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Sep 14, 2022
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Update 8.1 (Ongoing)
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Oct 1, 2023
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Feb 1, 2023
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Perfect Family is a Visual Novel / Sandbox game.
Set in a fantasy world of elves and catgirls. You're an elven boy who lives with a group of friends making a pretend Perfect Family together. You always had feelings for your housemates and with the help of a succubus, those feelings might finally become a reality.
About harem
There are many kinds of harems out there. This game will focus on the kind where there is 1 male and multiple females. All the females will love you, but they are also okay with doing stuff to each other to please the MC.

About lesbian content
For lesbian content, there will be 2 options.
1. All lesbian: All lesbian content will be shown.
2. Reduced lesbian: Lesbian content will only be shown in the form of threesomes with the MC. Some minor stuff like admitting to having done lesbian stuff in the past. A girl kissing or groping another girl to tease them.

3dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, fantasy, furry, futa/trans, harem, incest, lesbian, male protagonist, milf, mobile game, oral sex, pov, sleep sex, twins, vaginal sex

Planned future content
- You will later have the ability to impregnate all the main girls and some of the side girls.
More incest - It's an incest game, what did you expect? I already have plans for mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, daughters, granddaughters, grandmothers, and more. Including a variety of step/half/full/inbred versions.
More fantasy species - I have plans for most fantasy species including but not limited to: Elves, Succubi, Demons, Catgirls/Foxgirls/Etz. girls, Alrauen, Faries, Harpies, Goblins, Orcs, Slimes, Dragongirls, and a bunch of subspecies. (Might also do centaurs and mermaids/snakegirls if I can manage it.)
More sex positions and basic kinks - All the usual stuff like blowjob, footjob, anal, creampie, boobjob, Etz.
Futanari - Completely optional. Includes both male x futa, futa x male, and with both futa and lesbian enabled also female x futa.
Group sex - Why fuck one girl when you can fuck 2 or more!?
Furry - Completely optional. Will be more like catgirls/doggirls/foxgirls will have a second form that they can transform into.
1. Extract and run.
Update 8.1

- The quest: 'Good Girls, In Heat'
* 136 Images
* 10 Animations

Update 7

- The quest: 'Good Girls In Heat'
* 224 Images
* 28 Animations

Update 6.1

- The quest: 'Hot MILFs'
* 117 Images
* 8 Animations
- Skip to a specific day

Update 5

The quest: ‘Happy Birthday’
It’s Marie’s birthday!
But there will also be a very special present for the MC.
Most of the family will be there
Re-did some animations/images (Nothing major, just visual changes.)
Most of the ‘Family Breeder’ sex scenes visually changed.
Fixed a couple of typos.
New status Screen (lewd)

Update 4:

The quest: ‘Boobs, Butts, Battle!’
Fixed the clear textbox not working
Various smaller bugs and typos
Added Bust-Waist-Hips + cup size to character status screen

Update 3.5

Marie mini events finished
Elizabeth mini events finished
Rose mini events finished
Maeve mini events finished
Coco mini events finished
Nuts mini events finished
Mika mini events finished
Redid the status screen to be more useful
Changed some characters’ lore a bit
Replay Gallery for Sandbox + VN Mode

Update 3

1 New quest
New area (the school)
5 New mini events
10 New animations
128 New images


Added the first part of the quest ‘Family Breeder.


An new map system
A daytime system
11 Mini-events with Marie
8 Mini-events with Elizabeth
9 Mini-events with Rose
10 Mini-events with Maeve
9 Mini-events with Mika
9 Mini-events with Coco
17 Mini-events with Nuts
438 new images
8 new animations
Save files aren’t compatible with the Prologue

Prologue – Initial Release


- - - -​


- - - -​


- - - -​



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