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The Island, depicts the adventure of Olivia, a young woman who ends up castaway with her friends on a strange and mysterious deserted island. Subjected to a supernatural force that alters sanity, the group is slowly regressing into madness, toward a primitive animalistic state. Will Olivia and her friends manage to escape the Island and uncover the shroud of mysteries around it?
The Island is an adult 2D “Old School” RPG-inspired game with a survival, crafting, investigation and stealth mechanism, including many CG cutscenes and multiple ending scenarios.

2D Game, Adventure, Animated, Creampie, Drugs, Dystopian Setting, Female Protagonist, Graphic Violence, Groping, Group Sex, Horror, Internal View, Interracial, Lactation, Lesbian, Male Domination, Management, Masturbation, Multiple Endings, Oral Sex, Paranormal, Possession, Pregnancy, Puzzle, Rape, RPG, Sandbox, Sleep Sex, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.
#### Version ####

Public Version


NEW scene revamped: Encounter a fallen and now feral guardian man in a field of pheromones.
NEW scene revamped: Random feral roamer south of the Guardian’s camp next to the herd beach. Also reviewed the escape mini-game
NEW scene revamped: Random feral roamer south of the Guardian’s camp on the shore of the Temple Lake. Also added the struggle mini-game to this scene
NEW scene revamped: Encounter with two feral male and a feral woman near the lake to the east of the Herd Beach Guardian’s camp. Also added a new way to pass this event.
NEW scene revamped: 2nd random feral ambusher when Olivia is gathering resources
Remove the pauses and speed up the climbing on the path to upper plateau cave in the starting area.
Also removed the pauses and speed up the climbing process in the waterfall area south of the hills of Discord camp.
Added a skip option to the special night event in the tent
Improved fishing spear durability by 15%
Fix a bug with the controller in charge of managing the sfx during scenes. The option to turn on/off the sexual SFX should be working as intended now
Fix the speed of the bed warmer task. The duration of that task was meant to be 1 not 12
The bed warmer resolution scene has been temporarily deactivated due to an issue involving Melissa.
QOL : Improved the main menu with a long time requested feature. The buttons are now have mouse support and is clickable!
Tweaked the AI detection script for the roamers on the map
Balanced the Pheromone Cave. Now, when Olivia get caught, the animated sprite only last 8 secs before fading out (instead of previously 40ish secs)
Balanced the Camp mini-game. Now the task return more result (food, resources, and the quest progression). This makes the mini-game resolution faster
Added a fix that force close the menu in some are occurences.
Fixed a pathing issue in the Rainforest caused by the breadcrump tile in some area of the map.
Added a condition to check if the player is gathering resources in water area to prevent random ambusher to happens. Feral random ambusher on aquatic tile are plan in the future.
Fixed a layer bug with Igor Scene which wasnt unloading the layers every time.
Fixed a pathing bug in the cheating room
Fixed a video scene in the 1st gangbang which was showing parts of the editor menu.
Added breadcrumbs to help navigating in the flooded rainforest.
Reviewed Savitri story to add a “flashback memory filter” over the picture and sinces its a story told by Savitri, removed the 2-images “animations”.
Fixed a few minor bugs in Savitri story maps
Disabled the hard mode. You can still accept Igor deal but the hard mode won’t be activated. We might reactivate the hard mode later if we comes up with more reward/consequences.
Fixed a potential pathing issue reported when Olivia find David’s backpack.
The quest “Reunion” is now completed when returning to Cassie after the 1st Guardian’s events
The quest “The Guardian” is now completed after returning to the Herd Beach Guardian camp upon completion of the Water Temple
Upon completion of the “Report back to the Guardians” quest, the player will get the fast travel waypoint for the Hills of Discord camp as a reward

Version : Bug fixes and Tweaks

Public Version


NEW quick start waypoint to Hills of Discord Camp
Added the Eldrich Parasite to the game
Guardian Cure Disease potion remove this effect when used
NEW Feral roamer encounter exclusive to Feral Sandbox Play
NEW easy option that would prevent Olivia from turning feral therefore alleviating the feeling of “punishment” for trying out the sex scenes.
This option can be activated anytime in the options menu.
This option double the PR reduction over time.
With this option enabled, Olivia cannot turn feral and will be cap at her maximum PR minus 1.
NEW optional toggle tooltip (activable in the options menu) that shows the buff/debuff name of every effect when you mouseover it.
NEW Feral Raider scene template (currently available within the Feral Play sandbox) [Dialogues under review]
Feral Play version of the first random roamer in the FP sandbox.

DISABLED MQ2 and main quest content as it is currently incomplete
Set a cap to impregnation % chances on residual cum. More residual cum, more chances to get impregnated (up to 3%)
BALANCING : +10 seconds to the timer for the fixing camp minigame
Doubled the timer for the camp global effects chances (monkeys and etc.) loop
Tweaked and fixed the focus/pausing script to include the CMG events
Fixed a bug with the quick start at the Hills of Discord that was preventing the NPC to spawn in the Western Shore Guardian Camp
Fixed another pathing issue in upper jungle area
Disabling the triggers for the dart event in the swamp when using the quick start option “After the Pheromone Cave”
Fixed an issue with the Eldrich Parasite effect activating itself randomly
Fixed a pathing issue in the upper jungle area
Fixed a rare bug where the autosave game would go corrupted during a specific event
Speed up the movement in the 1st mushroom quest
Fixed an issue with the RPGMV render function that, in some case, was making the game freeze
Disabling the CG event for Bed Warmer while remaking it more simple and easy to add new girls to it without going fubar
Fixed a bug with contributing to the camp supplies using vegetal fiber in the CMG
Changed the dawn and dusk visual effects to make them less intrusive and intense.
Balancing : raised the speed of the character by a tad (experimental balancing wip).
Removed the pregnancy to the normal setting skip option. Now Olivia will not be pregnant at the start of a new “normal” mode game.
Removed the “profile” page from the status window as it wasn’t adding much to the game.
GG events with Cassie get rid of more of Olivia “excess semen” now.
Balancing : When girls are working on a task, time goes faster in CMG. Doing this to fill the time gap between Olivia’s clock and the CMG girls clock.
Fixed a few missing assets error within the CMG scenes manager
Added a small pheromone area near the Hills of Discord camp.

Discussion about orientation for The Man Without Love story update
Discussion about orientation for the FP sandbox “story”.
FP Sandbox birthing event
Add a new Feral Play version for another random roamer in the FP Sandbox
Adjust the pathing for the Temple GH minigame

A man without love!

Continuation of the main story
Add a totem of random flavors quests for the CMG**
Stats window for the CMG (to keep track of num of time girls get fucked, impregnantion, etc.)
2nd Mushroom Side Quest
Add farming to the Camp Management Mini-Game
Add a “Stress Relief” station to the Camp Management Mini-Game
Feral Play Sandbox Mini-Game bonification
Main menu revamp

Version : Hills of Discord Camp Update

Public Version


Completed the Camp Management Mini-Game plugin
Added “Near Feral State” to camp girls. Near Feral Girls can’t do anything other than be a bed warmer or rest.
Added an additional RARE random event to the CMG**
Added the CMG dialogues
Added 4 BIG maps to link the Hills of Discord camp with the Western Shore area
Added an underground map
Added a 3rd stage for the South-Western Guardian Camp for when Olivia returns to visit this place (after the CMG**)
Added the 1st Guardian Store at the South-Western Guardian Camp. Olivia can turn in various items for influence and buy Guardian stuff here now
Added the first random Guardian artefact to the game map, hidden in a secret location
Olivia can now harvest her own milk if she’s lactating and has empty bottles
Completed the CG and story link after the Savitri birth event
Added the unassignment dialogue to the Camp’s survivors events
Added a glance at the girls stats in the girl pool selection window of the CMG**
Added subsequent birth events for Olivia. After the first birth, Olivia will receive a newly born baby item in her inventory.

Public Version


SAVITRI Side Story which include more than 115 new CG!
Complete the “First Contact” quest
Integration of the first part of assets and scripts for the upcoming Camp management mini-game
Replaced the “Skip/Hide” function with a keybind. Now to hide the text, use the CONTROL key
Visible pregnancy sprites for Olivia
When Olivia reaches her 3rd stage of pregnancy, she’s slower and can’t run as long as usual.
Added a new quick start option : After The Pheromone Cave
Added two new QTE mini-games to some events for more diversity

Excluding the gathering resource event from the Pheromone Cave and for the whole Savitri Quest
Fixed the dark cave for preventing Olivia from speaking while entering it as another character
Fixed the “Add Days” to pregnancy cheat. Now it add days as supposed
Fixed the resources bug in the new Beach Area during Savitri Quest
Modified a lot of Cassie behavior on the Abandonned Camp Map. She shouldnt be appearing anymore if
she’s at the Cliffside Camp now.
Fixed a few bugs with the pile of leaves bedroll. Now using this item will consume it
Fixed bugs related to the new quick start option
Modified the Turning Feral ending scene and dialogues. Removed the cannibals (for now)
Slightly raised the percentage chance of getting a random event while gathering
Revamped the 2 firsts feral encounter a bit to add more diversity to the game
Added a fail over routine to check if the permanent buff provided by quest don’t fadeout after a while
Fixed various minor bugs


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