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Sep 14, 2022
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Somatra tells the story of Alisa Howard, suddenly arrested for crimes that she didn't commit, taken to prison city somatra she will have to learn how to survive in this new world.

3DCG, Ahegao, Animated, Blackmail, Bukkake, Corruption, Creampie, DILF, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female Protagonist, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Internal View, Interracial, Lesbian, Male Domination, Masturbation, MILF, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Spanking, Stripping, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism
1. Extract and run.

Add hotel lobby
Add Hotel Corridors
Add Hotel Room
Add Somatra Real Estate
Add Depot Level 0
Add Depot Level 1
Add some GC’s post boom my cherry:
Look for them next to Edgar’s bar, close to Derick House, and close to Junn’s spot
Add Anne Cg She is next to the clothing store in an alley You can only see her after the boom my cherry. Once you finish her CG, Alisa will have the idea to make her studio
Add Alisa’s intro studio CG
Add Anne’s CG
Add several non-hentai GCs -Add main quest parts 08, 09, 10,11
add hotel hentai cg.


Add Christmas Cg you can watch at Emily’s house.
Add a New masturbation scene after boom my cherry alisa (At your bed)
Fixed a bug where the 2 thug in dream cg 01 won’t appear
Fixed a bug where Ella’s image get stuck in the screen at cgs;
Bathroom 03
boom my cherry Ella


Ending: Doggie Girl (You can reach the first ending now, everything is done except by credits I plan to make it at the final version of somatra.)
Update the recollection room (I Add several GCs)
Add Rin Content being;
Rin Cg 01
Rin Cg 02
Rin Cg 03
Rin Cg 04
in Cg 05
Rin sex
Rin Pissing scene.
Alisa jogs alone at the park scene.
Rin random Events.
You can access Rin content at Park South during the night, on Tuesday or Thursday.
Update patreon statue (Adding new patreons names)

Tessa Intro
Tessa Cg 02
Mechanics and bug fixes;

I added a panic button F1 this button will delete every single image and stop every single animation, if something gets stuck in your screen press it, if you press it in the middle of one cg, every single image of that cg will be deleted still the cg will finish, and you’ll be able to continue to playing.

I changed the menu access button from x to c, I did that because x is the cancel button having multiple functions on one button can cause bugs.
Fix a bug where you can leave the farm with the doggie’s clothes
Fix a bug where the menu opens suddenly when using a taxi
Fix a bug where the menu opens suddenly when using the bus
Fix a bug where junn blocks alisa at Red Cam content
Fix a bug where images get stuck over the menu (I tried at least if isn’t workings press f1)
Fix a bug where no scenes work at farms if you try to start at dusk.


Don’t worry it’s looks small but there is several new contents.
When you reach 40 Beast exp you can use the bus to travel to Kyrie farms.
New menu pics
Update the Rec Room.
New sprite for, Junn,Mike,Muud,Winter.
New character Kyrie with 2 Sprites
New Maps (Farms, Office, Stables, Lab)
New job at Farm.
New CGs Something around 11 at farms with variations.
New clothes for alisa at farms.


Bug Fixes;

The commercial center west now it’s 2 maps improving a lot of fps on low specs pcs or devices.
The cook/chef at Edgar Bar does not “stare at you”.
The cook/chef at Edgar Bar does not walk on the moonwalk.
The window at Edgar bar it’s working properly It’s not possible to leave the Red Cult naked Update the Patreon statue at the park.
Fix the console control at the sewer.
Fix the ”auto-catch” at the sewer entrance.
Add a bug report section to the discord.
Add a quest log option Use the button “Q” to see the current quests and day.
And some minimal bugs like ghost walls and collisions.
Fix a bug where the red cam screen freezes if you are interacting with junn fix a bug when you interact with the guard at the red cult.
fix a Major bug that shi*** takes me a lot of time but I finally was able to fix it. The greyish text in the menu and was able to make it run even faster, improving fps in low specs pcs.
A Major bug at red cult.


Version 0.7.1

First I finished what I wanted for this update this means the red cam challenges 15 to 20 are ready.
So let’s go to the red cult

Planned Scenario:

1- Four Lesbian, straight, and futa Medium CGs. 12 In Total.
2- Four Mini Cg’s for each type. 12 In Total.
3- Three Mini games
4- 3 Main quests with 4 CGs 5- Ending. 1Cg (The red in light ((Minor Ending))


Bug fixes;

Bug fix (Alisa doesn’t get naked (sprite) after the pussy licking (elf))
Bug fix (Alisa and Junn when you were using waitress clothes )
Bug fix (Alisa and Emily when you were wearing pajamas clothes )
Bug fix (Fixed a lot of collisions on commercial center north)
Bug Fix (Fixed a few collisions in the jail area)
Bug Fix (Fixed a few collisions in the sewers area)
fixed a bug when you try to see the room numbers the sprite of the reader changes into a camera.
Bug fix some images are displaying incorrectly
Bug fix where some terrain sprites aren’t working
Bug fix when you are using the waitress’s clothes at the sewers she changes correctly to the school uniform
Bug fix a lot of text box and typos
And more that I forgot to write in my notebook.
Suggestion applied: increase the odds of getting an SD card. Done (30% to 70%)
Suggestion applied: (When you are about to lose your first time to junn shows a warning on the screen) Now you can postpone the scene now, to avoid losing your first-time

Add the Main Quest part 6
Add the Main Quest part 7
Add Park (North, south, and center)
Add a small honor to patreons at the park center.
Add Alisa Soldier Sprite
Add Alisa Pajamas Sprite
Add Red cam 11,12,13,14,15.
Change the menu pics.
English is not my primary language. I tried my best to bring a reasonable level of English, I have already made a post regarding this and they rated my English as a 7.5/10. I hope I can improve the texts with the help of the community, so in my discord, there is a text channel called proofreading where I’ll gradually post the game text so that fluent users in English can correct it. making the reading of the game texts more fluid and enjoyable, as updates arrive.

Current Content:
There are 37 CGs in the game something around 850 images, but only 35 GCs are accessible.

Future Tags:
Anal Sex, BDSM, Futa, Pregnancy, Titfuck.

What I won’t do; NTR in all its forms, Loli/Shota, Scat, Vore, Necrophilia.
Please join my discord you can see the news over there.


- - - - -​


- - - - -​



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Sep 8, 2023
Somatra Rmk v0.9.1 Compressed

Win 835 MB/164 MB :


Sep 8, 2023
Win: - (1.1.0 Rmk)
Mac: - (1.1.0 Rmk)

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