Selena
New quest and sex scene with Alice
New event and sex scene with Fiona and Daphne(threesome)
Reworked puzzles
New sex scene with Selena(blowjob)
Change conditions of quests 'fight and fuck' and 'detective Aqua', moved girls daily routine to their quests list (it seems to be more convinient than vice versa), add a better description to some quests, small changes/fixes etc.
v0.2.6 (Public)
Continuation of the main story (quest with Kaiah and Yui)
Alice familiar quest
Daphne(dryad) quest
New Klio and Aya quest
New short anime world quest
New short Selena event (and a sex scene)
New Imira sex scene (cunnilingus)
You can now ask Fiona in the tower to give you a blowjob
Reworked about half of the animations, I also redesigned a few static renders (mostly first Lina images because I guess, she looked like the most poker-faced character)
Added interactive shelter map
After the main story quest, you can hang out every night with Imira, Aqua, and Kaiah in Imira's bar (so far only one event there)
Finished factory map added last two locations (Daphne's shelter and corridor of destiny, so far without quests.)
Fixed a bug when Lina's anime quest started before you found this location. Also fixed a few small bugs with girls' locations.
Continuation of the main story (2 quests)
Short 'anime world' quest with Lina (with sex scene)
Short quest with Klio, you'll meet her sister Aya
Short quest with Aeria
Short quest with Fiona (with sex scenes), added tower and voyeurist telescope
Short quest with Selena
New kitchen event
Small changes, almost finished girls' daily routine.
Added shower sex scenes with Klio and Lina.
Recon with Kaiah
Cosplay party event
Farmer quest
New Anime world quest
New Selena quest
New Alice quest
Shower sex scene(Aeria)
New Imira sex scene(bj)
Small changes, added backyard, added Lina and Aqua random dances.
v 0.2
Continue of the main story, Alice join the shelter, you meet Mia, Lia, and Kaiah
Alice and Selena daily routine
New Fiona quest (also two sex scenes)
Continuation of the Fiona 'magic scrolls' story
New Klio quest
New Aeria quest and everyday event
Continue of 'Lina dancing' story
New Selena quest
New Selena everyday event
Continue of Yui story (dream)
Kitchen sex scenes (so far with Klio and Aeria)
Threesome with Klio and Aeria (one big interactive scene)
Short night scene with Lina (Vendetta :) )
Added attic. There will live Alice, and you can talk with Aqua through the mirror.
Two new locations on the factory territory
Fix game name glitch on android version
Finished Lina training event (running and wrestling).
Fiona scrolls quest (two parts)
Selena awakening
Aeria and Fiona culinary battle
New game on pc - 2048 and two new Iona wallpapers
Small changes - two short Aeria kitchen events, finished the basement, added two new soundtracks, small fixes, etc.
3 new sex scenes
New interface with girls' daily routine list, inventory, quest journal, and minimap for the factory
New Fiona everyday event and animated kissing scene
New Lina quest and new sex scene (doggy)
Continuation of last Klio task and new sex scene (h.j.)
New Aeria quest
Continuation of the Alice story
You will find Selena
New sex scene with Imira (boobjob)
You will find a laptop during the new Lina quest
New location Cyberworld, where you'll meet Selena and Iona-3 - hologram girl(AI) who sell OS, software, movies, and games for your laptop (in the current version only OS)
Small changes:
Changed/added/deleted some music
Added basement to the shelter
Added new 'optimistic' game over screen
Finally, the possibility to grab Fiona ass in the kitchen
Added skip time button when you are in the shelter territory
You'll meet Alice and Akva
New everyday event with Klio (and a sex scene)
New everyday event with Aeria (and a sex scene + hidden event)
Extended Factory map, new locations there (but most of them are still under development) and also new firestones
New battles with erasers, I also reworked the battle system (now if you're playing on a touchscreen device, hp and mana are wasted slower.)
Magic seals now work (you can learn the spell from Imira for 5 firestones), but the tower in the yard is still under development
Short dream event (will be more of them in the next updates), also you'll meet new episodic character Yui.
Added special renders gallery.
Added/changed some music.
Convert all videos in the android version to 30fps because of lags.
Wrestling training with Lina (with unintended consequences :))
2nd level meditating with Fiona
New lewd quest from Klio and also new stealth features.
New h-scene with Imira (h.j.), also + 2 firestones on the map
You will meet Aeria.
New mini location 'Shack' where you will fight with eraser (just test, I remade it in 0.1.4)
New mini location 'Wizard cabinet' (It's empty for now, but there will be some events)
Short mini-event with Fiona
Small changes in gameplay, grammatical corrections, etc.
Initial Release
If the tower magic seal doesn't work - turn it upside down
Liibrarrian answers - Seth, Iris, Min

: - - -
Mac: - - -
Android: - - -
Extra: *V0.32*
*This port/version is not released by developer, Download at your own risk


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Aug 10, 2022
Decided to make Guide for this one - one thing it didn't had
Have dropped all in. Daily routines of girls, riddles, fire stones, seals, items, hints, cheats and console.
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