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Sexy Quest is a story about a young man training to become a Royal Knight. Things go awry when an evil presence begins her plan to conquer the world at all costs necessary. When an evil power is finally awoken, it's up to our hero and his team of beautiful women to save the day!

Taking place before the events of Town of Passion, experience a grand adventure with grand cities, vicious monsters, and of course, sexy quests!​
2dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, hand job, big ass, big tits, adventure, turn based combat, monster, animated
1. Extract and run.
Bug Fix

-Fixed an issue where Sidequest #3 wouldn't show up for some people using transferred save files
-Added a hint in the Valencia Sewers related to the locked gate
-Fixed an issue where the final quest wouldn't appear for players with transferred save files

Included with this update is a proper conclusion to the Sexy Quest storyline as well as two additional sidequests involving Dahlia, Juliette, and Valerie!

There are a few new features including the long-requested scene replay feature in this update! On the west side of the Kingdom Outskirts, you can rewatch NSFW scenes while also seeing what else you need to unlock.

v0.7.1 Beta
Added Autosave during map changes
The icon will display in the bottom right corner
Added ability to skip new boss fights on easy mode
Other misc bug fixes

v0.4.2 Beta
-Fixed issue where Voy Yeur wouldn't actually take your money
-Added temporary Juliette BJ replay trigger by talking to Valerie after the scene has been viewed once before

v0.4.1 Beta
-Fixed visual error with both new skits

v0.4 Beta
Welcome to the grand opening of The Woodland Chateau! Just, well, pardon the rennovations..!

A mysterious mansion in Valencia is opening their doors! But first, you'll need to find the missing chateau members!
Beta 0.4 includes Juniper, the first chateau member that you can rescue. Only if you can solve the mysterious trial ahead!

In later updates, this questline will receive more additional events until it's overall completion.

== Valerie/Act 2 ==
Beta 0.3 was (mostly) a full conclusion of the first act of the game. Act 2 is currently still a WIP but one of the new
party members, Valerie, is briefly included in this update!

Beta 0.5 will focus entirely on furthering Act 2 so stay tuned for more of this new character!

== Pre-Scene Skits ==
Both Dahlia's Paizuri & Juliette's BJ scenes have new short skits before they begin. This is a bit of an experiment to see
if this helps add a little more context and flavor before each scene begins without being too dialogue heavy.

I may continue this for some future scenes or quest where appropriate!

== Misc Changes ==
-Small changes to items & icons
-Some shops have been consolidated to help clean up inventory
-This will be a continuous process over future updates!
-Map changes to Clover Highlands & Kingdom Outskirts
-For current & future quests
-Fixed Necromancy not working as intended
-Added silence resistance to Hecate's Shadow boss

v0.3.2 Beta
-Fixed issue where skipping Goblin Queen didn't give you feather, softlocking progression

v0.3.1 Beta
-Slight tweak to exp rates & Boss #4's moveset
-Removed backgrounds in pause menu to avoid visual glitches
-Fixed cutscene switch remaining on after scene 4
-(if your save is affected this should auto correct as soon as you're in Valencia)
-Skipping bosses on Easy now rewards you in gold to make up for deficit
-Fixed trigger for Dahlia repeat scene

v0.3 Beta
The journey continues!

In update Beta 0.3, the party returns to Valencia to finally catch a meeting with the Queen! As per usual, things don't go
quite according to plan when a new, incredibly powerful threat shows up!

In addition, a few new features/quality of life improvements have been added!

== Sidequests/Quest Journal ==
Two sidequests have been added to the game! Both quests are accessible in Valencia upon arrival. There should be plenty more
sidequests in future updates.

The Quest Journal also has a brief introduction. I do plan to add quest journals to the main storyline as well to help guide
players but for now, it keeps track of the two new sidequests. It comes with a nifty quest tracking feature that may be
useful for certain objectives.

== Fast Travel/Warping ==
As the story continues, you will unlock the ability to warp to previously visited locations! This feature should be useful
as the world begins to open up and more locations can be traversed between.

== Misc Changes ==
-Scene replayability added to the first three NSFW scenes
-A menu option for replaying previous scenes is in the works. I hope to have it ready by the next major update!
-The new scene (#4) will be available for replay after the first new cutscene in Beta 0.4

v0.2.1 beta
-Added some personalized details for characters (more will come soon!)
-This includes type advantages/disadvantages so boss fights may require more strategic consideration of matchups
-Other traits like Affinity are just for lore
-Witch's Talisman item has been buffed to 50% Dark resistance to compensate for character type changes
-Custom level up quotes!
-Level cap changed from 99 to 50 (pace of the game so far makes this seem more accurate for endgame)
-Fixed bug where Dahlia did not have access to special skills
-Some purple mushrooms now disappear after boss 3 is defeated
IMPORTANT: These changes will be applied to your previous save file as soon as you enter Valencia (prompt will appear)

v0.2 Beta
New Characters:
Forest Girl Red (quick appearance)

New Scenes:
Dahlia Paizuri

New Sprite Scenes:

v0.2 Content
The journey continues!

Beta 0.2 sees the hero's finally reach the bustling Kingdom of Valencia! As usual, the events of this story don't go as
smooth as they could when a pesky feline seeks a change of plans.

The Valencia map is a work in progress so it will see additional characters, sidequests, and activities in future updates!

== Advanced Options & Encounter Rate ==
The encounter rate can now be changed in the options menu. You can choose between normal, half, or no random encounters at
all! This should be useful if you feel you are overleveled or just wish to breeze to another area without trouble.

There are other customizable features in the options menu so be sure to play around with the settings to your liking.

== Misc Changes ==
-I added the first of what will be a few different tutorial images. The first one explaining the encounter toggle
-Slight rebalancing/tweaking of classes & skills (this will likely happen in nearly all updates)

v0.1.1 Beta
-Added temporary name change NPC on west side of Verdant Planes
-Resetting a character's movesets also resets their name so this will be a place to manually fix that issue until a
permanent option is added

v0.1 Beta
New Characters:

New Scenes:
Annabelle Sex

New Sprite Scenes:
Juliette HJ

v0.1 Beta
The journey continues!

Beta 0.1 furthers the Sexy Quest storyline and takes our adventurers to a new town! In addition, the Prologue contents
have been tweaked slightly so transferred saves may have some cutscenes popping up in slightly strange times when returning
to Littlewood.

There have been a number of balance changes & tweaks to keep track of but the movesets of the characters has also been
updated. If you have transferred your save, this update will happen automatically as you proceed into the new Beta 0.1 area.

== Difficulty Options ==
I have added the ability to choose between Normal & Easy mode. More difficulties may come in the future as well as the
possibility to change difficulties mid playthrough.

Normal mode is the intended way to play. Bosses will challenge your utilization of the movesets & tools at your disposal.

Easy mode is for those who want a smoother experience with less obstacles. Bosses will be calmer, weaker, and easier to
defeat without much challenge.

For transferred save files, the option to select a difficulty will happen when you proceed into the new Beta 0.1 area.


Thank you so much for playing Sexy Quest!

- Updated bust size to better fit the vertical screen space
- Added disclaimer splash screen & proper title screen
- Changed the introduction cutscene of the game

Initial Release
== Battles & JRPG ==
Wow. I haven't been so eager and excited to work on something since Town of Passion in 2017. Late nights watching tutorial videos, learning & experimenting with skills, tweaking stats, it's been addicting!

I can't wait to see how far I can take this battle system! My hope is that I create a game where players feel enticed to experiment with different strategies & synergies that teammates/classes might provide. As the game moves forward and more things are added, I'm excited to see how the end result turns out.

With this first boss, the goal was to have the player think a little more than just simply mashing attack. Hopefully that came through but I will still be tweaking early game moves & stats. I don't think the boss is quiiite where I want it just yet.

== Story & Cutscenes ==
This is the area of the update that I'm not necessarily happy about but I keep trying to remind myself that this part isn't meant to be the focus quite yet.

A lot of time was mostly spent in actually learning the RPG battle system first and then applying all of that into the game. So taking time making cutscenes, adding random interactions, etc was very minimal.

Moving forward with the Beta 0.1 release, I plan to overhaul a lot of the Prologue and add much more polish to it. But for now, it does hopefully give you an idea of the early parts of the story and what may be happening moving forward!

== Artwork & NSFW Scene ==
When I first discovered Chronne's artwork, I knew I had found the perfect match for a style that would suit this game.

The characters feel so vibrant and the scene pops right out!

There was also a sprite scene that coincides with this first NSFW scene but I haven't had time to add it since it'll happen immediately after the scene. I still want to work on the cutscenes around this part so that'll be included in the first Beta update as well!


That's everything! I hope you all enjoy this first update of Sexy Quest. Things are just starting so from here on out, the adventure continues!

Thank you all so much for your support and I will see you soon! =D

: - -
Android (v0.7.1 Beta): - - - -
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.



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Apr 23, 2022
Gallery Mod v1.0.2 Made by zangetsu3223
I have made a gallery mod for Sexy Quest. In the north west corner of Littlewood there is a chest that has two items. The Bust Room Pass and the Recollection Room Pass. You can use these at any time (except for in battle) to enter their respective rooms. When you leave you will be put back to the same spot you were put in.

To install the mod all you need to do is extract the files and place them in the games data folder. Make sure to overwrite existing files when prompted.

*Edit 2*

For those who have a save that they carried over they found that the passes had been changed. You should now be able to reopen the chest. There is a fix in place to adjust your inventory to match your current progress in the game. If you have not received the fairy warp in game then it will be removed when you open the chest. If you unlocked it before the fix then it will stay in your inventory. It acts the same as the menu option so you will just have an additional option to use warp.


Gallery mod has been updated. I have added a new room, the Pixel room. It has been added to the same chest. If you have already opened it by using the previous version of the mod, then you only need to go to the Recollection Room and you will automatically be given the pass.

Please let me know if you have or find any problems.


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