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Mar 2, 2023
Since there's no subforum for posting suggestions, I'll have to post any suggestions here. At least until Kavinsky heeds my advice and creates that subforum in question.

I've noticed that some games, like "Depravity", which I just commented, have been last updated almost 6 months ago or even longer than that ("Depravity" was last updated almost a year ago). So I suggest when the staff posts topics about a game or see a game that hasn't been updated for 6 months or longer, to add "Abandoned" tag. If the creator or a user swings by the topic and gives a link to a new version, then the "Abandoned" tag can be removed. That way we will know in advance not to expect anything new (soon or at all) when clicking the download link.

I know that making a game takes time, I know that the developers have personal lives like the most of the people but 6 months delay or even longer is way too long. Some of the best games on the AVN scene get new updates every 3 months, 4 tops. That's why I think a 6+ months delay fully deserves the "Abandoned" tag.
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