Smoll and Teen love in fiction


Jun 1, 2023
Does anyone here enjoy reading?

Maybe light novels in genres like Isekai, or progression fantasy or litrpg? If so, has any of you found somewhere smoll and teen girls receive some love? Or maybe one of you has a passion for writing but not the energy or desire to put it in game format and has written a few chapters.

I would love to read a good story (that actually has plot) where the mc might go around and corrupt or enslave some underaged girls on his way to defeat or maybe become the demon lord.


Proper Pervert
Jun 16, 2022
Newsgroups used to be great for erotic lit of all sorts. Google sucked up Usenet quite a while ago but the group still remains ( not that I would want Google knowing what I'm reading however ). The same stories and tonnes more can be found at . They have a disclaimer about the kind of content you're talking about but the archives are not deleted and are easily browseable/searchable. That site is owned by Mindgeek, so again. There's large collections that can be had via torrents with a dht search as well. All this is more than you'll ever be able to read lol. Lastly of course there's many smaller niche communities found all over where people exchange fanfics of all genres.

If you absolutely need to actualize the stuff from your imagination then I would recommend spending some time with our new AI driven future. Already trained models that can spew out written smut of all kinds ( or train your own ), diffusion models that can render any image in any style.. even video, or the the chatbots that can be customized to be as.. demon lord as you like :)


Sep 23, 2023
I worked with AI dungeon (well as beta thru launch user, gave input to the discord server). I stopped using it when they went metered paywall. But point is can attest to the AI driven future of smut mentioned above. 90%+ of "content" they trained AID on was basically smut cuz thats all it was used for in the early days. And, though you had to fight with it at first to get good story going, it did work quite well. Not sure how much of it's been sanitized and coin op managed since 2019 though.

Ecchi and Literotica wise, NovelAI has basically been the monopolized standard since. But its not exactly free and has issues of it's own. Particularly, controversial topics aside, the main problem in AI driven story creation is how to formulate the system to gen it's output. In short, it's a flow chart problem which has mostly only been addressed through "game-ification" formulas.

A bit technical word salad I know, but basically, a story has to follow some kind of logical progression and AI in sofar as NovelAI, they've applied game building mechanics to this approach.

To that end, how your story is formulated is greatly influenced by genre, how it us told (pov formatting) the number/types of characters, those characters personalities and lastly how you craft the start of the story. These all combine to very mechanically control the output which is then restricted to the "standards" of that genre, format and character psychology interplay, and the frame of reference for these standards is the lit used in the training data.

In short, it will largely want to churn out like every other dime-store novel's version of that story in that genre with that type of wording. So you get like over used and standardized tropes, vocabulary and situations restricted by genre and classical lit and etc.


Sep 19, 2022
So, what are the "bad hands" of the AI story world? What would you look out for, or get annoyed with how AI sets the story up?

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