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Sep 14, 2022
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Peach Hills Division
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0.16b (Ongoing)
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Sep 13, 2023
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Nov 3, 2022
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The famous Peach Hills Academy is among the elite regarding educational centers.
Its mixed access system is famous for accepting students with special gifts together with regular students.
They do have to pass the school's almost impossible admission tests, though!
…and be over 18.
Its club status method promotes the competitivity among the students,
allowing confrontations and fights based on their ranks and position.
Only the best can access the academy, but nothing but extraordinary students are able to stand out.
Be part of this adventure as Jim, a freshman, who after spending his entire childhood at Peach Hills,
returns as a student years later.
Meet many amazing characters, engage with them, and bring your relationship as far as you want!
It's up to you to decide who you spend time with, while fighting to reach fame and notoriety in this disputed scenario.

3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Male Protagonist, Sandbox, School Setting, Teasing
1. Extract and run.



Added a Bug Tracker
Minor Fixes


Initial Release
Hi! I'm EvilBuda and I’ve gathered a small team of artists to help me develop the
Visual Novel / Dating Simulator for adults Peach Hills Academy!
The game is fully animated and developed in 3D. All content is original, from setting to characters and story.

Get to know a bunch of amazing characters and take your relationship with them as far as you want. You decide what direction the narrative takes through the decisions you make.
We add new characters, scenarios, and storylines in each update.
You can download the base version for free, but if you support us, you will gain access to the latest updates of the game and the newest content. You will also participate in development decisions through surveys will get wallpapers, exclusive material and much more!

Only with your support we can ensure the continuity of the development of the game.
Right now the project is being self-funded through EvilBuda's life savings. We are a very small team but the expenses are considerable and we have no other way of long term financing than that of our backers in Patreon.
With your help, we can ensure development continuity while we add more and better content in each update.
If you choose to become a backer, you may access, based on your Tier, to the most recent version of the game and exclusive material, such as wallpapers, work-in-progress, test builds and polls, to determine the key points of the game and directions to go to in future versions.
You will also become part of the community and be in direct contact with the team via Discord.


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