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Jul 15, 2023
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0.1.2 Alpha
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Jan 23, 2024
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Jan 3, 2023
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A city in the Human World suddenly stopped believing in the Goddess, and that's weakening the Angelic World.
Cassiel and Sapphire are two angels that were sent to the Human World to help humans so they believe in the Goddess again, but the moment they arrive in the city things start to get complicated, as they can't go back to the Angelic World and a strange energy is enhancing the lust of humans.
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1 - Extract and run.
Alpha v0.1.2
New content:
- The CG/Scene Gallery!
- 2 New H event.
- Free Train now available.

Fixes and technical things:
- Change between Cassiel and Sapphire anytime.
- Reworked the Town, now it is smaller and less confusing.
- Added quest marks for continue a quest.
- Increased the % of H events while resting at the beach to 25% from 20%.
- Removed Floor 2 and 3 of the Residential Building.
- Reworked the “Game Menu”.
- Reworked the “Waitress Menu”.
- NPC “Grumpy sir” moved to another place of the Town.
- NPC “Black cat” moved to another place of the Town.
- 2 Blue Stones moved to another place of the Town.
- 1 Butterfly moved to another place of the Town.
- Christmas Special: Fixed a bug where the gem gets stuck in the inventory after the true ending.

Alpha v0.1.1
Remember the Christmas Event starts in the bedroom of the church.
New content:
- Christmas Special
- 11 New H events.
- 5 New Side Quests.
- 9 New Achievements (Only 5 can be unlocked).
- New Outfit: Santa (Cassiel).
- New Outfit: Reindeer (Sapphire).
- New Zone: Remote Town.
- New NPC: Santa.
- New NPC: Karen.

Fixes and technical things:
- Achievement “Soft pleasure” renamed to “Team tits”.
- Fixed some Achievement’s images.
- Halloween Special: Fixed a bug where Sapphire gets teleported to a wrong location after interacting with the safe.
- Halloween Special: Fixed a bug where the necklace gets stuck in the inventory after the true ending.
- Halloween Special: Some H events now correctly count as Virginity lost.
- Fixed a bug where a wrong achievement can pop up after the H event between Cassiel and The Seer.

Alpha v0.1.0
Remember the Halloween Event starts in the bedroom of the church.
New content:
- Halloween Special 2023
- 13 New H events
- 13 New Side Quest
- 7 New Achievements (Only 4 can be unlocked).
- New Outfit: Witch (Cassiel).
- New Outfit: Witch (Sapphire).
- New Zone: Haunted Manor.
- New NPCs: The Abagnale Family
- 1 New chat between Cassiel and Sapphire at the end of the day.

Alpha v0.0.9
New content:
- 6 New H Events.
- 1 New Main Quest.
- 1 New Side Quest.
- 4 New Memory fragments.
- 2 New Completed Memories.
- 2 New Achievements.
- 2 New Fights: Introduction of H Attacks.
- Cassiel can now sleep at the beach.

Fixes and technical things:
- Events with the NPC Jeff while resting in the beach can now be repeated with new dialogues.
- Edited some quest’s descriptions to make them easier to guide the player.
- Added music to the Slums
- Fixed a bug where the HUD is still visible if you manually interact with the bed of the hotel to sleep.
- Fixed a bug about bad position of the HUD in the Angelic Worl.
- Fixed some achievements at the beach showing incorrectly while unlocking them.
- Fixed some wrong chats between Cassiel and Sapphire at the end of the day.
Alpha v0.0.8
New content:
- 15 New H events.
- 4 New Memory fragments.
- 2 New Completed Memories.
- 18 New Achievements (Only 9 can be unlocked).
- Waitress Job (Beta 2.0: Pranks and Punishments)
- Added a new place to change skins in the Restaurant.
- Added the map of the Commercial District. (Talk to the Shopping District Guard).
- More chats between Cass and Sapp at the end of the day.

Fixes and technical things:
- Edited the Town Map (item) with more place’s names.
- Edited the “you are here” pointer in the map.
- Available side quests are now shown in the map.
- Available H events are now shown in the map.
- Added tooltips to the day-time icon.
- Reworked the “Quest’s Diary” window.
- Reworked the buttons in the Main Menu.
- Reworked the Game Menu.
- Added a window with info of the Waitress Job.
- Now you can change skins in the cabin of the beach.
- Translated the “Game Menu” window to spanish.
- Translated the Main Menu buttons to spanish.
- Fixed a bug with the achievements about earning money not unlocking after working as waitress.

Alpha v0.0.7b
New content:
- 5 New H events.
- 8 New Achievements (only 4 can be unlocked).
- Main Quest “In Search of Power” can now be completed.
- 2 New Memory fragments.
- 1 New Completed Memory.
- City map expanded.
- More chats between Cass and Sapp at the end of the day.

Fixes and technical things:
- Added tooltips to the World Map.
- Added Save Button outside Game Menu.
- Added a Back button when clicking a bed.
- Added the Church button to the World Map.
- Added the “Main Street” and “Side Street” buttons to the World Map when you click the “Town” button
- Added 2 new access to the World Map from the Town: They are in the Main Street and the Church.
- Money is now shown in the bottom left corner too.
- Added a Butterfly icon in the bottom left corner (Only if any butterfly is available).
- Side Quest: “Rebecca has the outfit” no longer requires 5 points of Exhibicionism (Cassiel).
- Fixed a bug with the Side Quest: “Donation for a Homeless” where the option to give the money can be selected without having the money and crashing the game.
- Fixed a bug with 2 H events of Cassiel, with the train assistant and the pervert of the chair, they were in conflict.
- Fixed a problem with the incorrect music after watching the Rest Chair H Events in the City and Commercial District.
- Fixed a bug with a conversation at the end of the day, if Sapphire Perversion was 1 or more.
- Fixed a bug with the quest "Treasure in the sand" where if you accept the quest with one character, and try to enter the beach with the other one, the game crashes.

Alpha v0.0.6
New content:
- New work: Waitress (Beta).
- New work: Selling trash.
- 4 new Side Quests.
- 8 new H events.
- 5 new achievements (only 2 can be unlocked)
- Added a new place to advance time (beach)

Fixes and technical things:
- The Game-Menu buttons edited, now they are labels.
- Added tooltips to some movement’s arrows.
- Achievemet’s code totally reworked, now achievements should be less intrusive.
- Fixed a crash when you watch the r4p3 scene in the streets for the 1st time while Cassiel is sleeping, having 9 points of Perversion.
- Fixed a bug where Cassiel is expelled from the Alley of the Town if the night gets her, even if she already proved her strength.
- Fixed a bug with the icon of the map when the player is near the church.
- Fixed a bug where the player remains the quest items of “Open for Business” after completing the quest.
- Credits updated.

Alpha v0.0.5
New content:
- 36 New achievements (only 14 can be unlocked).
- 9 New H events.
- 1 New Main Quest “In search of power” (Just a placeholder).
- 1 New Side Quest “Memories” (Can’t be fully completed).
- 1 New fight, introduction of enemy’s H attacks.
- New NPC: Cassiel's Dad added to the prologue as a teaser for future content.
- New NPC: Erissa - The butterfly reader (for now only in Memories).
- New NPC: Rachel - Hand of the Goddess (for now only in Memories).
- New Zone: Train Station B.
- New Zone: Temple.
- New Zone: City (mostly a placeholder).
- New Zone: Beach (mostly a placeholder).
- New system: Memories.
- 4 New fragments of memories.
- 2 Complete memories.
- New Outfit: Bikini (Cassiel) (it can’t be fully unlocked).
- New Outfit: Bikini (Sapphire) (it can’t be fully unlocked).
- Added a map of the Angelic World.
- Added a map of the Town.

Fixes and technical things:
- Fixed a bug where Sapphire gets stuck if you complete the quest “Donation for a Homeless” at midnight.
- Stats “Orgasms and Cummings” mixed, now it’s “Climax”.
- Main quest: “Spiritual place” can now be completed.
- Side quest: “Open for business” can now be completed.
- Zone: Train Station A is now working.
- Combat code reworked.
- Combat buttons are now easier to click.
- The most confusing part of Angelic World reworked.
- Main Menu reworked.
- Credits screen added.
- Achievements can now be accessed from the Main Menu.
- Main Menu now shows the correct version of the game.
- All backgrounds optimized. (less size).
- Added Paypal, Itchio and Trello buttons to the Main Menu.
- “Back” button removed in the menu, now you can click everywhere to close it.
- Main quest’s achievements are now hidden (if locked).

Pre-Alpha v0.0.4
New content:
- 12 new achievements (only 6 can be un unlocked).
- 3 new side quests.
- 4 new H events.
- New outfit for Cassiel: Waitress Outfit.
- Different interactions with NPCs when using the Waitress Outfit (This outfit is normal, so don't expect big reactions of NPCs)
- Cassiel and Sapphire's bedroom (Church)

Fixes and technical things:
- After loading your save, the showed skin is the correct one.
- To change outfits now you need to use the wardrobe.
- After completing "Angelical Blackmail" quest, if Cassiel talks with the Mean Adult again, now she doesn't get teleported to a wrong location.
- When Sapphire gets an item, now the correct skin is showed.
- When Sapphire fights, now the correct skin is showed.
- Added Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt option language (you must patch the game with the unofficial translation)

Pre-Alpha v0.0.3
New content:
- 4 new H events
- Confessional added, H events planned in there.
- Nun outfit added for Sapphire.
- Different interactions with NPCs when using the nun outfit (This outfit is normal, so don't expect big reactions of NPCs)
- Evelyn's boutique added (only Sapphire).
- Fitting room added (only Sapphire)
- New Zone: Train Station A (Just a placeholder)

Fixes and technical things:
- Inventory code reworked (should work for good now)
- Crafting system removed (for now)
- Sprites code reworked (skins/outfits are easy to work now)
- Added new music in the Shopping District
- Added the icon of the game
- Menu buttons code edited, they shouldn't be so hard to click on Android now

Pre-Alpha v0.0.2
- 8 new achievements (only 4 can be unlocked)
- 3 new quests (only 2 can be completed)
- 5 new H events
- World map
- 2 new zones (1 is just a placeholder)

Pre-Alpha v0.0.1
- Prologue completed
- 1st town completed
- 6 Main quests
- 7 Side quests
- 9 H events
- 4 Fights
My native language is spanish, but each update will be translated into english as best as possible, so remember to change language in the options menu.
You can freely move around the map, the zones are quite big and a bit labyrinthine, you can explore for quest, items, H events and more.

Some actions will advance time, and in different times of the day, npcs, quest, events, etc. can change.


At the end of each day, you must select wich character you want to play the next day.

When you interact with NPCs, each emotion of the characters has a unique pose.

You can find H events everywhere.

This is the system in the most early state, for now it's too simple.

You can change Sapphire and Cassiel clothes when you want, with different clothes, NPCs can react different, and you will have access to new events.

Nothing much to say here, a quest diary to track yor quests.

I really like achievements, I want to add a lot of them.

You can track the stats of your main characters, when some stats rise enough, new events will be unlocked.

Another important thing to say: Due to the way that I'm writing the code, it's easy for me to add Quest / Events, so, some patrons can request their desired quests with the main characters, or even the secondary characters.
- Some text maybe is only in spanish (please report it)
- A lot of achievements can't be unlocked yet
- "Blue Stones" quest can't be completed
- "Believe in the Goddess" quest can't be completed
- "Memories" quest can't be completed
- Movement still needs more improvements.

Win / Linux
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Download: - - - -



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