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Sep 14, 2022
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0.89 (Ongoing)
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Feb 14, 2024
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Nov 11, 2022
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Just fired from work, you arrive at your girlfriend’s house to see that she is cheating on you with another man. Then you receive a message from an old friend, he invites you to live in his mansion to rebuild your life. But your friend hides a sinister secret that you must discover as you progress through the story. In the mansion, you will meet multiple women who will require your attention.

Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Group Sex, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Real Porn, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.

Fixed bug in the date in the center with Rose
Fixed bug in Rose’s flat when you go for the first time
Fixed bug Magnus when you try to buy a house
Fixed bug with Mrs. Dubanoski
Fixed bug with Jessica and Tiger
Fixed bug with Rose in her office
Fixed bug when Lily disapear
Fixed a bug where two mission objectives overlapped on top of each other
Fixed text error after drink of the bloody fountain in the castle
Fixed text error in the lab of the college when Jessica dissapear
Now sell cocktails give you more money
Now work in all places give you much more money
Added a button in the inventory that leads to the street for when the player gets stuck
Added new scene with Azumi


Fixed animations of love bar
Fixed the action to give a drink to Richard
Fixed bug in the gallery with Sophia and Elsa
Fixed bug when you meet Sophia’s mom for first time
New scene with Bella
New scene with Isabella


Added new story with Bella
New content buying Bella house. Go to Bella at the castle town an bring her to her new home
New scene with Bella


Fixed bug with Albert and railcar
New content buying Isabella house (complete her quest)
New scene with Isabella


Fixed new bug with monster and moscow mule, and Sara panties
Fixed bug with threesome with Nancy and Andrea in nancyroom the scene don’t repeat anymore
Fixed bug with Exit button in the pub
New scene with Sara (You need cocktails), now you can meet her in the street, town center, and side walk, and talk to her
New dialogues with Sara
Improved the style of the buttons for using objects in the backpack
Improved the game text.


Added icons to the shopping items in the stores, bob, fuel station and pimp
Fixed bug with monster and moscow mule, and Sara panties
Fixed bug with threesome whit Nancy and Andrea
Fixed bug with cola
Added new talk with Bob
Added new texts in all game
Added new scene with Sara
Improved the English text in the introduction.


Fixed vending machine
Fixed conversation with hooded woman
Extended plot in the castle
Added new scene with Jennifer
Added new inventory
Improved the English text in the introduction


Fixed bug with vending machine
Fixed bug with Jessica at motel
Fixed a bug with Sophia and blue mashroom
Fixed a bug with Jessica in Tiger’s apartment.
Fixed bug when you bring Lab Jessica to Tiger
Fixed error in the garage
Fixed bug trip with Jessica Tiger’s daughter
Fixed bug with Sophia and blue mushrooms
Added secondary girls gallery (Angel woman, Rita, Marie, Director Olivia, Mrs. Duabonski, Jesscia in cantine, Jessica in lab, Jessica meeting by Marie, Clara, Bella and Madison)
Upgrade avatars images
Extendend content after talk to hodded woman about black robe and enter the castle
Added threesome scene with Nancy and Andrea


Fixed a bug with Jessica in Tiger’s apartment.
Fixed bug with vending machine
Fixed bug with Jessica at motel
Fixed a bug with Sophia and blue mashroom
Added in-game gallery scenes featuring the main girls.
Fixed bug with Moscow mule in sidebar.
Now you can sleep without energy restrictions
Fixed empty bottle refilling in toilets at the end of the game.
Cyndi can help you refill a bottle, but the splash may fail! (you won’t lose the bottle)
Fixed bugs with Jessica Tiger in her apartment.
Added red potions in the green house when Sophia is in college and the player has 0 potions.
Added progress love bar animation
Fixed spend time (sidebar button) when in the forest of an abandoned village
Added new font style
Extended content with Jessica Tiger, you can travel with her and see her father
Added a new scene with Mrs. Dubanoski.
Now you can shower at Marie’s apartment and at Mrs. Dubanoski’s house
New scene with Sophia (optional)


The remaining content with Jessica has been added.
The bug when building the railcar has been fixed.
The bug with Bob from the weed sale has been fixed, now you will be able to talk to Tiger.
The diary has been updated, it will now display the main mission you’re currently on to prevent the player from getting lost.
The speaking content with Jessica has been added.


A couple news scenes
New scene with the woman’s plane
Fixed two bugs
Upgrade interfaze, start menu and links!
In this update the roulette is deactivated, the jobs will give more money
New cheats codes


Added quest with Jessica in the laboratory
Adde new scene with Jessica in the laboratory
Added skip time button
Fixed a couple of small bugs


Fixed error when you try to find Olvia’s house the scene no longer repeats itself
Added 3 new scenes with Oliva in her office and at home


Added cheat console in the mall
I have also increased the number of avatars you can choose at the start of the game by +5
I have fixed the bug to be able to access the content of vegan food in the university and I have added a new scene with Mrs. Dubanoski if she is chosen to be the director, there will also be a new scene with Olivia.
Now you can take the Jessica that you find in the canteen to Tiger
New scene with Jessica


1. Now you can choose between 5 photos to select the avatar that you like the most.
2. I have added continuation to the college plot now you can get the vegan ingredients and unlock a new scene with Mrs. Dubanoski and Olivia
3. I have also fixed some previous bugs


1. Fixed error with Noa, now before complete her quest you get love with her and you can have sex.
2. Added new scene with Olivia.
3. Fixed bug with Madison and some more bugs
4. Updated diary
5. Added new character Mario
6. Updated plot with Jessica in the college


1. Fixed bug with Madison and added back button with Noa when you tak to her in her house


1. New character Olivia
2. Find Jessica
3. New scene with Jessica

Update 0.69

1. Fixed bug with blue potion
2. Added another way to get the black robe
3. Added a forest in the initial town to be able to collect wood
4. Date with Rose in the forest and new scene
5. New scene with new girl


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Sep 8, 2023
compressed version 0.80.1 of the game ~90%!! By Broken_Division
use the "all in one.bat"-> enter "3" -> enter , and wait about 5-10 minutes

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