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Oh So Hero is a 2.5D Lewd Metroidvania PC game in development
In Oh So Hero, you play the role of the dragonesque hero Joe to fight and fornicate with enemies, build intimate relationships with anthropomorphic characters, and embark on a sex-filled adventure to stop the mysterious alien invaders that have wreaked havoc on Joe's once-peaceful island.

2D Game, 2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Combat, Footjob, Furry, Gay, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Platformer, Rape, Sci-Fi, Side-Scroller, Teasing
1. Extract and run.

New features:

New Boss: Bates!
You can find and fight Bates in Lood City Park (see further below).
This is a beta version of Bates. We have most of his moves and sex animations implemented, and you can battle him in a form close to what we have intended. Bates operates a bit differently from normal enemies. For example, when he reaches 100% lust, he is not swooned, but has a defense debuff applied.
After you beat Bates, go right to read a sign with a special message, and then check the Gallery for all Bates animations unlocked, including a bonus animation! (We couldn’t get it in the battle just yet, but you can see it in the Gallery.)
We have more in the works for Bates including new and improved attacks, additional sex animations, and a post-defeat cutscene with dialogue. These updates will roll out over the coming months, and we hope you enjoy them!
New Environment: Lood City Park!
You can get here through a new door on the far right side of Lood City.
This is a small linear area where you fight Bates! The design is subject to change in upcoming updates. We also added a Life Spring Aura to fill your HP and SP!
New Music: “BATES Prelude to Battle”, “BATES Boss Battle”, “BATES Boss Battle (Final Mix)”
Hear these in Lood City Park and in the battle with Bates!
These three tracks were composed by Cilantro, with additional arrangement on the Boss Battle tracks by Ket Ralus, and guitar on Final Mix by Ugly Prick!
Improvements & bug fixes:

Increased default volume for sound effects and lewd sound effects. You may want to reset your audio settings to 100% for proper balance.
Updated the disclaimer at the start of the game, adding a photosensitivity/epilepsy warning. We try to avoid rapidly flashing lights, but please take precautions.
Fixed damage numbers to display proper values when stats are modified.
Sex rhythm meter now has a variable target (min of 15% and max of 75%).
Sex rhythm meter and power struggle meter have been moved to the bottom of the screen (gameplay HUD).
Sex rhythm meter’s button prompt will hide quickly.
Joe’s Crescent Moon special ability will now give him iframes (invulnerability) for the full duration of this move.
Joe’s Slide and Butt Stomp abilities now have increased recovery time at the end of the moves, and Slide’s distance/speed has been modified.
And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
Known issues:

Bates is incomplete and has several known issues. These will be rectified in the following updates as we complete our work. Here are the main issues:
Bates’s attacks have little to no sound effects. What’s there is a placeholder.
Some of Bates’s attacks are incomplete, and some other moves are absent.
Joe is able to have sex with Bates while he is downed and invulnerable between phases, though this should not be possible.
Bates may sometimes move bizarrely or go off screen.
There are no Bates Game Over animations.
Defeating Bates abruptly cuts back to normal gameplay with no post-defeat content (aside from the placeholder sign off to the right).
The Lood City Park environment needs performance optimizations.
Joe’s Crescent Moon cooldown is irregular.
All Known Issues
Ket’s Update:
I’m happy to finally have a version of Bates available to share with you all! I still have more work cut out for me, including bug fixes and creating a bunch of new SFX (I started this a while back but had to refocus on Android).
Speaking of Android, I will be making fixes to that and more in upcoming updates!
Aside from working on Bates, we were able to address a few overdue issues with the core gameplay, such as the variable target on the sex rhythm meter, which makes successive successes both more rewarding and more challenging!
There’s probably more I can say that I’m forgetting now, but I’ll make sure to circle back and address everything mentioned previously. Thank you all for your support! =}

Red’s Update:
Hey everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Bates current state isn’t final but I hope you guys can enjoy this preview. A bit of the work is not implemented yet such as dialogue, cutscenes, sound work and some missing visual effects. This will require us a couple more months to complete, but it should (mostly) be smooth sailing. I will be posting some previews on the 10th. I’m still tying a couple of loose ends here and there on the battle sprites but I think we’re in a good position for the other stuff too.

Sorry I’m taking so darn long with all this. See you guys on the 10th.


New features:

Android phone support!
One of our most requested features is here! You can now play Oh So Hero! on your Android phone! We have two builds for this: Standard (x86) and ARM64. See the install guide for details on these builds and help with getting it set up.
We have added on-screen touch controls and new options for scale and opacity. Please understand there is much room for improvement. The touch controls still need fine tuning. Your feedback will help towards making this better!
New NPCs: O’Tary, Ajax, Cian, and Foxel!
Find all four of these guys in the Dojo Secret Basement!
O’Tary is a security seal, Ajax is a Bax NPC, Cian is a Puca NPC, and Foxel is a red panda!
New Environment (WIP): Dojo Secret Basement!
This is just a small section of a larger planned environment. It will be expanded upon in a future update.
You can get to the basement through a new door near the safe in the east building of Hiroto Dojo. The current entrance is temporary; we plan to add an adjacent room with a proper entryway later.
The basement also includes a new teleporter! Of course, you’ll need to access it on foot before it activates.
New Music: “Dojo Henshin!! (Tech Mix)”
Hear it in the Dojo Secret Basement!
Improvements & bug fixes:

Fixed Mac Intel support.
Updated Gallery with new UI and controls with touch input support.
The debug trailer mode key “T” has been replaced with a Hide UI feature.
There are other changes and fixes you can find here!
Updated Credits with new staff and patrons
If you submitted your info but don’t see your name listed, or if there’s some other issue with your name, contact us. If you want to be in the credits and haven’t filled out the Credits Form, please do so here.
Fixed issues with ultrawide resolutions T#44.
Removed Unity services (unused).
And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
Known issues:

Gallery camera controls currently do not work on Android when using touch input.


New features:

New multigrab animations: O’Deere+O’Deere, Bax+Bax, and Puca+Puca
O’Deere+O’Deere+Joe can be encountered in the Forbidden Bayou.
Bax+Bax and Puca+Puca can be encountered in Hiroto Dojo.
TIP: Get Bax’s HP low to make him more likely to grab.
New animation for Jack & news van update
A second part has been added to Jack & Joe’s sex animation. Lewd sound effects have been updated for both parts.
The news van at Sheo Islands Beach will be moved out of the way when you reach Smol Beach, and then you will be able to travel between the two environments. Jack’s dialogue will be updated when this happens.
New NPC: Chad!
Chad can be found in a new section of Smol Beach.
More work is planned for Smol Beach going forward.
New music: “Mall Rat”
This is played in Ali’s Surf Shack and the indoor shops at Lood City.
Improvements & bug fixes:

Upgraded Unity from 2019 to 2021 LTS.
Upgraded FMOD (audio middleware) from 2.01 to 2.02.
Fixed Linux and Windows 32-bit builds (thanks in part to the above upgrades).
Changed environment lighting in Hiroto Dojo.
Fixed collision error in Hiroto Dojo east building.
Updated Credits
If you don’t see your name listed, contact us. We’ll have another update before our next public release, so don’t worry. Access the Credits Form here for more info.
And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
Other notes:

Further progress has been made on the Android build. We hope to have news about this in the coming months.


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