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Jul 15, 2023
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Episode 5 - 1.5 BETA
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Feb 17, 2024
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Jun 28, 2023
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Simple Beginnings is the first of many planned games based on stories from my supernatural/paranormal universe based in a fictional city called Pennybridge. In the first project of the series we will follow our female protagonist Jenny and her mission to find her older sister, Sarah, who have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Simple Beginnings consists of 3 seasons of 6 episodes. It is a Visual Novel with different endings based off your choices and it will serve as the introduction into the world of Pennybridge itself.
3dcg, female protagonist, graphic violence, horror, humor, lesbian, romance, school setting, stripping, virgin
1 - Extract and run.
v1.5.0 BETA
Added missing picture of the Murphy bathroom scene (Kissing).
Added a backround to the dialogue window.

There will be a 'Crossroad' in Episode 5, but, as of now, there's only one route of the main story available. Right now I'm focusing on the straight/lesbian routes and the first ending.

I've listened to criticism (good and bad) and I'll make sure these are corrected for Episode 6. As for season 2, I will change the way I render and create scenes. Rendering the whole scene with characters in it is inefficient with my PC's capabilities and requires a lot of editing.

Season 2 will probably be in either first person, or more in the lines of Good Girl Gone Bad, with full character side images in dialogues between characters. Then I can use a more focused style with character actions, I.E. kissing, sex etc.

v1.3 BETA
Episode 4 - The Calm
No technical changes to the game. We're continuing on our straight/bi/lesbian paths. Some of Jenny's previous decisions might come back to haunt her, but she's also warming up to her feelings about other people.

We're introducing a few potential love interests, and we're also visiting Emma's mega ultra powerful family.

v1.2 BETA
Episode 3 - Shadows
I've started introducing some of the variables needed for different paths for the later parts of the game and I had to take some time figuring things out to make sure everything was free of bugs.
Because of these new changes to episode 2, your old saves won't work and you'll have to start a new game or go back to your last save in episode 1.
That's it for now, I'll take a few days break and then start on Episode 4. There's a few scenes I have in mind I need to render and add to the next episode, but then its mostly coding work left to do.

v1.1 BETA
Episode 2 - Temptations.
No changes made to previous episode.
Focused a little bit more on the paths, and important decisions.
I'm slow-dripping in information about Jenny's past / future while mainly building the world and the characters important in the first season.
I made a conscious decision on adding in a some explicit content this version, my first animation, which wasn't meant to be implemented yet, but I gave it a go.
Let me know if you liked it!

BETA - Episode 1
Initial Release
Plans for the future:
  • Programming; I'm working on rendering a few added scenes on episode 4.
  • Rendering; Polishing on some of my earlier work to meet up the standard to the better quality of my latest work. And then I go back to the story. Currently ahead in schedule and rendering exclusive content for my Patrons
  • Writing; The next game is currently in the draft stages and is called HVM for now. It will feature a male protagonist, a character that will be familiar to those that follow Simple Beginnings. But as of now I'm fleshing out season 2 of SB.
  • Music and Sound Design; I'm looking to buy licensing for a bunch of music and I'm currently utilizing sounds from a free source.
  • Voice Acting; I've been researching several choices of services that have voice-actors available for hire, or maybe using an A.I.
  • Graphical Design; Currently doing my own UI and it looks okay, if a bit amateurish. Might commission someone in the future to improve/redo the art depending on the success of the game for the full release.
  • Platforms; PC, Linux and Mac.
  • Revenue; If the game is successful and reach a full release with everything I want implemented, I will add this to Steam & Itch. If that happens, anyone who've been a Patreon over a certain period of time of the development will recieve a copy to add to their library free of charge as thanks for the support.

Win / Linux
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Mac: - - -



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Jan 4, 2023
not much here. If you love story then maybe its for you. There were many opportunities to offer something but they were all just endless teases.

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