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Apr 23, 2022
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Apr 24, 2021
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Sep 27, 2019
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The game will about the son (player) who returns from his year as an exchange student. It was his last year of school and he comes home to find a job. When he comes home he notices that some things have changed, badly. At home lives his mother, his step-dad and his two sisters (one younger, one older). His step-dad was always a good man and you and the family accepted him as a real dad.
What has changed and why it “could be bad” will be revealed in the demo of the game. Some will say, oh no, the typical incest mother/son, brother/sister game. But in this game it’ll be the players choice as to what content appears. The player can choose who he’ll romance, if he wants to start a romance with a family member, get a “normal” girlfriend and so on. He’ll get to choose which way he wants to do that, start a gentle love story, be an asshole who takes what he wants or corrupts them to earn money (example). The player can decide everything, for example: Whether to have a secret relationship with mom, a gentle romance with a girlfriend while forcing his sister into a relationship with a friend, who pays him for this. Or leave the family members alone and have several girlfriends instead. So the player will decide everything in the game, what he wants to do and how he wants to play. Like a dating simulator. But this game will have a dark (rough and violent) background setting and there’s always rivals, which look to “steal” your girls; and the tyrant himself as named in the title. It’ll also be harder to archive your goals and there will be many ways to get there. Almost all content will be avoidable

Censored: No
3DCG, Male protagonist, Male domination, Graphic violence, Incest, Interracial, MILF, Lesbian, NTR, Cheating, Prostitution, Romance, Voyeurism, Multiple penetration, Groping, Blackmail, BDSM, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Anal sex, Handjob, Masturbation, Mobile game
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "TheTyrant.exe" to start playing.
v 0.9.4
- weekend trips (love) for Nicole and Alexis
- weekend trips for Nicole, Alexis and Cassandra (NTR). Just go on a corruption or love trip with them and have to low relationship and their other NTR events before, see helper.
- A new event with Cassandra when she‘s your basement slut (corruption, 9am)
- more training with Cassandra before she have her second event in the basement (corruption, 9am)
- a event in the parents room at 7pm after you told Bruce to get his hands off Nicole
- some repeatable events won‘t occur anymore when a character has passed a certain point. The repeating at this point won‘t make any sense. (for example the meeting of Martin at the front door at 2pm)
- some repeatable event are reworked, so the haven‘t the same text every time
- you won‘t lose relationship points any longer when NTR is off (that makes no sense then)
- the shaky relation events are gone, that experiment was crap
- bugfixing

- 1 new event with Nicole pregnant in the shower at 3pm (love and corruption)
- 1 new event with Nicole pregnant at the parents room at 7 pm (love/ the missing one from 0.9)
- 1 new NTR event with Alexis, 2pm at the secret place
- 1 new city event for Nicole, Alexis and Cassandra on the weekend (corruption), look in the helper for requirements
- 1 kill option for Davide, can fail in NTR with consequences (trigger automatically after the important Bruce event, more info then in the helper too).
- the contact info menu got more details, like a babycounter and some other stats, accessable by clicking the images in the contact menu on the phone.
- fixed some bugs and typos (couldn‘t reproduce a sleep-bug, maybe need further investigation)

I finally made it. I solved the pregnancy code issues, which were the main cause of the many bugs the game code had, when I implemented it first.

It caused a huge mess because I did some causal mistakes then, so the code would never run bug-free. This was the most difficult I‘ve done so far and I was freaking out because I wasn‘t sure I could ever solve it.

So this is now a part of 0.9, with the pregnancy system and some pregnancy events. This should be the first part of the update, which I planned to release much sooner, but couldn‘t (see above). I tested it extensive, but with the help of many more eyes, I can be more sure that it‘s bug-free. The second part are mostly new events and the killing system, which are most easier to implement. I literally locked myself in to finish them, without any outside influences to get it done until friday.

How the pregnancy works:

You can impregnate a girl when you have a event with them where you can cum inside them. Normally Nicole and Cassandra are still on the pill (getting rid of them are events in the second part), so now you have a chance of 33% that the pill can fail. Or you turn always pregnant on in your room (or turn it always off).
After you inseminated them, they‘ll inform you a few days later (the event for that will start automatically) and you have a last chance to abort it, if you had chosen wrong.
Then you can fast forward to their late pregnancy state (also in your room settings) and have some events with them. For now, a corruption, love or NTR event. Old ones are turned off until I implement more new images/events. The best way to see their state is at 12pm in the dining room.
The last stage is the birth, which you can start at every time in your room again. (There can be some more NTR when you trigger it right/wrong).
When the birth is done you can impregnate them again and again, as often you like. (A baby-counter is also something in the second part update).

So impregnate → getting told about pregnancy → have fun with them in their late pregnancy → birth

0.8.5 fix
kitchen event works now, you need to see her two times to proceed her corruption route.
-The green square around Alexs' room should now work, appears only when you do something new.
-Nicole's robe at the 1pm event is shown correctly.
-The messenger image you can get from Nicole on the love path zoom in.

- 1 extended event with Alexis at 9pm in her room (need 20/40 love or corruption) to see all
- 1 new event for Cassandra and for Nicole at 4 pm in the basement for love/corruption and NTR paths (Love and Corruption paths are in the helper, for NTR do it once in love or corruption path, then do it again with low relationship)
- 1 new event with Bruce. This triggers automatically, when you get Cassandra or Nicole to a certain point on their love or corruption path. (Just play one of their paths to the end).
- Finished all clothing events. Cassandra will at one event wear only their level 1 clothes, when she came home, and when a girl still wears her normal clothes, it‘s supposed to be for that event that they won‘t change their clothing.
- Fixed some bugs and updated the helper. The NTR night events with Alexis and Nicole will now rotate randomly, at some point it was not possible to see both of them.

v0.75 Part 2
- Extended the Alexis shower event at 7am
For the corruption path a high corruption or the first basement event with her are needed.
For the love part the first basement event with her is needed.
If there event changes, you'll get a green icon as known from other events, so you'll know when you meet the requirements.

- Nicole's basement love outing. (see helper for requirements)
- Showering with Nicole at 3pm is extended (need the love basement outing for the love path, or the corruption basement outing for the corruption path)
- Fixed the messenger bug for Irina's love date and the love date itself
- Fixed many other bugs, like the false face positions and the wrong new hovers

- the love options for Irina's date
- the second lesbian date between Alexis and Irina (with NTR also, but only for the NTR path of course), Note: the event before in the players room must be done again, I forgot to set a trigger.
- a new animation (when you have sex with Alexis at her love date)
- adding a option to name your saves
- set the frames to transparent, so there's no background on the text anymore (more to see from the images)
- the messenger, which you can use to find events or go on dates and receive messages
- adding some images, for giving gifts were some missing
- fixing some bugs (not all, others will be done with the script-patch)
The messenger itself need some polishing (also script-patch), but it's working for the planned things. And there're some changes, you'll get a invitation through the messenger for the following events:
- Dates with Irina
- The new lesbian date
- The NTR date between Davide and Alexis at the secret place (weekend)
- The NTR subway event with Nicole (weekend)

Also you'll receive some messages from Nicole, (love path) and you can reply to them (love or corruption). But you can only reply to the latest message, so if you want to get the chance to reply to all of them you can start a new game or cheat the points lower. She can also send you images. Corruption and NTR-player have to wait for the patch, then I'll activate there options.

All messages you receive happens to a certain time and maybe a certain day (Irina dates and NTR-stuff), so you need to play maybe a few days until you get a message.

-1 new coruption event for alexis
-1 new corruption event for cassandra
-1 new love event for cassandra
-1 new ntr event for alexis
- new clothing system for nicole
- added new daily interactions

- 1 Love event for Nicole (with many options), repeatable
- 1 Love event for Alexis (with many options), repeatable
- 1 Corruption event for Nicole, repeatable
- 1 new event at the weekend, also repeatable
- 1 NTR event for Nicole, not repeatable. To reach it just skip the weekend activity.
- added music in the game and an option to add own music (see attachment)
- fixed a bug where non-NTR players could see a NTR event with Cassandra. I‘m very sorry for that.
- fixed a bug at Nicole‘s basement event (corruption) which always shows the red costume, even when the schoolgirl costume was selected
- fixed a bug at Nicole‘s basement event (love) which won‘t let the player choose between the angel and the bunny costume
- fixed the delivery bug. You can now get as many packages as you want. You just need to deliver two to become a gang member.
- fixed some other smaller bugs

I still have some major problems with the game changing I want to make. But with this stress situation I can‘t fix it now. So the system is still the old in version 0.5. (about relationship, see last post)
Also it isn't proofread now, that‘ll be patched in later.
- the lesbian event with Alexis and Irina. To trigger it you need a good relationship with Alexis and Irina and need to show Alexis lesbian porn 4 times. Then go with Alexis again in your room to show her porn (second part of the homework event) and the event will trigger.
- the basement introduction event for Cassandra (love and corruption paths). At the corruption is something new, when you had her other 2 deep throat events before (date+fitness studio). You need to be a gang member and then meet her in the kitchen at 9am. Also you must have played the kitchen event some times again. (the 3rd times should trigger)
- the event in the parents room (8pm) with Nicole is extend. You need to be a gang member for the corruption stuff, for love you need 30 love points.

- for Cassandra‘s basement event you need to do the normal event before (love or corruption). It‘s set at 4pm in the basement.
- the 2am kitchen is back. I changed it a bit, also some images. To trigger it just get Nicoles relationship low and go to sleep.

- Animations:
There are now several animations in the game, mostly as part of existing events, so you can repeat them to see the animations. A list where in which events you can find the animations:
- Nicole‘s basement event (corruption – deep throat, both outfits)
- Nicole‘s date (corruption)
- Nicole living room (corruption 10pm)
- Nicole shower (love 3pm)
- Cassandra fitness studio (love 4pm)
- Cassandra fitness studio (corruption 4pm)

NTR: - Alexis, her event with Davide at secret place (2pm), also you need to join
- some bug fixes, Irina‘s name event is now a must do on the first day after the intro. Also davide is better to find at Alexis‘ date and you need only to deliver 2 packages to join the gang.

- A long basement event with Alexis for Love/Corruption and NTR path
- A even longer (much choices) basement event with Nicole for Love/Corruption and NTR path
- A event with Nicole at the fitness studio
- A secret that can be revealed when you do something at Nicole's basement event
- A new way to earn money.

The update contains around 360 images (~500 mb) and had some images inside for upcoming events. Like the lesbian event was planned, but I have problems with Irina (+code), so I'll put out a script patch when it's ready, in a few days.

Hello everyone,
version 0.4.2 is ready. As I release the next 3 month 2 updates per month the first one is the smaller one with something to play until the big one will come up at the end of the month. I did something similar with My legacy before.
IMPORTANT for this and older versions:
Give Irina her name before you meet her in the club or fitness studio or you'll get an error. I'll fix it in the next version when I decided if it'll be a must do event (naming her at 3pm living room) or something else.
This one contains the fitness studio, which was planned long before, but the rendering times delayed it (you may see it at the quality of the renders).
Also the coding of the weekend events didn't work like I want to so I'll release the weekend event with the bigger one. (renders are like in the fitness studio with a better quality). But the renders for the fitness studio are done, only some text is missing (for the 0.4.5 update, not this one). So every female character except Alexis will have a event at the fitness studio (Alexis maybe later).
So this update contains a love, corruption and NTR path for Cassandra.
To reach the event you need $100 to join the fitness club. Then you find it at 5pm in town (is also marked with the new event feature).
You need love and/or corruption above 50 to see it all. The event changes when you did her date before, especially when you let her deepthroat you at the BJ end of her date (corruption path).
For NTR you need this time more then 20 corruption (corruption points higher then love points) or more then 30 love (love higher then corruption) and a low relationship to trigger it.

- an extended event with Cassandra and Irina (3pm living room)
- a new event at 6am mc room wit Alexis (love path)
- an extended event with Alexis (NTR with Davide, 2pm secret place)
- the game notice you now when there is a new event or you can do something new at an existing event (dates with the girls not included yet)
- also you can see now where the npc‘s are at which time (and with whom, NTR)
- implemented NTR like/dislike system
- fixed several bugs, missing contacts and setting up preparations for the quest system (not included yet)

I‘ll release the walkthrough later the day, (when I‘m back from work), so I write the needed stuff for the new events here for now:

- to trigger the extended cassandra/irina event: Irina needs 5 love or 5 corruption points, to see cassandras options there you need to finish her date on corruption or love path and have seen her reaction on it (9am kitchen after the date).
- for the new event with Alexis you need to finish her date on the love path then it‘ll trigger automatically on the next day.
- for the NTR event you have to replay the basement event with Alexis and she needed to meet Davide there. (to have Davide shown up she must have meet him at the date event before too.)

As I wrote in the public post, not everything I planned is now in the 0.4 update. The second update this month which contains the rest will be 0.4.1. There will be some more repeatable events (with extended content) for all female characters (exept Kate) and more basement stuff (continuation of the story). Also the hint system and new NTR system.

This update contains:
- the reactions from Cassandra from her date with the mc
- several existing events are now repeatable (the text is fitted + some new images)
- Nicole‘s shower event at 3pm is extended for love/corruption/NTR paths
To see Cassandra‘s reactions meet her after the date on her event at 9am in the kitchen, the event will change then.

To trigger the several repeating events play them once to activate the trigger and the second time you play them they‘ll change.

To trigger the extended shower events with Nicole you need for the love path at least 30 points to see all 50.
For the love path I changed my normal writing, you can tell me what you think about it, poll start tomorrow.

For corruption 20 points to start are needed, 35 or more to see all.
For both you need to watch at her in the shower.

NTR triggers at the moment with 5 or less relationship with Nicole until I implemented the NTR like/hate system. There‘ll be a choice at the start of the scene for now.

The new system will be implemented in the second update this month.

Done for this update are Cassandra‘s date and the basement (basement is not proofreaded and corrected yet, but the images are in, so this will be a script patch). Also a short explanation what it'll be possible in the game. (as a one time event after the intro).

The basement is reachable in two ways, with becoming a gang member (this require to deliever the package several times) or get into there with Alexis (her date have to been done before). Also the introduction for this path is not done yet, so it‘ll start directly in the basement, but you can play the „kinky“ stuff with her. (You can start it for now in your room, it‘ll change later).

The other things that were planned for this update, the basement love path with Nicole and the reactions to the several events will be delievered with patches like I wrote above.
- I disabled the 2am NTR event. This needs some changes and will appear in 0.4 (may update) again.
- I fixed a bug which prevent to get to the basement again, after the first introdution with Davide. It‘s possible now to do it again, but this will change with 0.4 too.
- The 9am club event with Nicole moved to 10am. 9am will be reserved for Cassandra‘s reaction.
Incest patch
Put the file into the "game" folder, where you find the other .rpa files.

Hello everyone,
it‘s getting late again, but now 0.3.5 is here, but unfortunately not all is finished.
I underestimated the effort I needed for the basement area, how annoying real life can be and the stress of creating a game which affect my personal health badly since some time. Also it was a bad decision to set the release date sooner for this big update.
So it should take another week to get it all finished. But I don‘t want to delay it for a second time, so I‘ll release the finished parts now and you‘ll get the rest of this update the next days, in every case within this month, because you pledged for that.
Done for this update are Cassandra‘s date and the basement (basement is not proofreaded and corrected yet, but the images are in, so this will be a script patch). Also a short explanation what it'll be possible in the game. (as a one time event after the intro).
The basement is reachable in two ways, with becoming a gang member (this require to deliever the package several times) or get into there with Alexis (her date have to been done before). Also the introduction for this path is not done yet, so it‘ll start directly in the basement, but you can play the „kinky“ stuff with her. (You can start it for now in your room, it‘ll change later).
The other things that were planned for this update, the basement love path with Nicole and the reactions to the several events will be delievered with patches like I wrote above. The downlaod for windows is available now, mac and linux a little later, when I‘m back from work.
In the Patreon version your old family will be a befriended family (you knew them since your childhood, like a second family) and live with them. In the non-Patreon version, there is incest content.
Game options are...
NTR off is like vanilla sandbox mode. No one is fucking- only the NPC or lesbian sex when the MC sets it up. So you can play around without running into some NTR accidentally. Exception: Girls who have boyfriends before the MC shows his interest in the girl will have interactions in their relationships. But- no sex, maybe kissing or petting, but no intercourse.
NTR on / Hard-NTR OFF:
The "normal" game. You can get NTR'd when you lose too much relationship points with a girl. In this mode you will get challenged by other males to protect your "women". This mode will still be easy and you will get some warnings before you get near NTR content with any girls. You'll be able to boost relationship points with gifts or special events. NTR will mostly happen if you play into it. (Maybe if you want to get ntr'd and then conquer your woman back.) Or mix your game up. It's very obvious when NTR could happen , so it's not hard to find the right answers/actions.
Hard-NTR is like the normal NTR game, but you lose all the time and your choices are useless. This is for players who just want to see the NTR stuff and aren't interested in the normal game.

Ntr is Avoidable

Win/Linux (v0.9.4): - - - -
Mac (v0.9.4): - - -
Android: -
v0.9.4b Update patch: -
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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Fallen Angel Productions

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Apr 23, 2022
Compressed v0.9.4b Made by cebs


Normal Size: 2.86GB
Compressed Size: 773.1MB

Fallen Angel Productions

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Game Developer
Game Uploader
Apr 23, 2022
Mod for v0.9.4b Made by SAZ

The goal of this mod is to add more story content (mainly via Dialogue and reusing original assets in new ways) for many different tastes.

The NTR content has been separated into four "Darker Paths" for this mod. Voyeur, NTR, Revenge and Sadist. It is avoidable by either keeping the MC's relationships with the girls above 5 or but turning it off either when you start the game or by turning it off later in the added cheat menu options. Additionally, many of the "Darker Paths" scenes have an option to avoid them built into the choices.
  • Voyeur - The MC enjoys the things being done to the girls and frankly so do the girls, they just need to admit it to themselves.
  • NTR - This and the Voyeur path are the closest to the original story. In this path, the MC hates what is happening around here, despite the girls secretly, or not so secretly, being into it. (Most like the original NTR story by Saddog)
  • Revenge - In this path, the girls do not like what is being done to them. They are doing their best in a shitty situation, but often coming up short. The MC wants to help them but can't yet. But when he can, he's going to help them get back at them. Hard.
  • Sadist - This path, like the Revenge path, follows the girls being forced to do things against their will. But in this path, the MC is into it and he's willing to do the same to the girls if he gets the chance.
  • Due to the nature of their stories, both the Revenge and the Sadist paths have aspects of rape/blackmail/threats of violence. I just wanted to give you a heads up, just in case.

The Love/Corruption paths have been extended to help make them more robust. There are added scenes using the Love assets to create Corruption events and vise versa. These are called Twisted scenes. Additionally there are completely new scenes added from Fan-Art and my own renders.

While it may seem that the "Darker Paths" are the primary focus of the mod because their explanation is so long, I assure you that is not the case. I have added plenty of content for all sides, including Love/Corruption, so that hopefully anyone that likes something about The Tyrant already will have even more to enjoy.

I'm sure there are typos or oddly worded sentences still in the game as this mod is a constant work in progress. I hope they are not too jarring. In the end, this is just for fun. I'm not a professional. Don't hate me if it sucks! :) But if you do happen to enjoy it, then I'm glad.

Language: English
  • Story additions for nearly all encounters
    • Love and Corruptions paths extended and flipped script scenes
      • Flipped Script scenes are Love events written as Corruption events and vise versa
    • NTR Path updated with new Darker Paths Dialogue
      • Voyeur path - MC (y) Girls (y) - Sexy times with Strangers
      • NTR path - MC (n) Girls (y) - Sexy times with Strangers
      • Revenge path - MC(n)Girls(n) - Sexy times with Strangers
      • Sadist path - MC (y) Girls (n) - Sexy times with Strangers
    • There are new options for NTR content:
      • NTR ON - NTR scenes will happen if the MC's relationship points with a girl is 5 or less, but can be avoided
      • NTR OFF - NTR scenes are locked and will not happen
      • NEWYou can select these options for each girl with Darker Paths Scenes in the Phone Cheat Menu
        • No NTR allowed
        • Regular NTR encounters
        • Force NTR encounters (Hard Mode)
    • Some edited pictures for path variation
  • Added scenes from fan-art and my own renders
  • Cheats in the phone menu which can be accessed with the Chats button
    • Change Love and Corruption point values
    • Reset stats for the girls
    • Select path preferences for Voyeur, NTR, Revenge or Sadist
    • Turn Incest off or on
    • Add money or items
    • Unlock all dates
    • Reset SMS text progress to view them again
  • Wallpaper menu added which can be accessed with the Fotos button
    • Choose between new wallpapers or the original blank wallpaper
    • Move icons to the top or bottom of the phone as desired
  • Updated UI - Work in Progress
  • In Game Walk-through available in Help menu in the phone click on red box in the corner
    • "What's in the Box?!"
spot1000 Animation Pack
  1. Download spot1000 Animation Pack
  2. Unzip it
  3. Place "spot1000" folder into the "SAZMOD/edited/anim" folder
    1. There is a "saz" folder in there already, so you'll know you're in the right place.
    2. You must be registered for see images attach
  4. Now you can go into your game and open the Phone Cheat Menu. You can activate the spot1000 animation pack in the lower left hand side
*There is a slight flicker in a couple of the animations
* Important Notice - Check if you are running the 0.9.4b version of the main game and not the 0.9.4 version *

Game Saves from SAZMOD 0.9.4b Beta are compatible with SAZMOD 0.9.4b Official
Not compatible with Original Game Saves
----- Downloads -----
0.9.4b Beta to Official Upgrade Patch - 30.7 MB - -
0.9.4b Official Mod Full Release - 467.9 MB - -

spot1000 Animation Pack - Size 33.5 MB :
The Tyrant 0.9.4b Official Mod Guide :

----- Hot Fix Patch -----
New content will be added via these patches

- None for Official Release Yet -
1. Open the 'SAZMOD' folder inside of 'The Tyrant' > 'game' folder
2. Navigate to the 'scripts' folder and delete it
4. Copy the 'scripts' folder from the HotFixv04.zip archive into the 'SAZMOD' folder inside of 'The Tyrant' > 'game' folder
5. This will create a new copy of the 'scripts' folder' within your active 'SAZMOD' folder
6. Copy the 'edited' folder from the HotFixv04.zip archive into the 'SAZMOD' folder inside of 'The Tyrant' > 'game' folder
7. This will merge with the 'edited' folder within your active 'SAZMOD' folder
8. If asked, overwrite any files when doing step 6.
9. Finished! Start the game and enjoy!

There will also be instructions inside the Hot Fix zip file including any special instructions
in the cases where something else is needed to install a hot fix.

* You only need to download the latest Hot Fix (listed above) as it includes all previous Hot Fixes as well

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No Pain No Gain
Jun 17, 2022
So is this project closed down?
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New member
Jul 16, 2022
It's boring without Incest and ntr is B S. When properly patched it's one of my Top 10 picks.


Jun 11, 2022
This game is good stuff , I played the game already 2021 !!!
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