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Site updates & Improvements (5/03/22)

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Apr 23, 2022
We have made a portal for game developers to sell their games on lewdcorner "Purchase A Game"

Q: Can anyone post a game for sale?
A: No you will need Game Developer rank.

Q: Can you use any payment processor?
A: Sadly no as we are limited to paypal "for now."

Q: Does lewdcorner take a % fee?
A: Yes of 5.50% which is cheaper than patreon/substar. "subject to change at anytime"

Q: Does lewdcorner restrict artists content on marketplace?
A: No we will never. "just use proper tags"

Q: won't paypal remove you as they don't allow incest games.
A: We are setup for donations not payment.
basically id send you 1$ for a donation, not 1$ for the rights to play your game"

Q: How secure is the information of sellers & Buyers?
A: As secure as paypal can be, all we collect is the users paypal email.

Q: Can staff members download without paying?
A: Only admins can download games without paying. "this is to ensure nothing malicious is being sent to members.

Q: Does the system have a "check if valid purchase" to be able to download & play?
A: Currently no but @cassell is working on something.

More Q/A will be added when some are thought of.
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