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Aug 6, 2022
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Sza Tween Shape for G8.1F

I hereby come to present you my latest product - a custom basic tween G8.1 female shape carefully put together.
tween: 1a child between the ages of approximately eight and twelve.

If I am not mistaken (forgive me if I am), her figure has 4'0 (123cm)I aimed for a young tween, around 8-9 years old.
She's not thoroughly framed as a real person, but you'll find her head, facial and body proportions much closer to that of a real girl than the usual tween figures available for Daz Studio.

This package contains:
a custom tween G8.1F Shape (the full morph / head + body)
a bonus alt version of that same tween G8.1F Shape, one w/ less and simpler head & facial features (only lightly brushed) - ideal for you to dial up, mix & match her basic figure w/ any G8 or G8.1 female characters' head morphs you want and make as many different girls as you'd like

(the product will also respond satisfactorily to most generic G8F and G8.1F body dials, such as body types, body size, height, etc)

List of assets used on promotional images:
Teen Raven
Irina HD
Tri-X' TX Eleanor (RenderHub)
Protostar Hair
Curly Top Updo Hair
Linda Ponytail Hair
RainbowLight's dForce Tank & Skirt (Renderosity)
dForce KungFu Fury Outfit
KuJ dForce Fashion Skirt Outfit
OneSix' dForce Strip Top 03 (Renderosity)
Indiana dForce Clothing and Accessories
AJC Pro Skate Outfit
dForce SU Summer Bikini
dForce SU Summer Gymnastics Suit
Everyday Candy
Z Cuteness Overload Props and Poses

Skin textures are NOT INCLUDED.
Hair, Clothes and Accessories used in the promotional pictures are also NOT INCLUDED.

You'll find her morph dials under Actor/ (on the Parameters tab, type for 'SZA')

You can also find their Presets on your Library under People/Sza Trippie/G8.1F Tween Shape

Thank you for purchasing.
(and if you find any issues w/ the product, pls contact me about it)

Regarding the small issue w/ her upper teeth & gums
The upper bits of her gums could not support the puerile mouth & cranium shapes I gave her (not on Daz non PA base subd res limitation)But there's hope still.
Dropping the dial "Mouth Realism 8.1 HD" to 25% or less fixes it entirely
If still you miss the imperfection of her teeth, after lowering "Mouth Realism 8.1 HD" to 25%, on the 'Currently Used' tab, increase the dial "Mouth Realism HD" to 100%.

About the missing product situation
The product was reported and withdrawn at the accusation of depicting "child character Inappropriate content" a couple days ago.
I'd like to thank the RH staff for allowing me to bring it back, yet I was requested to "fix" the issue.
I replaced the old promo pictures for some new (the ones you're now seeing) - you can see the previous promo pictures on my twitter account (they do a better job displaying the product and no, there's no child character inappropriate content in it - it's 100% safe).
it's the same product though - zero changes

- -

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