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Sep 14, 2022
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0.6 (Ongoing)
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Oct 29, 2023
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Nov 12, 2022
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You takes on the role of Jack, a 19-year-old who finds himself working during,
the summer before returning to his college routine.
One day he decides to go hiking in the mountains even though he knows about rumors,
that there was a village that practiced black magic in the past.
There she finds something that she takes with her and begins to have strange visions.
His life changes both personally and paranormally as the days go by.
Do you think she is safe? Delve into the story and find out for yourself.

3dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, handjob, humor, male protagonist, mobile game, monster, romance, sci-fi, teasing, voyeurism
1. Extract and run.

New lines: 7500 (approx)
New images: 1142
New videos: 28
sounds added: 39
Music added: 18
A new video has been added as the end credits. -
Added "The hall of fame" this will be updated with the current patrons before releasing each version.
Added more sounds and music throughout the game (The final version of the game will be all finished).
Fixed a bug in the android menus. (I never tested the android version)
Added a new button (bios) that appears on the top left after starting chapter 3.
Changed the startup image and music for something more "according" to the game.
Added a new interaction that I forgot in the rework. OBLIGATORY RE-PLAY AGAIN.
The penetration scenes have been improved. The change will be seen in the last scene of this version.
Bugs in some images and transitions have been corrected. Warning again, RE-PLAY from the beginning to make everything work well.

This version has been for me the longest and the most tedious for the issue of inserting more things that I did not do before, Thank you nolosetio of the past.

v0.5 (Rework - Elections)

98 new images
5,152 new lines of code
3 new audios
All the explanatory introduction has been changed for something more intuitive and visually better.
Changed most of the dialogs and code when introducing the choices.
Several images of some specific scenes have been reworked.
The interface has been reworked (options, menu, buttons).
Elections has been added (I recommend replaying the game)
The scene of the characters talking about the rework has been removed.
Some scenes of the 4th wall have been removed. (S O M E)

Now a more detailed explanation.
As I have been saying since 0.3 the choices are finally implemented, it has been a real headache to do this, but I also got more practice to keep putting choices until the final walkthrough.
These choices have their consequences sooner or later in the story. They will also have content that you won't see in the other choices (at least most of them).
I started writing the script for chapter 3 a little while ago, any suggestions for scenes or changes are welcome.
And lastly there are 2 new people who have offered to help with the code so there is some improvement in the interface.
This version will be public for everybody on 05/09.


614 new images
12 new animations
1727 new lines of code
New disclaimer and menu screen (Not the final screen yet)
New sounds added
Fixed bugs from last version
Fixed animations, now with loops and text (Yes, I know the loop is strange, maybe I'll fix it for the rework)


446 New images
11 New animations
1248 New line of code
2 New sounds
New menu with redirections icons
New narrator in the intro
New final post credits
Changed some parts of story to add new characters
Changed the story path to something else (these changes start at 0.5)


The English translation has an error, so I corrected it and uploaded the game again.
Sorry for the extra inconvenience and add spanish to the language tag please.
237 images
6 Animations
687 new code


Initial Release

Hi, I'm Nolosetio and a few months ago I decided to start this project. It's been a few years since I played my first visual novel because at that time I didn't have much time and my toaster didn't give more of itself.

Initially I was going for everyone else and I think it's pretty obvious, then I discovered several game creators that I loved for their story and others for their artistic design.
I love mystery stories and paranormal things (I mean, I do believe in paranormal events).

My main objective with this project is to make myself known, to be able to earn something with it and so I can give a part to my mother and stop working.
Obviously English is not my best skill, that's why someone else is in charge of the translation of the game, I would appreciate if you could report any bug.
Find more in


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Unofficial compressed
By Bob69

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