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[Site News] Patch Notes [7/4/22] & [7/7/22]

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Apr 23, 2022
New Updates
  • color changes to some buttons
  • user menu changed "Style settings" to "Customize Account" and also cleaned url
Just a little list of improvements and updates
  • I have UN-banned saying f95/f95zone​
  • added mention function for threads and posts IE @Azkosel
  • made it so Game Developers can access the ticket system for "contact a game developer" regarding issues with their games for like links.​
  • added patreon as a sign-in/sign-up function on Connected Accounts.​
  • Added a rules/terms page, Rules of lewdcorner
Latest Updates Page
  1. Some fixes still need to happen, but this is what we did so far.​
  2. Resized boxes on games​
  3. moved prefixes to top right​
  4. tags for the game are hover-able, just move mouse over game box​
  5. images are set further out to show more of the image​
Future updates to latest updates page
  • Code a request for custom thread input to show game developer name on latest update page instead of thread posters name.​
  • still trying to figure out a way for a search function on the latest updates page.​
  • add attachment manager to latest pages default image "basically to show more images of hovered game"​
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