The disdain for criticism


Aug 8, 2022
This post is meant to be related to game and developer criticism, not towards mainstream criticism and the fanaticism that surrounds content and products outside of the adult game community.

I can understand why some people dislike criticism, they simply dislike the negativity that surrounds it. However, I don't think I can ever understand those who get offended at criticism, especially when it isn't directly related to you. I am a firm believer that anything, or anyone can be, and should be, subjected to criticism. It doesn't matter if that criticism is negative, or positive, constructive, or not.

The main argument that anti-criticism love to make is that "constructive" criticism is acceptable. However, what does that even mean? By definition, constructive means "Serving to improve or advance; helpful." This suggests that criticism can only be constructive if the developer uses the criticism to improve the overall product.

However, many claim that constructive criticism means that one must follow their negative comment with an idea on how to improve something. This is not the definition of constructive. With how much the community has defended the definition of other terms such as "NTR", why are we allowing people to change the definition of constructive?

Furthermore, by using the newly created definition of constructive, not every type of criticism can be constructive. If you play a game that includes a heavy amount of bestiality and didn't like it as a result, what sort of "constructive" criticism can you realistically provide? In reality, the only thing constructive you could claim is "restart the game", and that's ridiculous.

Furthermore, by that same definition, any criticism can be constructive. If 10 people are screaming, insulting and cursing at the developer, that may seem nonconstructive. However, the moment a person makes a constructive post, the original 10 also becomes constructive because it tells the developer that it likely isn't just 1 person with this opinion, but 11.

There are more brain dead takes that I initially wanted to discuss as well. Such as "If you don't like the game, don't play it" and "It's free". However, this post is already excessively long, and I'm currently editing the post since I accidentally hit the keybind to post this before it was complete. So, I'll just stop here for now.
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