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Sep 14, 2022
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Our human hero is hurled across space alongside an alien female deep space explorer, whose ship he accidentally destroyed…
Supported by an overconfident drone and a mysterious passenger, it is our hero's task to make his fortune and embark on the long journey back home, while dealing with alien women, crazy sex-bots and adventurers in his path…

3dcg, animated, exhibitionism, male protagonist, management, oral sex, point & click, sandbox, sci-fi, trainer, turn based combat, vaginal sex, voyeurism,
1. Extract and run.

Main New Features
Main Quest: The Xenos Library (Voron Space)
New Voron Cannon, Launcher, Torpedoes, ... for your ship
Player Base on Tenaris (Multiverse Warehouse, Trophy Room, ...)
NSFW: Kythera the Librarian
NSFW: Sex with T'Ris
NSFW: Seraphine
NSFW: Khelara
NSFW: Nimhe Pony Walk
Spanking Minigame: T'Ris, Nimhe, Khelara
Ship Deck 3 with Mess Room and Replicator
Many GUI & QoL changes
Bot Balancing
New Precursor Levels
New Enemies: Voron Zealots
Swarm Mining Spot (unique items)

Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure
Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game :)

Known Issues V1.00b:
Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
Minor dialogue inconsistencies if subquests / training is done wildly out of order

V0.9 saves will _not_ work. Positively. V0.4, V0.5, V0.6, V0.7, V0.8, V0.9 multiverse pods will!


Fixed Nimhe Public Favour Dialogue Crash


Main New Features
Revised Favour System (Public / Private Favours)
Bot Configurator Overhaul (GUI Unification)
Bot Cargo Manager (Stasis Pods With Preview)
Cloaking Capability for the Ship
Side Mission (Audra NSFW)Slave Rescue
Side Mission (Veronica NSFW) Rescue Verity
Main Quest / The Way Home: Voron System Access
Major Quest: The Biolab (NSFW)
Nimhe's Favours Continued (NSFW)
Nimhe TEC Skill (Better Bot Upgrades)
T'Ris Pet Walk (NSFW)
Nimhe Walks Public favours (NSFW)
Starting Point Day 75
Re-renders of some NSFW scenes
Many QoL changes


Main New Features
Completely reworked economy (bots, wares, missions)
Revised mission system on central Captain's console
Quest: The Holodeck
Quest: The Princesses Demands
Quest: Toys For Nimhe Ct'd
Quest: Nimhe Public Favours
Quest: A Favour For Krogneath / Pet Training
New Mining Spot Arellarti
New High End Krell Enforcer Mob (Mil Drop Guarantee)
Galaxina Ct'd
MC Tech Skill Mechanics (Stage I)
Nimhe Parts Upgrade Skill
Arellarti Precursor Wreck Site
SW Design: Quest DB sanity checker, skill increment system, ...
many QoL feature gameplay and Botlab

Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure
Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game :)

Known Issues V0.8c:
Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
V0.7 saves will _not_ work. Positively. V0.4, V0.5, V0.6, V0.7 multiverse pods will!


Main New Features
New Star System: Arellarti (Krell Space)
New Character: Princess Seraphine
New Room: Guest Cabin 2
Precursor Junkyard Levels open
Quest: Rescue Princess Seraphine
Quest Ct'd: Khelara
Quest Ct'd: Nimhe
Quest Ct'd: V
New NSFW Krell Uniforms for all Crewmembers
Complete Bot finds (special types)
Precursor Bot Crates
Precursor Cortex (with Attribute Cubes for Customizing!)
Botlab GUI and QoL Updates (Easy Bot Sell / Arcade Management via Bot Terminal now!)
Hyperjump Travel & Galaxy Map
Extended Quest help System (detailed Popup Hints)
Expanded NSFW Gallery
and many more Dialogue and QoL updates

Multiverse Pod Retrieval Procedure

Nothing to be done with files etc., it is just there in your new Game if you made one in the V0.6 release :)

Known Issues V0.7

Using time forwarding into night during pet quest in Krell station makes T’Ris disappear on board. 
Workaround: Do not use this function in the Krell base
Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies


Main New Features

New bounty missions / combat scenarios / loot level 1 to 4
New dangerous mobs (Swarm Scout, Krell, Executor) with improved AI
New smuggling missions and re balanced transport missions
Totally overhauled repair system with animations
Continue Feature at Game Start
Revised EXP awarding
Bot configurator overhaul (QoL)
New bot characteristics (personality, …) and valuation
Bot cortex upgrade and hypertrain features
Rare and military bot crates
New space location “Outer Fields” with mining expansion
Cargo expansion MkII with cloak modules (for smuggling)
Side images for Krogneath’s staff and Space patrol
New special bot shell
Multiverse pods now store to saves location / automatically found!
Many GUI upgrades for QoL
Quest: A Favour For Nimhe
Quest: V’s reappearance
Quest: Uniforms for Khelara
Quest Update: T’Ris
Expanded NSFW gallery


Main New Features

New Location: Pirate Base
New Gen 2 and 3 Bot Parts
New custom Bot shape
New crew character: Chief Engineer Khelara
New Pirate NPC
Hexagon Field Space Combat System
Revised task and uniform assignment
Quest: Revealing Uniform for your Crew
Quest: The Pirate Outpost
Quest: Uniform exhibitionism training for T’Ris
Quest: Secret project of BB-2
Custom Bot for the Captain’s quarters
Improved Nightly reports
Lab Manager: Bot retrieval from arcade
Lab Manager: Bot Lab high end part direct buy
Bot multiverse storage and retrieval compatible with future releases
Completely overhauled mission system (transport and combat)
A ton of QoL features
and of course animations, lewd scenes and gallery expansion
Many features have been rewritten from the start compared to V0.4, please start a new game.

Confirmed Issues and Bugs in V0.5c

Crashes in some OSX versions when writing the multiverse pod due to file access rights. 

Workaround: Move app to desktop and run from there
Location history crash when returning from space nav in Ylyee quest
Occurrence extremely rare . Trigger game state not fully understood. Will be fixed in V0.6
Workaround: Roll back to where you can navigate around in the ship, go from briudge to hallway, go back on bridge and continue


Main New Features

Uniform Quest: Racy Uniform for your Crew
Ylyee Quest: Help Ylyee complete her mission for a major reward
Repair Quest: Fix up your Ship’s Lower Deck
New location: Ship Lower Decks
Bot Lab Mini game: Configure your own bots and earn money with them
Bot Lab Intro Quest
T’Ris training progress
Multiple revised locations & items
Improved and revised Space events
Multiple lewd scenes, gallery extensions
GUI improvements, QoL improvements
Barkeeper dedicated shop
Dynamic space background for every room, matching location
New loot crates: Bot items , liquor
Savepoint mechanics to carry over valuable items to new versions
and other


Main New Features

New Locations: Space Station Interior
New Location: Spacebar
New Location: Guest Room Ship
Rewritten Tutorial Quest
Rewritten and continued T’Ris Quest
Rewritten and Continued V’s Quest
Introducing New Character Nimhe The Hacker
New Space Events
New Switchable Mini maps
Animated Engine Maintenance Circuits
Various GUI Updates, Help Screen, …
Expanded Gallery
New NSFW Animations and Stills
Known Issues and Bugs in V0.3a

CR-0102 / V0.3a / Minor Bug / Possible lock out of nude HJ facial gallery scene once next stage with T’Ris is unlocked
CR-0103 / V0.3a / Minor Bug / Possible lock out of clothed HJ facial gallery scene once nude stage with T’Ris is unlocked


Main Features
Known Issues and Bugs in v0.2.1a


- - - -


- - - -



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Sep 22, 2022
This is interesting. I haven't gotten terribly far in it, but it's kinda fun trying to figure out what I need to progress with getting new equipment for the ship and advance the story. The girl is cute and presumably you get closer to her as the story progresses. It seems well done, but requires a certain amount of thinking to progress. It's not your typical mindless sex fest (which I also enjoy btw), but I kinda like it. It isn't really what I'd call "sandbox", but you do need to do certain things to get money which you need to advance. I like the graphics and the way the ship and space environment is laid out. Looks nice and gives a good idea of what you need to do without being overly complex.
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Sep 8, 2023
Space v0.8c Compressed

Win 849 MB/~97 MB :


Sep 8, 2023
Space Journey X [v0.9c] [y.v.] Compressed

PC (120MB) -

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