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Sep 14, 2022
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You're playing yourself. You live together with your girlfriend, who gave you a job at the same firm she works for.
Your job is to install cameras.
The job seems too good to be true, especially the many girls that work around you and tease you along the way.
And don't forget the opportunities that are available while installing security cams.
Especially if you have someone to hack them ; )
The only thing that keeps you from being happy are the suspicious circumstances that happen around your new workplace…
There is NO NTR

3DCG, Animated, Corruption, Humor, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Pov, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism
1. Extract and run.

379 new Images
13 new Animations
8400 words
(a single playthrough has ~ 4200 words. Every route together has ~8400 words)
continuation of the main storyline
pick a outfit for Madison
a lenghty scene with your picked outfit with many scene variations and more choices.
new minor character
GF is gone for now and the MC is finally free


222 new Images
4 new Animations
4500 words
continuation of the main storyline
new titlescreen
censored protagonists ass in the intro scene (because it might get us in trouble in the future(Monster Logo got censored))
fixed some spelling/grammar mistakes
compressed the game (this only affects the size of the game, not the quality)


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Aug 6, 2022

This week we have some big announcement.
We will put the development of “Recorded Temptation” on-hold for now, to focus on another project. I will explain the exact reason a little bit further in the text. Sorry for everybody who likes the game, but overall, we’re not happy with the quality of many aspects of the game. Originally, “Recorded Temptation” was planned to have a one-year development, mainly to learn things, and to test a lot of stuff. The game was always planned to be a rather short game. That it has to end like this wasn’t anticipated, but we don’t feel confident enough to continue this after the latest events.

We let many different Developers look over the game to find out why we wouldn’t get any attention on the net. The things they said were thoughtful and helpful. Thank you for everybody who tried to help us! Almost everybody complained about the same things, mainly the render-quality. Pacing problems and story issues were also discussed. Those are things that can be fixed, we could always remake some parts of the game (rewrite them and make some new images), but this would take us months, months we don’t want to invest atm. Smol_bombur and I had many thoughts about this. Maybe let the game end with the next update, continue with the development, but we came to the conclusion that it isn’t worth it. Ending the game in a rushed fashion gave us a bad taste, and wouldn’t feel right. That’s why we took the decision to just put in on-hold for now. This wasn’t an easy decision, but we stand behind it to 100%. We might continue the project in the future (no promises), but we will shift our focus on something new for now. Again, sorry for everybody who actually liked the game!

We learned a lot of stuff and with the help from other developers we now know what we have to do different. We’re starting from scratch this week and begin with the story-board. We will keep you updated about everything. Thursday Posts will remain, so if you’re interested in the new project, you can read it on Patreon.

The new game will be horror themed (80s Horror/Until Dawn/Stranger Things orientated). Basically, light-hearted horror. We plan to include multiple protagonists, and “exhibitionism” will probably remain a major theme of the game. The other important decision we have to take is if we want to continue with HS2, or switch to Daz3D. Smol_bombur will make his hands dirty this week with Daz3D and will decide if he is comfortable switching the render-engine. Whatever his final decision is, we will put a large focus on improving the quality of the pictures.

This week we will start discussing the overall story, themes and characters.

I will make a rough roadmap for Thursday, this way you can see how far we are with the development. Make sure to follow us on Patreon for everything news releated.

PS: We will make a Discord-Server this or the following month. Make sure to check it out as soon as it gets online.​
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Dec 6, 2022
Reading the post @Myuhinny (THANK YOU!) kindly posted here, it's probably save to consider this abandoned rather than on hold. Shame. And switching to a multi protag game now, well, leaves at least for me a bad taste, because those tend to be more complex overall and I never found one, that I could really like. Especially since many devs tend to use them to avoid certain tags with weak excuses, while being called out by the community and losing the trust of the community. Quite sad they made such a decision. Nonetheless I wish them much success with the new project, even if I will probably stay away from it.
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Sep 8, 2023
Recorded Temptation (0.20) Compressed


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