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[RPGM] The Solarion Project [v0.19 Public] [Naughty Underworld]

Fallen Angel Productions

Fallen Angel Productions

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Apr 23, 2022
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Naughty Underworld
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v0.19 Public
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Jul 13, 2022
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Jan 18, 2020
  1. Windows
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Explore the galaxy with your all female crew to support you! Having recently inherited a ship from your estranged father, you set out on a journey to discover new worlds with a new family. However your past begins to catch up to you and you begin to find out things about your father than you and even the crew he spent years with, never knew. Each crew member has their own in depth and rich personality and back story. Pick your favourite to form an intimate relationship with, or maybe... multiple. There are many choices to make and not all of them leading to happy outcomes, but it's up to you, the player. In control of your own destiny as you begin to discover, what is the Solarion Project?
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2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Sci-f, Big ass, Big tits, Titfuck, Adventure, Monster girl, Point & click, PoV, Romance, Cheating

Planned: Height difference, Anal sex, Group sex, Oral sex
1. Extract to desired location.
2. Run "TheSolarionProject.exe"
v0.19 - public
- Completely changed animation player, animations now play smoothly
- This should also resolve the crashes that some players experienced at various points (Malaena quest, start of game etc)
- Minor animations had to be removed, but will be reimplemented soon

New Content:
- Mia Second Level Progression
- Kittenna Sex Scene Voiced (@BakuSatsuHo)

Major Changes:
- Beginning of the combat system started (all behind the scenes so far)
- Voice Acting system implemented

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
- Bug Fix: Malaena & Catherine's pre-threesome scenes now show up in memory
- Auto save now saves to slot #1 (BACK UP YOUR SAVE)
- Changed interaction marker on locations
- Changed location marker on galaxy map
- Bug Fix: Galaxy map marker now appears above planets
- Bug Fix: On Galaxy Map, clicking won't cause you to travel on last highlighted spot - have to be hovering over location to travel
- Bug Fix: Speaking to Kittenna will no longer keep her on screen
- Bug Fix: Malaena's quest update so it will say complete

v0.18 RPGM Rebuild
game has been redone in Rpgmv
- Shelly Level 2 Progression

- Malaena & Catherine threesome

- New introduction, some minor story events

v0.17 Public
This one includes our favourite tall gals, Kittenna & Lillith.
To start the storyline simply have both Kittenna's and Lillith's level 2 progression complete and you should get a text from Malaena, asking you to go to the armoury!

v0.15 Public
Main Changes:

- Catherine's Level 2 Progression added!

- Lillith moans / pants / sound effects added courtesy of @EndymionVA!

- Re-jigged the intro a tiny amount (Malaena intro image && some of the dialogue - more to come in the future!)

- Restructured the event flow at the start. The player now has to complete the Shuma mission before new missions from the crew become available

Optimisations and bug fixes:

- Added an initial loading sequence

- Added a loading screen that appears if loading a scene takes more than 1 second

- Changed compression settings on audio files

- Updated the dialogue UI

- Fixed an issue where potentially Kittenna's progression would become bugged and stuck after having a drink with her at the bar (second time)

- Fixed an issue where Kittenna would sometimes repeat the last dialogue spoken when talking to her in the armoury

- Fixed an issue on the galaxy map where labels weren't appearing correctly if playing outside of 1920x1080 resolution

- The hide dialogue command is now back (and toggled on the H key)

v0.14 Public
Main Changes:

- Shuma Level 2 Progression Added!

- Ilyana Side Quest Added! (Can you find the easter egg scene??)

- Malaena TF is now animated!

- Shelly BJ is now animated! (added in public build)

- Work on re-work project has begun - nothing major to report on that (read Patreon post for better explanation)

Bug Fixes:

- The game will no longer bug with an end relationship option for Malaena if you romance Catherine first

- Corrected Malaena's Quest triggers (so icons appear at the correct time)

- Fixed the phone image / background bug - images should now be selectable again for phone backgrounds

- Fixed an issue where if you saved on Aquinas and reloaded, NPCs would appear despite them not suppossed to

- Fixed a slight UI issue where planet description was difficult to read when close proximity to a sun

v0.13 Public
Lillith Level 2 Progression added
Kittenna ride, BJ & TF is now animated
Nix Missionary now animated
Lillith shower time & Lillith TF now animated
Unique moans, pants, bj sounds for Kittenna!
Sex scenes no longer auto skip to the next batch of dialogue. A next button appears instead. (So you can watch the animation at different speeds)
The old animation interface is being phased out
There is now an option to auto play dialogue (it will skip to the next dialogue after being displayed for a certain amount of time)
Objectives overhaul, lots of behind the scene changes and UI now enhanced (should no longer be any errors)
Pause Menu button now availbe from main game screen
Phone menu button now available from main game
Improvements to UI in preparation for android devices
Android build hopefully coming soon

v0.12 Public
- Kittenna's level 2 Progression - go all the way!
- Galaxy Map overhaul
- Galaxy Map is now a simple point & click system (like the fast travel previously)
- Fuel / Warp charges have been removed (fuel will return with planet scanning)
- Character icons now display where to travel for objectives / quests
- Added a generic sound player to sex scenes (slaps, slick sounds etc)
- Mia's & Shuma's objectives markers should now display correctly on the ship
- The new message icon that appears is now clickable and opens up the phone menu
- The order of text messages is now reversed (so the latest text messages appear on top)
- The location selection menu now also displays the area you are in, but is grayed out
- Whenever you change which character's text messages you are viewing you automatically scroll to the top (before this was confusing people that they hadn't received a text message)
- Multiple saves should be working as expected and you should be able to get up to 16
- You can now use the piece of paper on the desk to rename your character

v0.11 Public
You'll get a communication after completing the final Red Queen mission (with Pauline) which will allow you to start the Xian Tao storyline. I approached this one in a slightly different way, making it more like a VN (based on the previous posts.) And I've come to a decision around that, which I'll post about this month.
Despite some coding to try and make the galaxy map load better, I've decided to completely revamp it in the 0.12 build so look forward to that! :)

- Unfortunately I was trying to get the sneaking mission with Kaeryn properly sorted, but it just wasn't playing ball. (You'll see what I mean when you play it. There's a couple of awkward cuts that should have a sneaking mini game.)
- I plan to add this in a future build Anyway, you should now be able to start the first progressions with Kaeryn, Nix and the twins; Marina and Karina.
- You can do Kaeryn's quest when you get the package from Joira and any time after that. You should be contacted by the Red Queen, and then you'll meet Kaeryn on Aquinas.
- Nix's quest will trigger while exploring the universe after reaching the shower scenes with Lillith and rescuing Shuma.
- The twins quest will trigger as part of Nix's questline.
-The next build (0.11) will feature the remaining NPCs that have been revealed so far. (Xian Tao, Ilyana and Medvala).
I hope you all enjoy!

- Main Story Progression Part 1
- Introducing Joira, Naetu and Pauline
- Shower Scenes for each crew character
- These are repeatable
- Logic to determine who is in the shower (it runs through the same sequence)

- Creep now gives you 3,000 credits for working in the fast food place when you run out of fuel
- This is so players can complete NPC missions requiring cash due to the delay in the random mission generator system

- Fixed issue where high FPS users experienced high rate of fuel decay

- Mia's First Level Progression
- Update the text message and phone image code to be more in line with the architecture rework
- All crew are progressed to state level 1 (of Progression 1) in preparation for the shower scenes coming in 0.10!
- Minor bug fixes

- Added Shelly's first progression
- Shuma is now a full fledged member of the crew with Name sign above her room and a sleeping scene! ;)
- All crew members now have dialogue after their first scene (some were missing follow up dialogue)
- Fixed numerous bugs around Shuma not appearing in the crew in certain conditions
- Updated the checklist code to be more future proof and in line with how other systems work

- Shuma's Level 1 Progression has been added!
- There is now a galaxy map, press M while in space travel to bring it up. It's a bit basic and rough at the moment, but I'm hoping to spice it up a bit visually in the future!
- This allows fast travel to other systems
- Multiple objectives now appear simultaneously. Each objective has a colour based on the character it involves (or other type) and you can stop tracking them as well. They also appear on the galaxy map so you can see where you need to fast travel to
- Shuma now gives 5,000 credits when you save her (making it easier to hop over to do Lillith's poker quest in the next system along)
- More save slots are available now and screenshots are taken when you make a save. Again it looks a little basic at the moment and will be made to look nicer in the future.

- Malaena Progression
- Saves are now nameable (for multi playthrough / character specific saves)
- Temporarily doubled the speed of the ship while the battle system is in development
- Can now get fuel without having to land on a planet
- Can now get to any planet you are docked at by leaving via the door in Engineering (no need to go into the galaxy map first)
- When docking on the ship you are now given the option to go onto the ship or straight into the galaxy map
- Behind the scenes - began a massive data restructure for many elements of the game, 0.6 systems will use these new data structures and hopefully should result in further decreased loading times for those experiencing high load times

v0.5 Demo
- Malaena's Level 1 Progression
- Saves are now nameable (for multi playthrough / character specific saves)
- Temporarily doubled the speed of the ship while the battle system is in development
- Can now get fuel without having to land on a planet
- Can now get to any planet you are docked at by leaving via the door in Engineering (no need to go into the galaxy map first)
- When docking on the ship you are now given the option to go onto the ship or straight into the galaxy map
- Behind the scenes - began a massive data restructure for many elements of the game, 0.6 systems will use these new data structures and hopefully should result in further decreased loading times for those experiencing high load times

v0.4 Demo
- Catherine's Level 1 Progression
- Bug Fixes

v0.3 Demo
- Kittenna's Level 1 Progression
- Press (hold) shift to quick skip
- Pressing enter advances through dialogue like a mouse click
- Lillith's advances can now be rejected (this becomes important for later when other character's progressions start advancing)
- The Location selection menu now shows a little white arrow when it's available (this will be changed to some sort of noticeable animation in the future)
- Some quality of life changes around the phone menu

v0.2 Demo
- Lillith's first level progression is complete!
- Remember to check the Check List Menu (which has multiple checklists now) to see what you can do
- Also check the objective menu / look at the blue circle in the star map to see where you need to go
- Mia has been added to the lab so you can get her dialogues now
- A phone menu has been added (tab), where you can track progression levels, see stats, messages and images (more will be added in the future)
- The TV now displays a menu with a list of memories (sex scenes) which you can replay
- You can get all interactables in an area to flash by pressing space bar
- Music change for Red Queen's sex scene
- Completely rewrote the code that displays the location selection menu in the hopes of improving the location change lag issue (it doesn't look like it has so investigation will continue.)

v0.1 Demo
  • Red Queen Ride Animation Added
  • Crew member sleeping images added (No Princess yet)
  • Sexy image when gathering each crew member (None for Malaena or Princess)
  • Sexy image of assembled crew (Not including Princess)
This game is in very early stages of development. A combat system is being developed for space engagement (turn based) as well as an on ground combat system (also turned based.)
Will there be a harem ending / harem?
NEW - A decision has been made regarding harem - read here:

Will there be pregnancy / X fetish?
No. I don't want to work on fetishes that don't interest me. I won't write it well or develop it well so people probably wouldn't enjoy it anyway.

- Escape to access pause menu
- Tab to access phone menu
- Some places have movement locations, move mouse to top of screen to see
- Recommend reading dialogue
- Play on low settings if experiencing lag (won't affect images, but will affect space travel segment.)

If you haven't seen the changelog the game has been completely redone in Rpgm it's still a vn so don't worry :)
Also if you don't like RPG stuff there's an option at the start of the game called VN mode it removes all RPG elements from the game

: - - -

Win: - - -

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