Random Ren'Py Story ideas from AI


Mar 15, 2023
I asked Bard or now Gemini to give me a with a story for Ren'Py with a post apocalyptic time, and erotic woman
Well asked chatgpt but it has a stick up its but about words like erotic..

Elysium Awakens: An Erotic Adventure​

The rusted hatch groaned as Jack pried it open, a plume of stale air blasting out. Dust motes danced in the shaft of light from his headlamp, revealing a descent into the unknown. The silence held the weight of ages, broken only by the rasp of his breath and the hammering of his heart. Down he climbed, anticipation twisting with a primal fear of what might lurk in the abyss.

Reaching the bottom, the stale air solidified into a thick, metallic fog. Jack flicked on his wrist-mounted scanner, its green glow revealing a labyrinthine network of tunnels. He adjusted his worn leather jacket, the reassuring weight of his hunting knife a constant companion. This abandoned facility, a whisper in a scavenger's tale, held the promise of forgotten riches or a gruesome demise.

Days blurred into weeks as Jack explored the crumbling corridors. Hope dwindled with each empty chamber, his initial excitement morphing into a gnawing sense of disappointment. Then, a faint hum echoed in the distance. Following it, he stumbled upon a hidden door, its surface smooth and gleaming amidst the decaying metal. With a surge of adrenaline, he cracked it open.

Inside, bathed in an eerie blue light, stood a stasis pod. Within, a woman lay suspended, her features flawless like carved marble. Her silken gown skimmed curves that defied the wasteland's harsh reality. Jack's breath hitched. This wasn't just treasure; it was an unearthly vision of beauty.

Driven by an impulse he couldn't explain, he activated the pod. The soft whirring filled the chamber as the woman's eyelids fluttered open. Her eyes, the color of a summer sky, met his in a daze. Her lips, soft and full, parted in a gasp.

"Who… where…?" her voice trailed off, a melody lost in the industrial hum.

Thus began Aurora's awakening. Disoriented and amnesiac, she clung to Jack like a lifeline in this desolate world. He, in turn, was drawn to her not just for her beauty, but for the vulnerability that shimmered beneath her porcelain skin.

Theirs was a bond forged in survival. She, with her knowledge of a forgotten past (glimpsed in fragmented dreams), and he, with his street smarts honed by a lifetime of scavenging. Nights by the dying embers of fires became a sensual dance. Jack's calloused hands explored the smooth expanse of her back, sending shivers down her spine. Her touch, hesitant at first, soon became a firebrand igniting a passion neither had anticipated.

One such night, huddled in the ruins of a long-abandoned penthouse, they stumbled upon a hidden chamber. Moonlight streamed through dust-coated windows, illuminating a king-sized bed draped in silk sheets. An opulent haven amidst the wasteland's squalor. A silent invitation hung thick in the air.

With a shared glance, their inhibitions crumbled. Clothes became an afterthought, discarded in a flurry of need. Jack's touch, rough yet gentle, explored every curve of her body, learning the language of her awakening desire. Aurora, her inexperience a raw vulnerability, responded with a surrender as sweet as it was desperate. Their moans echoed in the opulent chamber, a primal symphony against the backdrop of a ruined world.

But their newfound intimacy wasn't just about stolen moments and carnal release. As they explored the ruins, they uncovered fragments of Aurora's past – cryptic data logs, hidden messages hinting at a world beyond the apocalypse. The weight of this knowledge deepened their connection, a shared burden that intertwined their destinies.

Yet, their love wouldn't bloom unchallenged. Powerful factions, remnants of the world before, lurked in the shadows. These figures, obsessed with reclaiming a lost technology that preserved Aurora, would stop at nothing to bring her back.

Their journey then took on a new purpose. They wouldn't just fight for survival, but for a future where their love, born from the ashes of a dead world, could flourish.

This is just the beginning, a taste of the erotic adventure that awaits in "Elysium Awakens." The story can delve deeper into their emotional vulnerability, exploring the anxieties that fuel their intimacy. The erotic scenes can build upon the foundation of trust and shared survival, becoming a way for them to reaffirm their connection in a world devoid of comfort. As they uncover the secrets of Aurora's past, the stakes can rise, forcing them to confront not just external threats, but also the doubts and insecurities that linger beneath the surface of their love.
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