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Jul 15, 2023
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Nov 15, 2023
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Jun 20, 2023
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Hundreds of years ago, Michael, a demigod with a heart full of love, experienced the profound loss of his beloved. She disappeared, leaving no trace behind. Whether she perished or merely vanished remains a mystery. Despite his tireless search, she remained elusive. Eventually, he resigned himself to her absence, though he held her dear in his heart.

But Michael's world was turned upside down when Hemera, a once-beautiful goddess with unmatched beauty, cast him out of their sanctuary with a whisper. It was a place where light once thrived but grew dim when she vanished. Hemera's actions stirred something within him, reigniting his quest for answers about her fate...

As he embarks on a new quest for truth, he finds himself caught in the middle of an upcoming war against humans and the remaining gods. Stories tell of a sorceress with the power to manipulate time and bend the gods to her will.

The answer to her disappearance might be somewhere in between...
Experience the world of Shards of Her to find out more, encounter intriguing characters, and navigate the temptations that surround you or avoid it on your path as you seek for answers, it's up to you, but keep in mind that each decision you make, ultimately shapes of the end of your journey.

Single-Player - Venture on a captivating odyssey where magic intertwines with treachery, desire, and divine intervention. Your choices will shape the very destiny that awaits you.

Eternity - Unveil the enigmatic personas that dwell within the realms of the game and find more about them, for with each twilight, new revelations shall emerge.

Echoes of the Past - Browse the game's timeline to see key events. Discover the moments that changed the world and follow the paths of both heroes and villains.

The Orchestra - A celestial symphony, weaving the eternal echoes of the cosmos into musical mastery.

Shadow Realm - Step into a mysterious gallery where characters reveal themselves in different outfits and poses, reflecting their hidden essence.
3dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, fantasy, female domination, footjob, groping, group sex, lesbian, male protagonist, monster girl, oral sex, sci-fi, superpowers, teasing, twins, vaginal sex, voyeurism
1 - Extract and run.
Main Game & Additional Content
Story Content
Added MEMORIES in the Menu (Not yet accessible, in the end it'll be content available and unlocked by playing through the game)

Fixes/Bugs and UI Issues
Fixed some lines where the DEFAULT Name was used instead of the one you choose
Songs name and artists are now shown when the scene begins
Additional Script and Visual fixes

v0.3.0 Notes
Main Game & Additional Content
New UI

Fixes/Bugs and UI Issues
Fixed some lines where the DEFAULT Name was used instead of the one you choose
Visual Fixes for ACT I & II

v0.2.9 Notes
Main Game & Additional Content
ACT II ECHOES Story Finale
STEAM Achievements for ACT II
SELENA, NEITH & The Illusions added to ETERNITY Menu
EMMA's Moods are now Color Based
(Retroactive/Current, still a WIP)

Fixes/Bugs and UI Issues
Script adjustments to the ACT I and ACT II
Visual Fixes for ACT II
ETERNITY Click-through bug fixed
Various UI fixes

v0.2.6 Notes
ACT II ECHOES Story Content
Nymphia Character added to ETERNITY
New Background for SHADOW REALM and UI Changes
Small UI changes to the Quit Screen
Various fixes through the ACT 2 and ACT 1 Script
STEAM Cloud is now Enabled
Update on The Orchestra

v0.2.3 Notes
ACT II ECHOES Story Content (Part 2)
SHADOW REALM - Added Hemera & Nymphia
Visual fixes for the first part of ACT II
Fixed a few instances where the default name was used, instead of the one you chose. (ACT II)
LITE Animations were added overall for ACT II (More in the upcoming updates for ACT I too)

v0.2.0 Notes
ACT II - Echoes
Story Content (Start of ACT II)
SplashScreen updated for ACT II - Echoes
Main Menu UI Updates
Game now starts by default in FULL SCREEN
Launch Teaser can now be skipped by pressing any key
Additional spellcheck fixes and typography for ACT I
UI Updates for Characters Menu
Characters Menu renamed to "
Timeline was renamed into "
Echoes of the Past
Music Gallery is now called "
The Orchestra
Additionally, music from ACT II was added, and now you can change between ACT I and ACT II
Shadow Realm (Main Menu > Shadow Realm)

SplashScreen Changed
Script fixes for ACT 1
ADDED Izanami into the CHARACTERS Showcase.
ADDED MUSIC ROOM which can be accessed from Main Menu (for ACT 1).
Script and spellcheck fixes.
Preparation made for the release of ACT 2.
Fixed an updated version of AME-MIKOTO not showing up in CHARACTERS.
Adjustments to TIMELINE Menu (added "BACK" button, previously you had to ESC or RightClick to Exit).
Default Volume raised up to 0.60 (Before the default was at 0.40, this does not overwrite your own settings).
Improvements made to the CHARACTERS Showcase.
UI changes to the Quit Menu.
Added missing images + some content

Engine updated to the latest version of RenPy 8.1.1
Additional script fixes for ACT 1
Option to set the transparency of dialogue TextBox (Options -> "TEXTBOX OPACITY")
UI Updates for Showcase Menu
Visual Improvements for some parts in ACT 1
Additional animations added (for Omikami and EMMA)

Initial Release

Game will give an error very early on. It is safe to ignore this error and continue with the game.
Happens on all versions.

Win / Linux / Mac
: - - - -

Unofficial compressed
Win / Linux
: - - - - -
Mac: - - - - -



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