Old futa comic series


Jul 12, 2023
I'm hoping somebody either remembers this series or has good enough Google-fu to find it. It's been about 15+ years since I saw it and can't find it myself.

The comic was about a group of girls who became futas after a truck fell over spilling unknown chemicals on them. It had its own site where you could buy individual issues, although a handful of issues had previews that would show very small pages that weren't too hard to zoom in on to read. The story I remember most clearly involved the boyfriend of one futa going to a women's clothing store owned by one of the others to explore crossdressing. He went without his girlfriend to surprise her with his female alter-ego Candy and obviously wound up getting fucked by the futa who owned the store. The comic ended with his girlfriend finding out and it was implied there'd be a sexual punishment for both him and the other futa.
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