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Jun 26, 2022
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Naughty Skunk Games
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Jul 28, 2022
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Sep 1, 2021
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It's been over ten years since you left your home town. At that time it wouldn't have been an understatement if someone called you a lazy turd. Cause that's exactly what you were.
At one point you're parents were so fed up, they kicked your ass to the curb. You were only 16 years old then. At least your parents gave you some money so you could afford a small crib.After struggeling for a long time to get both your feet on the ground, you worked your way up, from getting better in school, working part time while studying to finally working for a big tech company for the past three years.
Not having seen your parents for a long time, a few months ago you learned they got divorced and both left to different countries for good.
Strangely enough though, they must've heard of your achievements and that made them so proud, they left you a considerable amount of money before they left.

A few weeks ago, your aunt Megan then contacted you out of the blue, wanting to tell you why your parents divorced and inviting you over for a few weeks.
As you haven't had seen her and her daughters in so long and wanting to find out what's going on, you agreed to come visit.

This is where your story begins.

Along your way you will meet many girls and live your day to day life with them. Will one of them fall in love with you? Or maybe all of them? Who knows? Make your decisions wisely to achieve the best results or it could all be over soon.
You'll learn that there's a mystery evolving around your family name. Will you uncover the truth or will you stay in the dark forever?

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(Optional) If you're using the taboo patch, copy the file to /game folder before playing

168 New Rendered Images
3 Animation
There's now a point in the game where a certain event is only triggered if enough points have been gained for that character.

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Jun 18, 2022
Played all the way through ch1-10, and the content between MC and the 3 main female characters never goes further than "kissed and touched a boob". Meanwhile MC fucks everything else that moves, but not the main 3 in the banner. I even reviewed the raw images thinking I'd missed options somewhere; but nope, just no meaningful content with those 3.

Which was a bummer, because the production and writing quality is otherwise exceptional. Not a knock, per se; but feels like this is probably more geared towards folks with a mild cuck/denial fetish.
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